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  1. @dandennis_media

    Essay: Online Multimodal Essay

    How is the use of social media contributing to digital transformations in the fabric of everyday life? Digital transformations as defined by I-scoop is a profound transformation of business and organizational activities with the use of digital technologies (i-SCOOP, 2018). These organizational activities also represent society today and everyday life. Digital transformation can be seen […]
  2. @dandennis_media

    Dan reacts to…

      This assignment for ds106 was part of a video unit was called “DS106ers React!“. Not too recently there was a lot of controversy surrounding channels on youtube that were labelled as “React Channels” these channels were simply videos of people reacting to other videos. The reason they sparked up a lot of talks online […]
  3. @dandennis_media

    Unit 4: Sound Effect Story

    Sound Effect Story For this assignment I was required to make a story out of sound effects and audio files without the use of words. The duration for the final result should also be no longer than 90 seconds. I decided to tell the story of an Elk walking through a forest with the sound […]
  4. @dandennis_media

    Unit 3: Story analysis

    Unit 3: Story analysis Kurt Vonnegut uses lines and charts to analyze stories as if they were fed into a computer. The story is played out along an X and Y axis. In this case I have decided to analysis the well loved tale of goldilocks and the three bears and analyzing it against the […]
  5. @dandennis_media

    TDC 2119 “Accidently Type the Wrong Thing in Image Search and End Up Not Disappointed”

    “Accidently Type the Wrong Thing in Image Search and End Up Not Disappointed” This daily create simply involved typing into google images (or any other search engine) something that sounded similar to something else but with an intention of finding something completely different. For example rather then searching for “Game of thrones” and finding something about […]
  6. @dandennis_media

    TDC 2121 “Doubles”

    Doubles This daily create involved a photograph of two things simply described as doubles. This gave me the perfect opportunity to use a photo I’d taken the week before over the Halloween weekend period in a bar hosting a Halloween party. The image represents double tributes to the late Michael Jackson in two very different […]
  7. @dandennis_media

    Unit 1 Summary

    Unit 1 Summary In the definition for Social Media Production it explains that the media created and online tools are used for varying degrees of collective action. This basically means that media is made with the intend use for it to spread to different platforms and appeal to the masses. #ds106 This is my […]
  8. @dandennis_media

    TDC 2108 “Vaguebooking”

    "I can't believe you've done this again…" #ds106 #tdc2108 — Daniel Dennis Media (@dandennis_media) October 18, 2017 TDC 2108 “Vaguebooking” This daily create we needed to do what is known as “Vaguebooking” Vaguebooking is where a user of social media posts a status that is vague offering little to no context to the reader. This […]

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