1. @carly g

    DGST Final Project: Albums of the 80’s


    For my final DGST project, I wanted to intertwine photoshop, Timeline JS, and a Video into my love for 80’s music. First, I wanted to blend and morph together each of the top 5 albums of the 1980’s: ’82, ’84, ’86, and 1988. First, I had to do my research. …

  2. @carly g

    Weekly Summary: Project Start


    The end is nearing! Here is an outline of my final project. I am using Photoshop (Design), Timeline JS (Program), and a video to form my complete project. I am currently researching the top songs of 1980, 1982, 1984, 1986, and 1988. From here, I will photoshop those album covers …

  3. @carly g

    Weekly Summary 12- Mashup and Remix Edition


    For this week, we focused on remixing and mashups. This was a lot of fun to do but also challenging me to think outside of the box and be creative with the assignments. The first thing we did is mashups. I did 10 stars worth of assignments that correlated with …

  4. @carly g

    Remix it~ Cool Letters Style


    For this assignment, I chose to remix the cool letters assignment because I had fun customizing that one. The remix that it came up with was to add a “Zomboy” style to it. Honestly, I did not know what that is but I think it was to make it look …

  5. @carly g

    Unhappy Holidays? Remix!


    For this remix assignment, I really enjoyed mashing up the holidays, so I decided to remix it as well. The remix that came up was to make it “emo”

    I thought this would fit perfectly with the assignment. I went back to Pixlr and edited a lot with the picture. …

  6. @carly g

    Holiday Mashup~


    For this assignment, for 4.5 stars, I did the Holiday Mashup. We were to mash three holidays together into one photo. For mine, I decided to choose the 3 holidays that we have/will be celebrating over this semester. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. These are also my favorites. For the assignment, …

  7. @carly g

    Beetlejuice texts!


    For this assignment, for 5 stars, I did the Storytelling through text assignment. For this, I used my laptop and my phone, which ultimately didn’t let me see it as from another user unfortunately, to text about the Beetlejuice movie. I thought this would fit well with our theme considering …

  8. @carly g

    How I did: Played from Another Room


    Hello! In this post, I will show you how I did my assignment “Played from Another Room”. Essentially, this is how to change audio on Audacity to make it sound like it’s coming from another room. First, to get familiarized with the process, I watched a video on Youtube that …

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    Weekly Summary Week 11:


    This week we continued on our video projects, and got more comfortable with video editing. For this week, I went the individual route, so I did 10 stars more worth of assignments. For me, this week was about adding more value to my production in my videos; however that was …

  10. @carly g

    Final Project Ideas!


    For my final project, I had thought it would be fun to take the top 10 albums of the 80’s and form it into one picture. With more thought of the given project, I thought it would be fun to actually do the whole decade, year by year. I would …

  11. @carly g

    Things Duckie Says


    For this assignment, for 5 stars, I did a Supercut video featuring funny things Duckie from Pretty in Pink says. I used a video of Duckie Clips I found on Youtube, downloaded it, and then edited and cut it so that I could get it how I wanted. I focused …

  12. @carly g

    Motorola DynaTAC 8000x


    For this assignment, for 5 stars, I wanted to create an 80’s themed advertisement video. I chose to feature the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x because it was invented in 1984 and became one of the world’s first cell phones so it was a very important innovation of the decade. I took …

  13. @carly g

    Weekly Update:


    For this week, I had ZERO prior knowledge on video editing. Through the reading assignments and videos, it really showed me how much goes into producing. This was definitely a harder week and pushed me to learn lots of things.

    First, we did the video essay assignment. This was the …

  14. @carly g

    Intro for Pretty In Pink


    For this assignment, for 3 stars, I did a movie intro. Going along with the 80’s theme, I wanted to make a trailer for Pretty in Pink. I created this in iMovie using LOOOTS of different photos from Google Images, and then used iMovie trailers to make all of the …

  15. @carly g

    Answering Apocalypse Questions


    For this assignment, for 4 stars, I did a video assignment answering a youtube video’s questions. For this, I downloaded the video, then cut the clips answering only the questions I had to, and then uploaded an image of me. With this, I cut down the clips and split them …

  16. @carly g

    Video of My Favorite Things


    For 3 stars, I did the importance video. I made this assignment on iMovie again now that I’m better at editing after the last assignment. I included my dog, music, my sister, and friends as the things of importance for this assignment. I used photos from my camera roll on …

  17. @carly g

    Wow this is new


    For my video essay, this was super out of my comfort zone and something I’ve never been able to do before. I really can’t do editing, so I went to the DKC and asked them some questions before starting this assignment. I used imovie, although this was why this project …

  18. @carly g

    Let’s Try it Again!


    This reworking I chose two of some of my assignments and decided to tweak them! For the first one, I did 4 images, one story again. I wanted to do another movie. Here is my first post

    4 images, 1 story

    Here is my new one that I think is …

  19. @carly g

    Design Ideas!


    I have a lot of ideas that could be done in relation to our theme. I have a project that I did in DS101 a while ago that I would love to revisit and change to match our theme. I did an album layering in photoshop that compiled all of …

  20. @carly g

    Radio Show Experience


    For this assignment, I was in a complicated schedule. I had to work a convention in D.C. Sunday-Wednesday all day and didn’t come back until 11 each night. Because of this schedule, I was not able to live hear any of the radio broadcast times. I thought that as a …

  21. @carly g

    Weekly Summary #8


    Hello! For this week, we mainly focused on our radio show. For me, I only had to create my segment for the radio show. Here is my post on my radio show progress:

    Almost Done!

    Next, we are supposed to upload our radio show. Due to our group’s work schedules, …

  22. @carly g

    Almost Done!


    For this week, our group was very ahead of schedule in terms of creating content. We had already created our commercials and bumpers for this assignment; all we had left to create was our segments. My segment was “80’s Women Fashion and Trends”. For this, I used a few sites …

  23. @carly g

    Weekly Summary #7:


    This week was all about working on our radio show, completing daily creates, and also updating and working on audio assignments that would aid for our radio show. It all went very smoothly, as I talk about in my status report, but I also was able to incorporate at least …

  24. @carly g

    Radio Show Progress!


    Wow! Our group got a lot done for only the first week, and within some of the first days too. Our group formed pretty swiftly, so we were able to get each other’s numbers and exchange google docs pretty quickly. We then found a time to meet on Monday. Four …

  25. @carly g

    DS106 Ladies Logo


    For this assignment, we were to design a logo for our radio show. I wanted to do something that was around the theme of our radio name. We called ourselves “Ladies of DS106”, so that’s something I wanted to work into the logo. I used logomaker.com and put the company …

  26. @carly g

    Worst Sound. Ever.


    For this assignment, for one star, I made the worst sound ever. This sounded like a funny assignment and I wanted to put myself to the challenge. By combining 4 different and equally terrible sounds I found on FreeSounds.com, and mixing them into Audacity, I think I made 6 seconds …

  27. @carly g

    Disney Lyric Mashup~


    For this assignment, for 4 stars, I wanted to do a mashup of Disney lyrics combined into one song. I used four songs. I used “I’m Almost There” from Princess and the Frog, “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid, “The Bare Necessities” from The Jungle Book, and “Hakuna Matata” …

  28. @carly g

    80’s Lawn Commercial


    For this assignment, for 5 stars, I wanted to do an assignment that could link in with our radio show project. Here, I did an 80’s lawn commercial. Using a royalty-free add my group members and I found from websites online, I did the one that I felt would be …

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