1. @Egon2688

    Plot Twist!


    For my first assignment bank I selected Design Assignment. After looking around for a bit I was overwhelmed about the amount of options I could pick from. Therefore, I decided to try a random one and I was lead to DS106 Word Cloud. I was asked to complete a …

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    Poetic Justice


    I believe I am artist of life! I try to see the good in most things but accept the bad as best as I can. I have a “everything happens for a reason” mindset and believe in karma 100%! I like to share my experiences and wisdom with others to …

  3. @Egon2688

    Weekly Summary-8/23/21-8/27/21


    As I mentioned in my goals blog, this is my first time taking a DS course and it has been interesting so far. I have definitely stepped out of my comfort zone already! I had never heard of WordPress and let alone did I think I would ever write a …

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    This is the first time I have taken a digital storytelling course and my goal at the being of the week was just to be able to understand the assignments in addition to being able to complete them. This week I have learned so many different things and have used …

  5. @Egon2688

    The Joy of ds106


    Bob Ross is a classic television show. I remember watching the show many times while waiting for the bus when I was young. However, I never actually painted anything while watching. I just enjoyed and admired watching him because I am not artist at all! I find his show very …

  6. @Egon2688


    Hello everyone! Great to meet you all. My name is Erica and I am a senior at University of Washington. My major is in Criminal Justice. I am a private person so sharing with the public is very new for me. However, I am sure I will enjoy learning and…

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