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  1. @YousephAsaad

    Text Analysis

    For my text analysis assignment, I chose the poem “If -” by Rudyard Kipling. I’ve known of this poem from a post I saw on the internet fairly recently and I loved it so much that I decided to center this post around it. The poem is inspirational and gives advice to the reader on […]
  2. @YousephAsaad

    Analog Return

    There is no question that we are living in a world overtaken by digital technology. The convenience and simplicity of these products are what make them so unique and so desirable to all of us. Imagine telling a researcher in the pre-smartphone era that instead of having to scour through dozens of books in a […]
  3. @YousephAsaad

    Privacy and Online Exams

    Privacy Privacy is an important part of all of our lives, but some make an effort to protect it more than others. I can definitely say that I’m one of those people. Privacy to me started meaning much more as social media and the internet became more prominent in our society. We’ve all heard stories […]
  4. @YousephAsaad

    Final Project: Tracking Personal Nutrition

    For my final project, I decided to track my nutrition today using With this incredible app, which was developed by Under Armour, I was able to track the amount of calories I ate per day, as well as the number of macronutrients, which consists of protein, carbs, and fats, and micronutrients, which consists of […]
  5. @YousephAsaad

    Misinformation and social media

    The amount of misinformation on the internet is mind-boggling and social media seems to be a breeding ground for a lot of it. The unfortunate part about this is that many impressionable people fall for it and spread it among their friends and family. Social Media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, have an […]
  6. @YousephAsaad

    Making a video game

    For this assignment, I chose to create a remake of the space invaders video game using Microsoft Visual Studio. I used the software library Allegro to help me develop the 2d game. For me, this project was relatively simple because I am a comp sci major and I’ve been making video games for fun since […]
  7. @YousephAsaad

    Terms of Service

    Terms of Service, or TOS for short, is something that is viewed by many as a long and boring piece of document made by service providers. I for one can only think of one time in my entire life where I actually made an effort to read the TOS for one of the new products […]
  8. @YousephAsaad

    Rebuild the Internet

    For my Rebuild the Internet project, I chose to create a representation of how the internet is our second brain. The Internet has so many features that we can use anytime to create anything we want and also grab as much information from as we want, like our minds. The internet is as creative, imaginative, […]
  9. @YousephAsaad

    The Web 10 Years Ago

    What is the Internet? The Internet is a massive network that connects digital devices like computers, smartphones, and tablets from all over the world. It is seen by many as an incredible piece of technology that can contribute positively to our society and help us become more intelligent. With others, it is seen as the […]
  10. @YousephAsaad

    The Web 20 Years Ago

    “Small Pieces Loosely Joined” The first three chapters of the reading go into detail about what the internet was like for many people in its initial stages and how in many ways it relates to the space we have in real life. The author did a great job of explaining how the web has changed […]
  11. @Bubblesootay

    Week 15

    The last week of classes! How fast it went, yet so slow at times as well. This week in class we didn’t really have virtual meetings due to several different circumstances with weather and allergy season. This allowed for me to focus on my Methodology project. For this I created a story map about the […]
  12. @Bubblesootay

    Week 14 Blog

    As the semester comes to an end the last few assignments begin to roll in. This week we continued to speak about the module. Though continued to bring the focus to an individual level since everyone has been focusing on their own projects. As for me I continued to work on my project on Story […]
  13. @Bubblesootay

    Week 13

    During the week we continued to talk about what our plan was for the Methodology project. Honestly, though I attended the Twitch sessions, I was so busy with my education classes with writing lesson plans, that I did not get much of a chance to continue to look at the project. However, I am pretty […]
  14. @maci_winebarger

    Hello World!

    Hello all! My name is Maci Winebarger and I am a senior here at UMW. I am taking DGST 101 as one of my minor requirements (Actuarial Science). I chose because it uses my full name and is easy to remember. I used this domain last semester for CPSC 101, so I know how to navigate […]

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