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    In Charge


    I decided to include the photos I took within my write up blog post sharing what I found for my Design Blitz. I found myself taking most of these photos in different places throughout the week. The first picture I took when I was at the beach on Saturday night. …

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    For my final assignment, I selected Create A T-Shirt. I really loved making this design. I am a huge Star Wars fan, and I just love BB-8 even more!

    The instructions for this assignment were- to design your very own t-shirt! Find a blank t-shirt template, then add a …

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    Be Free


    Favorite Movie Quote is my third selection for this week’s assignment. The instructions were to choose one of your favorite movie quotes and insert the quote over an image from the movie you chose.

    I used Paint 3D on my Hp laptop to edit the photo and added the quote …

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    Just Great!


    I selected Contradiction Creation for my second assignment this week. The instructions were to create some sort of graphic. Design the overall graphic to convey some sort of feeling or theme, but then have text saying something completely contradictory to the theme or feeling. Sort of like one of those …

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    A few ideas for Radio Shows-

    Can cover culture- heritage, traditions, and art. Local culture, foreign culture, traditions, and cultural attitudes. Definitely will need music with the session but also could discuss music in our generation and others. Can also talk about movies and shows Restaurants within the are who…
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    Hang on


    I participated in the live listening session on Tuesday night 9/21/2021 with ds106 radio. I was in and out of service, therefore, it was a bit difficult to follow along and access Discord. However, I did hear a lot of the nature and natural sound effects they used …

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    Ello Guv’na


    For my last assignment I selected May I Take Your Order?– Using your best accent (whether it be Australian, British or southern, ect), pretend you are at McDondalds and order something off of their menu. Be picky! For example, a coke with no ice.

    I really had no idea …

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    Stay Calm


    The instructions to the Sound Effects Story assignment was as follows- Tell a story using nothing but sound effects. There can be no verbal communication, only sound effects. Use at least five different sounds that you find online. The story can be no longer than 90 seconds.

    This was so …

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    I love music, I consider it my safe haven honestly. It is an outlet for me on many days. Therefore, I will try to incorporate it in my audio work as much as possible. This was my first time using Audacity and I am still getting use to it. I …

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    Just Listen


    Sound completely MAKES each story! Could you imagine telling a story or listening to a movie/story without any sound effects or noises about what’s occurring? It just wouldn’t make sense to not have sound. I know there is materials out there that do not have sound but, in my opinion, …

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    And another one- 9/10/21-9/17/21


    I can say that I am definitely challenged each week in this class. Each week we work on something that I have never came across before. I have been the type of person who always loves to capture the moment, just as much as I like to live it in! …

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    Jacked up George


    Make That Money! The instructions were to give him a digital facelift! This assignment is inspired by this gallery of cartooning on bills, but you’re not limited to drawing. You can draw on a bill and upload a picture, or use image editing software. It is worth 3.5 stars.

    This …

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    Be an ocean


    For my third assignment I picked a 3.5 star assignment called Poetry art– Use one of your favorite poems as inspiration for a poster. Edit an image or create your own background using any photo editing software, add the poem, and make sure the background exemplifies the poems message. …

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    Being timed on anything makes me nervous! Ha-ha! I started at 2:05 and ended at 2:25. Most on my list were fairly easy but I did have a bit of difficulty on a couple. My list on photoblitzer was as followed….

    Change perspective! Look up make a photo of what’s…
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    After reading Becoming a Better Photographer I started going through my photos trying to keep in mind not only my story but also our theme in Ds 106. Which is a bit challenging because I usually take pictures of my family! I came across a few pictures. The first picture …

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    I would not consider myself a photographer, but I do take a lot of photos with my phone. I also use Snapchat very often when I share certain pictures with my family and friends. I love capturing memories of my family, events, and new adventures. I do focus on lighting …

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    Morning Ruined!


    For my last writing assignment, I decide to pick Dear Diary that is three stars. The instructions were to write a diary entry from your favorite Disney Villain’s perspective. I will be writing in the perspective of Maleficent.

    Dear Dairy,

    This morning I sent Diablo on a quest to inform …

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    Avocado toast


    This writing assignment is a three star Haiku Recipe. The directions are to write an entire recipe only in haiku Stick to the 5/7/5 syllable pattern as much as possible.

    Here is a basic

    recipe for a nice piece

    of avocado

    Toas, to begin we will start

    on avocado…

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    I often decide to read the Serial podcast instead of listening to it. Usually, I need to be quiet, or I’ll wake up the baby, therefore, it is better to do it that way. Serial is an investigative journalism podcast, hosted by Sarah Koenig. As she tells the stories she …

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    That’s a wrap-8/27/21-9/3/21


    Another interesting week for ds106! We are diving into something new each week and it is very exciting to learn different programs in the digital world. I also look forward to the weeks to come after seeing the outline for the remainder of the course. I enjoyed exploring the Assignment …

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    Keep calm


    For my last assignment bank, I selected What’s The Meme? under the Visual assignments. The directions were to take any picture and caption it with a meme, whether common or uncommon. Or come up with a personalized. I selected a picture of myself that I thought was pretty funny. Then …

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