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  1. @rm_giles

    Week 13

    This week I started to brainstorm and look into ideas for the Methodology Project. I really want to map out and create a timeline for Star Wars filming locations. At first, I was thinking about doing something COVID-19 related because it is very topical right now. However, my entire family …
  2. @rm_giles

    Know Thy Selfie

    Selfies shape who we are as they allow us to externalize our constantly changing internal self definition. This is reflected in the five selfies I have chosen to represent a major transitional phase in my life. The most interesting aspect of my identity reflected in this curated group of selfies …
  3. @rm_giles

    Selfies as Art?

    Learning about selfies as art for this module has been extremely fascinating. The work of Cindy Sherman is so imaginative, and Amalia Ulman’s Instagram work is pioneering. However, my favorite selfies I have seen as a part of this module are two referenced in Chapter 1 of Jill Walker Rettberg’s …
  4. @rm_giles

    Culture Module: Selfies

    I am working with selfies for the Culture Module. My primary intention for this project is to write the thesis driven essay outlined in the Know Thy Selfie assignment, answering the prompt question “How do your selfies produce or obscure a sense of your identity?” In order to write this …
  5. @rm_giles

    Web Literacy

    Web Literacy becomes an important tool in this day and age, and the ability to discern the validity of sources and information found online is a critical skill. People looking for clicks will post lies and misinformation purposely to deceive. Unaware audiences share these claims and spread them further. Our …
  6. @rm_giles

    Niagara Falls 2018

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  7. @rm_giles

    Digital Audio Reflection

    I correctly predicted that I would enjoy exploring the resources for this module. I wasn’t disappointed by the podcast on the history of audio production, and intend to listen to the rest of the series over the next couple of weeks. I also really enjoyed exploring StoryCorps recordings. My favorites …
  8. @rm_giles

    Chapter One

    I grew up loving science fiction and fantasy, and have been exploring writing in the genre. I am debating turning a manuscript I am working on into a podcast, and this is essentially a teaser/exploration of that idea. Story by Rachel Giles. Narrated by Colin Giles.
  9. @rm_giles

    Thoughts on the Theme:

    I love nothing more than to lose myself in a good story. As a kid, I had probably a dozen books of beautifully illustrated fairy tales, folk tales, legends, and mythology that I devoured and begged my parents to read to me again and again. Even now, I love a good myth or fairy tale. […]
  10. @rm_giles

    First Week Summary:

    I am an intended Communication and Digital Studies major, so I have been looking forward to this class since I registered. After the first emails, and seeing the first week of assignments, I was a little apprehensive, and even had some anxiety about getting everything done in time between my work responsibilities and other classwork. […]

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