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  1. @carly g

    Daily Create #4

    @djjazzyjeff215 Jeffrey Townes launched his career as the BFF on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. So funny!— carly g (@carlytotheg) September 6, 2019
  2. @carly g

    Assignment #1: GIF Storytelling

    Hello Blog! For this assignment, I had to create the storyline for an 80’s themed folklore. Try to guess the classic 80’s movie I created with GIF’s! #WebAssignments #WebAssignments2300 Let me know what 80’s story you think this is down below! #ds106
  3. @carly g


    Welcome to my Website! My name is Carly Grecco, Im 21, and Im a Communications and Digital Studies major. I am very excited to take this course and be able to make my own media! I’m from Northern Virginia. #ds106introductions

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