1. @Bubblesootay

    Week 15


    The last week of classes! How fast it went, yet so slow at times as well. This week in class we didn’t really have virtual meetings due to several different circumstances with weather and allergy season. This allowed for me to focus on my Methodology project. For this I created …

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    Methodology Module – Goals


    Selecting a module topic for this project was quite simple. Mapping was the for sure choice when I came across the selection.

    Why is this? As part of my studies at the University of Mary Washington, one of my major studies is in Geography. Though I am not amazing and …

  3. @Bubblesootay

    Week 14 Blog


    As the semester comes to an end the last few assignments begin to roll in. This week we continued to speak about the module. Though continued to bring the focus to an individual level since everyone has been focusing on their own projects. As for me I continued to work …

  4. @Bubblesootay

    Week 13


    During the week we continued to talk about what our plan was for the Methodology project. Honestly, though I attended the Twitch sessions, I was so busy with my education classes with writing lesson plans, that I did not get much of a chance to continue to look at the …

  5. @Bubblesootay

    Week 12 Blog


    Just four weeks until the end of the semester. In the beginning it seemed so slow. Little did we know how fast it would end up seeming. Week 12 was more of a relaxed week that came and went really fast. Being in quarantine dates and days of the week …

  6. @Bubblesootay

    Week 11 Blog


    Reflecting upon the second week of online classes is interesting. Everything is starting to feel like a new normal. New routes are getting into place, and much more family time has taken place. The new routine basically consists of waking up and having some alone time with my new puppy. …

  7. @Bubblesootay

    Digital Archaeology, Plan B


    This project has taken many changes and turns over the past month. In the beginning, this project was assigned as a group project. In this project, we were to be completing research on a device, ours was to be an old windows laptop. Which we were then to deconstruct to …

  8. @Bubblesootay

    Week 10 Blog


    Beginning this week marked the movement from in-person classes into online classes. This is due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus that began in China in December and now has spread across the globe. Currently, I have moved from college back home to take part in online classes and self-isolation. …

  9. @Bubblesootay

    Digital Privacy Reflection


    Digital privacy is very important so after some time research about the topic, and discussions. I have taken an approach as a product of my research of this module to create some protection of my self and my accounts without going dark.

    As I was learning and discussing with other …

  10. @Bubblesootay

    Culture Module: Digital Privacy


    As our digital world grows more each day, so do our digital profile and digital footprints. People posting blogs, videos, comments for friends or the whole internet public to like, comment, and even interact with. It can be fun and a great way to express one’s self to friends and …

  11. @Bubblesootay

    Web Literacy Project Reflection


    True or false? Fact or opinion? Both questions that every individual asks to themselves on a day to day basis. However, sometimes people forget to ask these same questions in the right places. One of these places is the internet. Information spreads like wildfire, and with free reign in posting …

  12. @Bubblesootay

    The Art of the Animated GIF -Final Blog-


    During this two week exploration of the “The Art of the Animated GIF” I learned some new basic information about GIFs and how to create them. GIFs can be used for memes, but they can also be used in a loop to create a mood or setting. The whole picture …

  13. @Bubblesootay

    Creativity Module: Art of the Animated GIF


    Animation has always been something that has piqued my interest. This is due to my love for Disney and animated films. Therefore, for my creativity module, the art of the animated GIF is what I will be exploring. GIFs are like short animated clips that can put you into a …

  14. @Bubblesootay

    Hello World!


    My name is Brittany Coffman, a junior attending school at the University of Mary Washington. Here I am studying geography as a major, as well as being enrolled in the elementary education program. Teaching children from kindergarten, first, or second grade is my career goal. Young children bring lots of …

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