1. cloehr

    DS106 Wallpaper


    After having Claudia Rose on my show for DS106 Radio, I got really intrigued in her story. So, I decided that I would make a photo that’s a good representation of something big that’s going on in her life right now.
    As most of you know, she killed her husband. …

  2. cloehr

    Destination Honeymoon


    Hey guys, Lena here!

    I used to dream of vacations, but now that I’m married, I get to plan a Honeymoon!! Somewhere that I’ve always wanted to go is Aruba. My friends have told me that it’s amazing and I NEED to go. In order to convince El Jota that …

  3. cloehr

    El Jota


    One assignment I did this week is focused on my new husband (of course). I wanted to make him a Valentine’s Day Card since we weren’t married on Valentine’s and I love the holiday. I also just wanted to show how much I love him! Hope this doesn’t make anyone …

  4. cloehr

    DS106 Radio Listen Along


    On Thursday, I listened to DS106 Radio and it was awesome! The two groups that were on were “NOIR not the father” and “NOIRTalk.”

    I’ll start off with “NOIRTalk.” This show was intriguing in a totally different way. This group changed the pace of the radio shows by bringing in …

  5. cloehr

    I Hope You LOL At This


    Today’s Daily Create was to post a video of what makes me laugh out loud. This is actually an older video, but I found it in my library and started dying!! This is my friend Leah and I messing around with the special effects on my Mac. I hope you …

  6. cloehr

    My Favorite Moment This Past Week


    Today’s Daily Create was to create an “abstract drawing” that depicted our favorite moment in the past week. I am not very artistic, so please excuse the poor craftsmanship.

    My favorite moment in this past week was when I got together with a group of my friends and we all …

  7. cloehr

    My Different Sides


    Today’s Daily Create was to show our different sides with pictures. I took two photos of my Uncle Don and I. One from when I was really little and one from last summer at my cousins wedding. Here are the two compared:

  8. cloehr



    The first piece of work I put on in[spire] is titled “Emotions Through Sound” and was done by Shannon Grubbs. I really liked how Shannon did this because the sounds she used are really everyday sounds. It’s so easy to get caught up in the cyclic routine of life and …

  9. cloehr

    What Week Was This?


    But actually, I don’t remember what week this was…

    Oh well, all I know is that I now have a week off.

    This week was a lot of work, but pretty fun! The Radio Show was obviously the biggest part of this week, but it was a good project. Like …

  10. cloehr

    Week 2 Process & Final Radio Show


    This week, “That Group” had to finish up our radio show. On Tuesday, we spent 5 hours in the audio studio in the ITCC… yes, I correctly typed a 5 there. We knew that this project would take a lot of time to do, but I don’t think we expected …

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    I like the idea of having us comment more. It’s easy to say you like something, but it can get tricky when someone asks the “why?” I think commenting has definitely made me get more creative, whether it be interpreting someone else’s work or thinking about how I could branch …

  12. cloehr

    Horror Trailer


    Today’s Daily Create was a bit challenging! The task was to make a movie trailer of our fear. Since I am not very good at video editing, this made it more challenging for me. Also, who really wants to make a video about their fear?

    For mine, I did the …

  13. cloehr

    Heel Concept


    Today’s Daily Create was to create a #heelconcept picture with an everyday object. I used a cup to emulate the heel in this photo.

  14. cloehr

    DS106 Spaceship


    Today’s Daily Create was to create a DS106 spaceship. I am terrible at drawing so please disregard the poor craftmanship displayed here.

    My creation is a simple drawing, but it depicts Groom, Burtis, and Bond controlling the spaceship that’s taking over UMW. Do I need to explain more than #DS106ForLife …

  15. cloehr

    Week 1 Process/Progress


    The first step this week was to create a group for the radio show. I’ve known Landon and Brian for a little while so Brian messaged both Landon and I on Facebook to see if we wanted to be in a group together. (Obviously, it was a yes). Then I …

  16. cloehr

    What Did I Hear Today?


    This assignment is titled “Sounds Of Your Day” and is worth 3 stars. The assignment can be found here.
    I wrote this post as my character, Lena.

    The first sound is of my alarm. Although it’s annoying, it gets me up and in the mindset that my day is about …

  17. cloehr

    DS106 Radio Promo Poster


    This is a promotional poster I created for my groups radio show. I did this in photoshop and it was fairly simple. However, since we don’t know exactly what we’re doing our show on yet, it was difficult to generalize the poster.

  18. cloehr

    Goodbye Week 5


    Well this week has been a huge challenge. I didn’t really understand what “design” was. After learning more and more about it, I was wondering why we didn’t do design for the first week of this class. It just seems like everything we’ve done up to this point would have …

  19. cloehr

    Copyright & Creative Commons


    An assignment this week was to spend time thinking about copyright and the initiative of Creative Commons. Here are my thoughts:

    Something really interesting that I read about from all of the articles was the fair use act. I really liked how they discussed what exactly is “fair” and the …

  20. cloehr

    Double Indemnity


    This week we had to watch one of three possible movies. I decided to watch “Double Indemnity” by Billy Wilder. Here are the questions we were given to consider while watching:
    How does space help frame the design and style of noir in these films?
    What design elements of noir …

  21. cloehr

    Design Blitz


    This assignment was to illustrate at least four of the ten concepts of design photos that were given to us. The ten concepts given were color, typography, metaphors/symbols, minimalism & use of space, form/function/message, balance, rhythm, proportion, dominance, unity. Here are my photos and my thoughts behind each one:

    1. …

  22. cloehr



    This daily create was to go to the website https://archive.org/details/internetarcade and make a video of myself playing one of the games. The game I chose to play was called “Cosmos.” I had never heard of it before but just scrolled through and picked a random game. I was absolutely terrible …

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