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  1. @carly g

    Weekly Update #6:

    For this week’s assignments, it was focused on design. Unfortunately for my assignments 2 weeks ago, I had accidently done design assignments, so I wanted to start from scratch and do whole new assignments with this to make up for the other week. This week was challenging, but the most enjoyable for me. I’m someone … Continue reading "Weekly Update #6:"
  2. @carly g

    Weekly Summary #5

    This week with audio storytelling was for sure the hardest week yet for me. I had previously had ZERO experience with creating any audio content on Audacity, or even Soundcloud for that matter. I took a tutorial and asked a lot of my friends who had experience to help me navigate the audio assignments. Although … Continue reading "Weekly Summary #5"
  3. @carly g

    80s Photography Styles

    For this post, I wanted to use the article “These photographers captured the Rebellious Youth of the 80’s” to study their photography styles and techniques. After looking at the various photos that each photographer shoots, it seems that there are so many present techniques in 80’s photography. Selection is seen by many of the photographers … Continue reading "80s Photography Styles"
  4. @carly g

    Create a logo that is simple but detailed

    For my assignment, for 4 stars, I created a logo for the Ice Cream shop that is primarily a big part of Season 3 of Stranger Things. I used to shop “Scoops Ahoy” and created a logo that I thought would represent their brand and what color scheme would be most appropriate given the show. … Continue reading "Create a logo that is simple but detailed"
  5. @carly g

    Daily Create 9/13

    It was ugly out today so I really wanted to get creative with patterns and colors. This is what I ended up with since some of the boundaries weren't registering! #ds106— carly g (@carlytotheg) September 13, 2019
  6. @carly g

    What makes a good story? #storyanalysis

    For my analyzation of a story, I chose the Netflix series: Stranger Things, to take a deeper look at their representation of 80s culture. In reference to the article The New Digital Storytelling, this show does a great job of developing a thorough world through their use of fashion, pop culture, articles, clothing, and music … Continue reading "What makes a good story? #storyanalysis"

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