1. @carly g

    Assignment #1 Week 3:


    This is my first assignment for Week 3. This is an assignment of 4.5 stars, and I decided to do the Design your own Superhero. I used HeroMachine, and through that I designed the concept and visualization I wanted for mine. I implemented my favorite colors, made a skyline behind …

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    Weekly Summary #2:


    For this week, it was all about adding more content and customizing our blog. I had a lot of fun with this. First, I wanted to make the colors of my blog fit my personality, as well as the 80’s theme; so I played a lot with the color scheme …

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    Assignment #3: Someone’s Sleepy!


    For my third assignment, I wanted to create a GIF of an animal doing something funny. I first found a compilation video on Youtube of animals being funny, and I shortly found the cutest clip of a puppy falling over from being sleepy. I decided to use the website “GIPHY” …

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    Assignment 2: Take Me to Elton John!


    For my second assignment, I wanted to do this two-star post to photoshop myself at an 80’s concert. I thought this would be a fun opportunity to utilize my love for music! I love Elton John’s music, and I always wanted to go to one of his concerts to play …

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    Daily Create:


    9/3: My favorite thing to Daydream about is what my future plans are and how I’m going to achieve them. It’s motivating! #ds106dc #ds106…

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    Weekly Summary:


    8/30- First week of class! I had previously taken DGST101 so I already had a domain, now it was up to making sure all of my accounts were public for the site and making sure I could edit everything to make it more up-to-date for this class. I made a …

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    What I think about the 80s


    I am particularly excited to hear that we are doing an 80s culture theme for this semester in DS106. There are so many things going on that were so influential culturally; whether it be their notorious music, crazy hairstyles, or wacky fashion.

    More recently, the popular Netflix franchise “Stranger Things” …

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    Welcome to my Website! My name is Carly Grecco, Im 21, and Im a Communications and Digital Studies major. I am very excited to take this course and be able to make my own media! I’m from Northern Virginia. #ds106introductions…

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