1. @carly g

    Weekly Update #6:


    For this week’s assignments, it was focused on design. Unfortunately for my assignments 2 weeks ago, I had accidently done design assignments, so I wanted to start from scratch and do whole new assignments with this to make up for the other week. This week was challenging, but the most …

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    Design Blitz!


    For this assignment, I didn’t have any other emails to use for another Instagram, nor did I feel comfortable posting a class assignment on my Instagram, so I chose to post the pictures on Twitter. For my design blitz, I got photos of minimalism, saturation, rhythm, and dominance. This was …

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    Canine Crunch Cereal


    For this assignment, for 3.5 stars, I wanted to do an assignment based on my favorite thing; dogs! We were supposed to create a poster showcasing a cereal that we designed. For mine, I decided to use Canva as they have a lot of easy templates to choose from. Then, …

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    Tattoo that describes ME:


    For this assignment, for 2.5 stars, I did the “Tattoos that Describes Me” project. I went on the site “Tattoofontmaker.com” and used their tools to create a similar representation of the tattoo that would describe me. This assignment was very easy for me because there is already a tattoo that …

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    My name in cool letters!


    For the assignment “Generate cool letters”, I thought that it would be fun to stick along with the 80’s theme. This project was for 3 stars. I went on coolletters.net, typed my name in, then scrolled until I found a font and theme that I thought would be cool to …

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    Design to Impress


    For this assignment, for 3 stars, I did an 80’s themed outfit for a popular character. An easy program that I created this on was Canva, and I used a template to get photos that I found on Google using search. The outfit is very easy to guess, but I …

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    My Thoughts on Design


    I decided for this post to focus on what I learned from “The Vignelli Cannon”, as that’s the article I learned the most from. Semantics was firstly very interesting to read about. Implementing semantics into your design elements helps more clearly form your ideas, you know what you want to …

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    4 images, 1 story


    For this assignment, for 3 stars, I did the “One story/Four Icons” design project. I will not say what the movie is, but I wanted to make this assignment 80’s themed. My point was to pick out the main concepts in the movie, or what icons people will most widely …

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    Weekly Summary #5


    This week with audio storytelling was for sure the hardest week yet for me. I had previously had ZERO experience with creating any audio content on Audacity, or even Soundcloud for that matter. I took a tutorial and asked a lot of my friends who had experience to help me …

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    DS106 Radio Experience


    I tuned into the DS106 radio on Thursday night at 8:30 pm to listen! I participated with the live tweet-along to the Ds106 account and responded twice. I thought it was really interesting listening to the mystery/suspense audio story. It was also interesting learning that it was a popular story …

  11. @carly g

    Practicing my Pronunciation!


    For this assignment, we had to practice saying the first 2 paragraphs of the Ted Talk “Try Something New for 30 Days”. I chose this assignment for 3 stars because I have always had trouble speaking while presenting. Whether it is the usual case of I talk at rapid speeds …

  12. @carly g

    Sounds of the 80s


    I did the assignment “Sound Effects Story”, for 3.5 stars and decided to revolve mine around sounds from the 80s. In this scenario, a boy wakes up to his alarm clock, yawns, goes to school, skateboards, and hears music from the 80s throughout the day. This is supposed to be …

  13. @carly g

    Radio Bumper


    Here is my 12 second Radio Bump that I used with Audacity and Free Sounds to introduce my “radio station”…

  14. @carly g

    D.C. Sounds


    For this assignment, for 4 stars, I did the “Create a Place” audio assignment. We had to mashup a bunch of sounds in order to create a place. For mine, I wanted to choose D.C. because that’s where I spend a lot of time. For the audio, I included a …

  15. @carly g

    Played from Another Room


    For my first audio assignment, for 3 stars, I did one that I’ve always been drawn to on social media; the “playing in the other room audio”. I’ve always found it soothing and cool to listen to. Following along with our 80’s theme, I chose my favorite song from Pretty …

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    Radio Show Ideas:


    20-30 minute radio show:

    -Podcast format

    -Discuss and play top songs from the 80s and talk about them after

    -Discuss Favorite movies from the 80s and things that culturally came out of it

    -Talk about Stranger Things and how it shows us culture from the 80s

    -We could read our …

  17. @carly g

    The Effects of Audio Storytelling


    Moon Graffiti was a perfect example of audio storytelling. It pulls the listener along to the narrative and helps them create the story in their head. Something that was really interesting that Jad Abumrad said in “How Radio Creates Empathy”, is that what is so great about radio is that …

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    Weekly Summary #4: Rediscovering Photography!


    For this week, it was largely based on photography. I really loved this because I have found myself not being able to be as interested in photography lately because of focuses in other areas. I hadn’t taken photography since Freshman year of High School, so it was definitely fun to …

  19. @carly g

    A Dog’s Favorite Part of the Day


    For this visual assignment, for 3.5 stars, we had to create a story using 5 frames. For my post, I decided to do an 80’s story based on the classic simple story of a dog’s favorite part of the day being when their owner comes back home from work and …

  20. @carly g

    Wegmans: Family Friendly


    For this assignment, for 3 stars, I had to remix a billboard with my family on it. For this specifically, I had to go into my phone and find photos with similar lightings to put together of my family. After that, I took to PicsArt on my phone to remix …

  21. @carly g

    Shadow of a Doubt


    For this assignment, for 2.5 stars, I had to take a picture with shadows adding to the picture. I decided to take to my backyard, and found a lot of interesting shadows made by leaves. For my picture, I chose a singular branch because it had the most light shining …

  22. @carly g

    Photoblitz Challenge!


    This challenge was definitely fun but hard. I took the first photo for my challenge at 11:40, and finished at 11:56; right on time. Luckily, I was at home so I had a lot of resources I could take pictures of.

    Here is a photo dominated by my favorite color.…
  23. @carly g

    80s Photography Styles


    For this post, I wanted to use the article “These photographers captured the Rebellious Youth of the 80’s” to study their photography styles and techniques. After looking at the various photos that each photographer shoots, it seems that there are so many present techniques in 80’s photography. Selection is seen …

  24. @carly g

    Ferris Bueller’s Day of Slacking


    For one of my visual assignments, for 3.5 stars, I remade the 80’s movie Ferris Bueller’s movie poster. We were supposed to make it silly, so I wanted to incorporate all of Ferris’s personality traits and key elements of the movie. I made all of this on my phone through …

  25. @carly g

    Visuals of Storytelling


    I am particularly excited about this week because it has to do with photography; something I’ve definitely had experience with but by am no means a pro. I don’t take photos with a professional camera, but now it’s so easy with technology for “anyone” to take high quality photos with …

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    Weekly Summary #3:


    This week was a lot of using reading materials and doing research to strengthen our blog posts. I had a lot of fun doing mostly Design assignments as thats what I find most fun to do. First, I did 3 daily creates.

    It was ugly out today so I really …

  27. @carly g

    Create a logo that is simple but detailed


    For my assignment, for 4 stars, I created a logo for the Ice Cream shop that is primarily a big part of Season 3 of Stranger Things. I used to shop “Scoops Ahoy” and created a logo that I thought would represent their brand and what color scheme would be …

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    Assignment #2: Charity Ad


    For this assignment, for 3.5 stars we had to create a charity ad displaying what the cause was and what its for. I created an infographic poster through the site Canva, and decided to use my favorite charity, Wands for Wildlife by Appalachian Wildlife Refuge. They take care of injured …

  29. @carly g

    What makes a good story? #storyanalysis


    For my analyzation of a story, I chose the Netflix series: Stranger Things, to take a deeper look at their representation of 80s culture. In reference to the article The New Digital Storytelling, this show does a great job of developing a thorough world through their use of fashion, pop …

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