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  1. arunk

    The Verge: Bumper

    “Each student is to create a bumper for their show, it should be within the theme/style of your show, and include the name of the show and a ds106 radio station announcement, like “You’re listening to the Doggie Doo Show on ds106 radio, where it’s always a romp in the park”. A bumper is merely … Continue reading The Verge: Bumper
  2. arunk

    What’s that song?

    “Take your favorite song. Remove the lyrics. Play only up to thirty seconds of the song. Listener must be able to guess.” – 3.5 stars So this assignment was a little unclear to me. I wasn’t sure if we needed to just provide an instrumental version of our song or actually go through and remove … Continue reading What’s that song?
  3. arunk

    Daily Creates Week Five

    09/28/2015: @ds106dc#tdc1359 DreamWorks and Disney! — Ashlyn Runk (@a_renee03) September 28, 2015 My first daily create this week involved merging two brand logos into one. I went with DreamWorks and Disney since they’re such huge competitors. I love movies from both companies and just thought it’d be funny to have them together. I grabbed … Continue reading Daily Creates Week Five
  4. arunk

    MasterChef Junior

    “Create a TV/movie poster that captures the essence of the story through the use of minimalist design/iconography.” 3.5 Stars Okay, I’m going to be really honest with you this time around. I have a folder full of slightly different versions of this poster on my desktop. This assignment was hard, and I had to finally … Continue reading MasterChef Junior
  5. arunk

    Missing Chinese Food

    “Have you ever seen those crime shows that organize a case using a suspect board? Like Scandal or Blacklist? Well, that’s exactly what this assignment is. You will create a suspect board (or a board that connects different characters) to show interaction between the people. Feel free to add text, objects, and locations that connect … Continue reading Missing Chinese Food
  6. arunk

    Vignelli Canon: The Essentials for Meaningful Design

    As I read through “The Vignelli Canon,” I kept coming back to the three key ideas he emphasized at the very beginning of the booklet: semantics, syntax, and pragmatism. While his other critiques are certainly important and worth reading, I think these three points really capture the purpose of why we’re doing this unit in … Continue reading Vignelli Canon: The Essentials for Meaningful Design
  7. arunk

    Panda Express : WWF

    At first glance, this image looks exactly like the typical Panda Express logo. But look again; notice anything different about the Panda? It doesn’t belong to Panda Express, but to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). One of my digital assignments this week, worth 4.5 stars, was to create a logo for a business … Continue reading Panda Express : WWF
  8. arunk

    Pride and Joy

    This week, we got to experiment with photography as a form of digital story telling. We took a lot of pictures, did a lot of editing, and spent a lot of time looking for that perfect angle. Now that we’re at the end of the week, and the camera roll on my phone is ever … Continue reading Pride and Joy
  9. arunk

    The Blitz

    This week, we were challenged to complete a “photoblitz.” The goal of the blitz was to be creative when interpreting the list we were given. We had 20 minutes to capture as many images as we could on the list. Above are the five pictures I think were best: A photo of two things that … Continue reading The Blitz
  10. arunk

    Best in Show

    So part of the requirements for this week involved creating a “Best of Set” album on Flickr. The idea is to add the best of the best of the photos we take as the course progresses and show them off here. I’ll continue adding to it as the weeks go on, but for now I … Continue reading Best in Show
  11. arunk

    When I Grow Up

    “So… Everyone should have a bucket list. What’s on yours? For this assignment you should create a collage with AT LEAST four pictures of four different things you have on your bucket list. Add text to your picture of what or where it is. Then briefly tell us why it is on your bucket list.” … Continue reading When I Grow Up
  12. arunk

    Shades of Jade

    This week, we are focusing on visual assignments! We have been tasked with completing at least 3 visual assignments worth at least 8 stars. For my first assignment, I decided to go ahead and do “Your love for your pet,” which asks us to make a photo collage of our favorite pet or animal. “Make … Continue reading Shades of Jade
  13. arunk

    Audio: An effective form of digital storytelling?

    For this assignment, I decided to listen to two of the Radiolab broadcasts, Ghost Stories and Talking to Machines, as well as Episode 504: How I got into College of “My American Life.” For the first Radiolab, “Ghost Stories,” there was a huge variety of different techniques used to create the overall effect. I really … Continue reading Audio: An effective form of digital storytelling?

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