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    Photography and Failure


    Well, I will admit it. I ran out of time plain and simple. One part underestimating how easy it would be to procure a camera and two (or three) parts procrastination. Still, the week wasn’t a full waste. I obtained a good amount of knowledge if not a large amount …

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    Of Photoblitzing and Photoflopping


    This was a particularly difficult assignment for me, largely due to the circumstances. As mentioned earlier, I have very little photography experience, and no portable photography device. To compound difficulties, my work+school keeps me busy during the day, so I had to complete the challenge at night with a borrowed …

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    The Light of Frankenstein


    The Bride of Frankenstein has several good examples of lighting throughout.

    The bride of Frankenstein does a fairly good job at deliberately utilizing depth, light, and the lack thereof for keeping the scenes engaging. To complement the deliberate choices, the relatively poor quality of the black and white cinematography contributes …

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    Picture Week! (…)


    I have theoretical knowledge of a lot of random things in life. Photography however, is not one of them. I can explain how light interacts with the chemicals on camera film, but not what specific ordering makes the image appealing to the average viewer.

    I do not take photos. I …

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    Food and Revulsion (unrelated…..)


    This week featured the subtle, whether it be horror hosts (http://ds106.emorelleum.com/uncategorized/morliums-storied-mausoleum/) or old stories (http://ds106.emorelleum.com/uncategorized/wand-the-enemy-is-us/). We are what we consume, and when we consume this material over a length of time, sometimes we surprise ourselves.

    Despite the horror theme, I must always go to my roots when doing free form …

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    Shadows on a Graph


    Vonnegut’s story curves all share one thing in common, by the time the story reaches “electricity” the character is in high heaven. That is where horror often deviates from the typical story.

    Shadows on the wall starts with a Cinderella beginning, that is,  life is horrible for the main characters, …

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    And the Enemy is Us


    For this post, I read Last Respects and the Lottery, figuring I could not simply ride my way through the week with my preference of old thrillers. Both stories share a lot of similarities.  Neither one really brings the supernatural to play, only bona-fide just slightly over the edge human. …

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    Morlium’s Storied Mausoleum


    As I have mentioned before, I am a fan of old media. What I remember from Rod Sirling and Alfred Hitchcock are hosts who let the show do the thrilling. They would dramatically give the same style of introduction, and you might not see them again for the rest of …

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    Morlium’s Lunch


    I am not a fan of instagram. I AM a fan of assignments poking fun at instagram. I am not a fan of people describing food. I AM a fan of food in general though, so I figured I would have to compromise. Besides, the ol’ vocabulary could always use …

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    What a Square


    As will be a theme in my posts, I feel that authenticity is a hallmark of good stories (Seriously, I read non-fiction for fun when I was in elementary school). As a result, I jump at opportunities to explain my actions. As a weird personality quirk, I don’t like talking …

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    Schoolyard Politics


    For this assignment, I wanted to do the opposite of what was implied in the description. Rather than describe someone who shouldn’t be teaching because they are incompetent or inappropriate, I wanted to put someone in who was overqualified for the position, and simply couldn’t tone down for the audience.…

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    The Swamp


    I never had much experience with a large body of water. Palmer Alaska only sees so much precipitation a year, and it will not be liquid for much of the year.

    Enter my youth in Chesterfield VA. It turns out our lot, specifically the backyard is the lowest point in …

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    Walking the Narrow Ledge


    Another week, another day of barely hanging on. between school, a part time job, and severe anxiety attacks when having to use social media interfaces (only exaggerating a little, maybe one day I will rant on this), it is a miracle that I am still lucid.
    Contrary to what the …

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    A little Alaskan atrium…


    Though I may be a computer science major, I have a split opinion about the uses and value of technology in our lives. I spent several years in my youth living in Palmer Alaska, a small town halfway between Anchorage and Wasilla (the starting point of the Iditarod Race). The …

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    Of Horror and 140 characters


    I feel the articles gloss over the losses of horror stories enabled by web 2.0. Certainly the web makes story creation more accessible to people, but the cost in story quality is just too high.
    I will admit I am not exactly immersed in the horror genre or on social …

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    Good dolls and bad dolls


    I may not be a fan of horror, or of social media, but I am a fan of classics. The twilight zone, the outer limits, and night gallery are all names I am moderately to intimately familiar with. I was not familiar with the trilogy of terror, and after watching …

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    King of the Hill meets Lost in Space


    Below is my challenge and response for what is bound to be the worst fanfiction on this page of the internet


    Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining King of the Hill and Lost in Space. The story should use a secret government plot as a plot device!…

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    A bucket list


    Bucket List:

    Successfully complete a “Eat the whole thing and your meal is free” challenge. – You never have to pay for a meal again, because you won’t feel like eating ever again.

    Go Skydiving – Weightlessness? Screaming? Sounds good

    Get struck by lightning – only so many people can …

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    Daily Create Toast


    I realized this should probably be on my blog as well as my twitter feed.

    When someone leaves you a dire warning in your bed, I think about breakfast…



    #ds106 #tdc1334…

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    A haiku about me


    Well, it may not be completely about me, but it tells a lot about me in 17 sounds…

    Face to face with you
    connect through conversation
    Then you might know me

    #WritingAssignments #WritingAssignments1707…

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    Week 1


    Well, here we are 1 week in to ds106. Prodding around twitter and blogs (very clumsily, I might add), it would appear that there is a decent amount of flexing media muscles among the other ds106 accounts. As for my own endeavors,  obtaining quality youtube footage will definitely be a …

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    Introductory Post


    Hello, I am Jerome Mueller, a computer science and math major at UMW!

    I have no idea what makes an effective wordpress introduction, and am of the opinion that introductions are best made face to face, but I suppose given the circumstances that this will have to do…

    We shall …

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