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    Rose King was born and raised in texas. She is a small town country singer who performs at local bars around town. She believes in owning a gun because she was once mugged as a young teen. She has lived in poverty all her life and is working on becoming …

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    The Killers by Ernest Hemingway


    This reading shows  two characters plotting to kill a boxer. Nick, the protagonist tells the boxer about his planned death but is shock to find that the boxer doesn’t care. I feel like there’s hardly any emotion to this story. It’s just dark, weary, and the characters are very content …

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    The Postman Always Rings Twice


    I felt that this reading was rather intriguing. It really caught my attention  when the affair of Frank and Cora became known. I predicted that there wasn’t going to be any good that came about it and there wasn’t. Their relationship was quite troublesome. They killed Nick in order to …

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    Multimodal #1: Story of my life


    This is a tiny bit of my life. My names Dalina Beckham. Follow me on twitter and you’ll see how open I am on the web (not much I just have one tweet lol). I’m an individual, different in every way (aren’t we all!). I was born and raised in …

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    Learn About Noir: Reading/Viewing


    The  media that showed to contain most of noir style to me were “The Dark Knight”, “Sin City”,and “Watchmen”. In all three films, the protagonist is seen in the shadows. The movies have a sense of darkness and mystery. The protagonists in the  films are portrayed as some kind of …

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    Weekly Summary #1


    This week was rather interesting. I had to set up several social/media sites. While in the progress of doing so, I thought to myself how ironic it was that I was creating these accounts. For the most part, I’ve tried avoiding these sites because I felt for a long time …

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    Panel Discussion Reflection: Digital Identity


    In this discussion the panellist discussed what defined digital identity. They presented a wide array of information to the class. The information ranged anywhere from having one’s identity linked to their social security to how a person is perceived on the internet. We discussed an interesting topic about how an …

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    Panel Discussion Reflection: Privacy/Openness


    The discussion we had in class about privacy and openness was a well thought out discussion. The panel gave accounts of real life scenarios that pertained to our everyday life that we as internet users can relate to. Much of the class had differing opinions with privacy and openness. I …

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    Social/Economic/Cultural Discussion


    Social/Economic/Culture Discussion Questions to consider: What kind of user are we? Why do we use the internet? What form of communication do we prefer and why? What benefits do the internet provide? How has the internet affected us socially today from a decade ago?   Link   Impacts -This link …

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    Lawrence Lessig: Laws that choke creativity


    The video on Lawrence Lessig: Laws that choke creativity covers ours discussion we’re discussing this week in the Internet Course. I found it interesting that this video invoked a lot of opinion that are similar to what people think about technology today. The opinion and conflict that society has today …

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    Panel Discussion Reflection: Creation and Consumption


    This weeks panel discussed a wide range of topics that we all are familiar with and can relate to. It discussed commons things that the majority of the people who surf the web are aware about. A common occurrence in our society is the “seflie”. I’ve learned that the “selfie” …

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    Panel Discussion Reflection: How It Has Evolved


    In this discussion the group discussed how what we use today has evolved from the use of the internet. The group went into depth about dating sites. From this discussion I’ve learned the there are numerous amounts of different kinds of dating sites. The dating sites has taken off from …

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    Panel Discussion Reflection: How it Works


    The panel that discussed “How It Works” touched on how the internet literally works. In class we discussed the architecture of the internet, what powers the internet, and how the internet came to be how it is today. More so, this discussion went into depth on what the internet encompasses. …

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    Panel Discussion Week 2: How it Works


    HEY Y’ALL! This is panel discussion week 2 on ‘How it Works’. This week we will discuss the basis on how the internet works. Each of us will gear towards a specific topic in relation to the internet. Things we will discuss will primarily be about what we use everyday …

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    What is the Internet?


    I’m sure we all can relate to this video.. This was literally everyone the first day of class (just in kid form lol). We should question ourselves after each week of class : What is the internet? How does the internet work? What can you do with the internet? Why …

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    A Brief History of Search Engines and How It Works


    I found this video very entertaining and easily understandable. It hits all the key points on how search engines came about and what it makes up today.   To go more into detail with how search engines (specifically Google) work. The following video details the steps and procedures in doing …

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