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    Running GPS Art!


    The first assignment I chose to do this week was to create some running art! To do this I spent some time on map my run trying to find an object that I could map out while I run. This was difficult…. after about 15 min I settled for a …

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    Daily Create 2


    For todays daily create, we were to create a picture without the picture. I was drawing a blank on what I could describe so I turned to fickr for help. That is where I found my inspiration for my photo!

    warm summer lake with snow tipped rocky mountains. #photoswithoutphotos @ds106dc

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    Radio Show Progress


    The work that we put in last week in preparing the radio show really paid dividends. This week we met 3 times and had the whole thing finished. We had essentially all of our bumpers and commercials done last week so it was really just a matter of sorting out …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week was on the lighter side but I know next week we are going to have A LOT of audio editing to do so I shall be prepared! Luckily I like the audio editing much more than the graphic design so it shouldn’t be to bad. Here is what …

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    Daily Create: 2.5 of me!


    For todays daily create I did the panorama cloning trick. I had a friend move the panorama after I moved and this is what I came up with! Somehow I ended up with half of me in the corner, but I thought it looked kind of cool! So here it …

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    Radio Show Promo


    For my promo design I decided to keep it stupid simple. I have found that I really like playing with fonts to tell a story. I can spend a lot of time doing some graphic design work trying to create a logo that would tell the story but I am …

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    DS106 Radio Bumper


    The last assignment I did was to create another radio bumper to use in our project. The first two were more erie and geared towards halloween/clowns, but this was more general. I wanted to create something that we could insert anywhere and it would fit.

    I followed the same process …

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    Clowns Gallore your Clown Superstore Commercial


    The second assignment I created for the week was a commercial for the clown superstore!! Another erie October commercial that will play into our segment about the clowns in the United States. I was quite happy with it!

    To create this commercial I found an erie organ sound bit on …

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    Creepy Radio Bumper


    This week I really focused on creating things for the upcoming radio show. The first assignment I completed was a Radio Bumper. This is rated at 4 stars on the assignment page but that may be a little high in all honesty. In all,I went a little over my 10 …

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    Radio Show Progress


    This week in DS106….

    We began our planning for our radio show on outlandish news stories. So far we have come up with some several good ideas that have some meat that we can really get into. Of course, we are dealing with the most terrifying thing around, clowns. We …

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    Design Blitz


    For my design blitz I found four different examples that illustrate typography, minimalism/use of space, color, and proportion.


    This is the logo that I had designed for the family business. I think that it is an excellent use of typography to create a logo with meaning. The artist was …

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    Show Your Work!


    So when I was looking through the chapters of Show Your Work, I jotted down some notes so I would not take up time writing my reflection if someone else was trying to access the book. However I think I may just leave my notes in bullet format and just …

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    Design Reflections


    I found the resources that were provided to us this week to be rather insightful. I started from the video imbedded on the blog, then read the Stranger Things Article, and finally the short booklet. Therefore I will give a quick run down in that order of what I thought.…

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    Doggy dog dog


    So I had 10 stars worth of assignments completed and was looking for something that was not so time consuming to complete. I then found Dog it out where you upload your dog to an editor and then add your desired features. When looking through what other people had done, …

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    Motivational Poster


    The third assignment that I created for the week was a motivational poster worth 3 stars. My GIMP skills are improving! This was not too bad of an assignment after learning the other two. Definitely gaining speed with the program.

    I first searched for a quote that I liked. I …

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    House of Cards Poster


    For my second assignment of the week I chose to do one of the recommended assignments. The simplistic Movie Poster was worth 3.5 stars and can be found at:


    I chose to do a House of Cards poster because I had a great idea to cut out a spade …

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    Most Wanted Outlaws


    For my first assignment of the week I chose to create an old western most wanted poster worth three and a half stars. In the description of the assignment it provides a link to a list of the most wanted individuals of the old west. After selecting Butch Cassidy, I …

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    Weekly Summary



    At the beginning of the week I was absolutely swamped with work and dreading learning audio editing once I finished everything. However my opinion quickly changed when I began to get into the meat of the editing. It became quite enjoyable and I can say that I have learned …

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    Radio Show Ideas


    Sooo here is what I am thinking. There was a show on the Discovery Channel years ago called The Colony where the cast members had to prep and self sustain after an apocalyptic event. I think it would be cool to do a show about a specific colony when the …

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    Line remix


    For my last assignment I chose to do a line remix where you take a line from a movie and remix it, but retain enough of the clip so that others will still know what it is from. ┬áSo, I chose to distort the voices from a line in step …

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    Make it slowerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


    For my second assignment rated at four stars I chose to slow a song down by 800%. I watched looked at the tutorials on the assignment page and they all said to import your song into audacity and then use the change tempo button to slow down your song. Well …

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    Sound Effects Story


    I was glad that we had to do this for one of our weekly assignments because I honestly enjoyed creating the clip and making it as real as possible. As I was brainstorming ideas I was thinking about trying to create a sporting event or something along those lines but …

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    Radio Bumper


    The first thing I did for the week was to create a radio bumper. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing but luckily the audio resources page helped me out with my introduction to audacity. From there I went to freesound.org and searched for some music that would …

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    Daily Createssssss


    This week I did 3 daily creates, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday! This week was back heavy because I had so much going on the first part of the week but I got em done.

    Create some click bate

    Ds106, The free class with no textbook! @ds106dc #tdc1718

    — Ben Sorensen (@bensorense) …

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