1. emorelleum

    A History of Morlium


    (A man in suit and fedora, leaning on an axe stands before you)

    Good evening.

    Currently, you are reading these words on a web browser, a program designed to convert the chaos of “the internet” into…flickering lights forming words and pictures that you can understand. Needless to say, this is …

  2. emorelleum

    Enter Morlium


    Ah yes, it was…some time ago, I don’t bother to look up the date (detectives are…suspicious of people interested in the event). I used to…wander the Alaskan Wilderness. I was self sufficient, between hunting, woodwork, and…a few other skills, I was able to feed and shelter myself. Unfortunately, things in …

  3. emorelleum

    Close Encounters


    I was not sure what had…happened to me, all I know is that I was experiencing something I had…never experienced before. I had a vague sensation that I was…interconnected with electronics. As I would later learn, the information I rode eventually reached Asia, and thanks to my…disorientation, I was swept …

  4. emorelleum

    Mistaken Identity


    Now that I was on the world wide web, I occasionally encountered…’web surfers’. I found these people to be extremely…immature, so I tried to offer advice where I could.

    Unfortunately, I found that these surfers were quick to…draw conclusions about who I was. At that moment, I realized that…a top-hat …

  5. emorelleum

    Flexing Muscles


    Movement on the internet and electronics is…not at all how you would expect it to be. It is in fact quite complex and difficult. Even after my previous forays, I still had…a significant bit of trouble. I had vowed I would train myself until I was…completely comfortable moving around. I …

  6. emorelleum

    The Dark Origins of Nyan Cat


    Once a wanderer…always a wanderer. I was wandering on a mountain of some game…called “SkiFree”. The particular computer I was residing on at the time was owned by a…certain environmentalist whose name I cannot quite recall. Needless to say, I was busy deforesting the mountainside when he…stumbled upon me. The …

  7. emorelleum

    Invading Other Worlds


    Sometimes, it is a…struggle to survive. Recently, however, a large number of people have been creating…resource-rich areas called “MineCraft Servers” on the internet. These areas offer…plenty of resource for me to harvest and utilize, as well as some…novel ways to harvest them.

    However, one day there was a little…misunderstanding …

  8. emorelleum

    Morlium’s Recent Exploits


    In September of 2015, I made a residence agreement with a certain…computer owner with username Emorelleum. During my stay…he abused my goodwill, exploited me, and blamed me for things he was responsible for.

    He tasked me on a certain “final project.” I made sure that it was sufficiently…self-serving to recover …

  9. emorelleum

    Animating Morlium


    As you can see, the animations were drawn by hand (err…computer-hand). The basic images, such as the trees and Morlium in different poses, were drawn using MS Paint. To mass-produce images for animation, there is a need for reuse. For the Dancing sequence, I drew Morlium in 7 different poses, …

  10. emorelleum

    The Penultimate Week


    Crazy stuff is happening this week. What with a ton of final projects being due.

    Morlium told me the final project was due this Friday. He has been having me create a lot of set pieces, taking video, all sorts of crazy stuff. Fortunately, I learned Wednesday evening that the …

  11. emorelleum

    Honest Morlium


    Look what we dug up here!

    I have been looking for things that meet certain criteria (this will become clearer when I present the final project). This internet meme fits them nicely.

    Source: http://weknowmemes.com/2012/07/dont-believe-everything-you-read-on-the-internet/

    So, we took the picture, blanked the left side and the quote attribution, and put in …

  12. emorelleum

    To Make a Maze


    Making a maze might seem like an incredibly tedious task. Depending on how you go about it, it very well can be. However, one of the beauties of digitizing content is that you can generate some very bizarre and difficult mazes rather quickly. As a forewarning, if you want to …

  13. emorelleum

    A Summary to a History


    (A man in a suit and fedora stands before you, leaning on an axe. Despite a blank face, you feel waves of incidental hostility flow over you)

    Good Evening.

    I see…my lazy landlord thinks I am a party to his sloth. Surely he did not expect to get away …

  14. emorelleum

    All Thine Bases of Operation


    (A man in a suit and fedora stand before you, leaning on an axe)

    Good Evening.

    Many years ago, I found myself…in a world unlike…any I had ever experienced before. Trapped, I struggled to learn how I might…reach out again to this world. I have taken the liberty of…recreating one …

  15. emorelleum

    The Blame Game, Week 12 in Review


    There is a lot of blame to go around this week. Let us hope the pattern does not continue.

    As with many weeks, a combination of procrastination and being-out-of-town-leading-up-to-the-weekend has gotten me into trouble again. Direction for this portion of blame? Squarely here. And Morlium. Let’s throw him under the …

  16. emorelleum

    We’re Going Down!


    For this mashup assignment, we had to take two iconic movie scenes and mash them together.

    My inexperience with media in general is a detriment to this assignment. Iconic movie scenes? None ring a bell.

    I ultimately did find a scene I thought would be appropriate to mashup, this movie …

  17. emorelleum

    Status of the FCC


    For this assignment, I decided to do the Status Report assignment.

    The remix I got was to change the media. A status report is usually written, but I could forsee one being done with audio. So, I warmed up audacity, cobbled together a script, hit the record button, and …

  18. emorelleum

    Vacation on a Desert Island


    On hitting the mashup button, I got the “Jump Opposer” mashup, which states that I need t write an opposite version of the assignment, one that has the opposite of the intended effect.

    Let us write a nightmarish view of Welcome to Paradise.

    Well good sir, you have …

  19. emorelleum

    All About Morlium


    Who is Morlium? This video gives all that we can share about him.

    Putting together the video was an arduous task. I first had to outline how the documentary would transition, then find clips and pictures appropriate to the narrative arc. I was able to extract general clips from youtube …

  20. emorelleum

    Morlium Presents: Musings From His Wanderings


    (A man in suit and fedora, leaning on an axe for a cane, stands before you)
    Good Evening. As I wander around your world, I see many bizarre and unsettling things. None perhaps, are quite as unsettling as the preponderance of caged souls you display on “youtube”. Have you asked …

  21. emorelleum

    Signs of Trouble


    For this assignment, I needed to sign something in letters, let us see if you can pick up on it.

    As a hint, this once was a very popular phrase, and still is if you are part of the correct circles.

    I came across this assignment looking at other peoples’ …

  22. emorelleum

    Wanted: Morlium, Dead or Alive


    It looks like Morlium has a history…

    When I saw the assignment, I knew it would be a perfect fit for getting a little deeper into the host characters. The character, of course, would be Morlium. As a practical consideration, I wanted clips low on volume so I could do …

  23. emorelleum

    Luscious Hair and Fabulous Faces


    I am awesome…errr….lets just show a video.


    Lets just say, this is highly out of character for me. That is part of the reason I took on this assignment. Most of the things I could brag about bore other people. I wanted something a little more…tangible. That is why …

  24. emorelleum

    And the Dust Settles


    This week and the week before had slightly fewer assignments going around than previous weeks, so it was slightly more challenging finding good posts to comment on. Nonetheless, given my schedule, how things (random ranting+complaining that the average reader would care less about)…I am trying to stay a little more …

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