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    Essay: Online Multimodal Essay

    How is the use of social media contributing to digital transformations in the fabric of everyday life?

    Digital transformations as defined by I-scoop is a profound transformation of business and organizational activities with the use of digital technologies (i-SCOOP, 2018). These organizational activities also represent society today and everyday life. …

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    Tuesday 17th April – Dogs of Leicester Elog Book


    In order to make our presentation more visually appealing the images taken at Leicester Animal Aid were going to be used. However if simply used as a background, any text on the slide became very unreadable. One way to solve this issue is by blurring the image. However manually blurring …

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    Friday 13th April – Dogs Of Leicester


    Yesterday was the shoot at Leicester Animal Aid and so today those images needed to be processed. I used Lightroom to easily cut down 400 images to the best 147. 147 then becomes a lot more of a manageable amount of photos for anybody wanting to use them. The next …

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    Sunday 8thApril – Dogs of Leicester Elog Book


    From this date, the account has been active for well over a month. from this point onwards the group decided to move the Instagram account more towards it running itself by getting users to submit dogs to the account for them to be posted. This massively reduces the amount of …

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    22nd February – Dogs of Leicester


    In todays lab session myself, Tash, Charlotte, and Ben set about deciding what to do as our group project. We firstly decided upon the platform we were going to focus on so then we can adapt our idea to the platform. It was originally decided that we would use Instagram …

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    Dan reacts to…



    This assignment for ds106 was part of a video unit was called “DS106ers React!“. Not too recently there was a lot of controversy surrounding channels on youtube that were labelled as “React Channels” these channels were simply videos of people reacting to other videos. The reason they …

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    Hearing places…


    This ds106 assignment was part of an audio unit and was called “Create a place“. The aim of the assignment was to use audio to paint a picture of a scene and put the listener there in the location. This assignment really shows the importance of audio in …

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    Unit 4: Sound Effect Story


    Sound Effect Story

    For this assignment I was required to make a story out of sound effects and audio files without the use of words. The duration for the final result should also be no longer than 90 seconds.

    I decided to tell the story of an Elk walking through …

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    Classic DC “Five Card Flickr”


    Five Card Flickr

    For this classic daily create we are required to search in Flickr a tag and put together a story using 5 images!

    Once upon a time where was a goat named billy who lived in the forest. It was a lovely day and he wanted an adventure!…

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    TDC 2133 “Eleven Eleven”


    Eleven Eleven

    For this daily create the title and brief was simply “Eleven Eleven”. And with it being the 11th of the 11th, remembrance day, I decided to post a photo of mine i took last year to the day. It was a remembrance writhe placed at the bottom of …

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    TDC 2135 “1 red element”


    1 red element

    This daily create talked about the power a single red element can have on a black and white image. The only colour immediately attracts the eye to its self first bringing a focal point to the image giving it a much stronger effect. This image was easily …

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    Unit 3: Story analysis


    Unit 3: Story analysis

    Kurt Vonnegut uses lines and charts to analyze stories as if they were fed into a computer. The story is played out along an X and Y axis. In this case I have decided to analysis the well loved tale of goldilocks and the three bears …

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    TDC 2136 “What is your d106estiny?”


    What is your d106estiny?

    Numbers appear to be everywhere in our world and sometimes you can pick out certain number and our names cant help but notice repetition or patterns. Like in a sci-fi movie we instantly assume that there’s a reason we keep seeing the number 106 flashing up …

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    TDC 2121 “Doubles”



    This daily create involved a photograph of two things simply described as doubles. This gave me the perfect opportunity to use a photo I’d taken the week before over the Halloween weekend period in a bar hosting a Halloween party. The image represents double tributes to the late Michael …

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    Unit 1 Summary


    Unit 1 Summary

    In the definition for Social Media Production it explains that the media created and online tools are used for varying degrees of collective action. This basically means that media is made with the intend use for it to spread to different platforms and appeal to the masses.…

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    TDC 2107 “Extreme Minimalism”


    TDC 2107 “Extreme Minimalism”

    Today’s Daily Create was Extreme Minimalism. I personal feel that this photo taken by myself is very minimalist as the focus area is very small. About 20% of the entire photo is in focus leaving much of the flower out of the shot. Like most minimalist …

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    TDC 2103 “It’s Fast”


    TDC 2103 “It’s fast”

    This daily create was to find and post an animation or video about something speedy. I decided to find an animation of something being downloaded. The reason for this is that with every generation of tech more and more data can be processed and as a …

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