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  1. estotz

    Forever Studying

      From the first week that we wet our feet with audio assignments, I thoroughly enjoyed the “Sound Effect Story” assignment, so I took it upon myself to make another one. This sound effect story uses five different sounds. Two different breathing sounds (for the sigh at the end), some classical music in the background ...
  2. estotz

    Me Who? Exactly What?

      This is a poetry read of a Shel Silverstein poem, entitled “The Meehoo with an Exactlywatt” and I read it for the “Poetry Reading” audio assignment. I like this poem because it reminds me of how homophonic the English language is, which just makes it all the more confusing. (From a Linguistic point of ...
  3. estotz

    A New Comment is Waiting for your Approval

      This is some spam from my WordPress Blog (even though I do have a spam-blocker). The audio assignment “Taking Back Spam” required me to read some spam (whether it be mail, a comment, etc) and to either try to make sense of it, or to make it more absurd than it already is. I ...
  4. estotz

    No Need to Be Dramatic

      This assignment, “Over-Dramatic Reading,” took care of a Daily Create and an audio assignment in one. I read Emily Dickinson’s “If you are Coming in the Fall” in my best dramatic voice (semi-British, semi-weird/not sure what’s going on). Since I am bad at anything but being overly-dramatic, that’s how this turned out, which makes ...
  5. estotz


    This was the “May I take your Order?” Assignment, which I really enjoyed doing. This assignment required that you use your best accent and pretend like you are ordering something from McDonald’s. I was inspired by the Pronunciation Manual guy on YouTube because I just saw him for the first time last week. I seriously ...
  6. estotz

    The Whole Enchilada

    Design Safari This week in DS106, we got into the principles of design, and even designed things ourselves. Our first assignment was to take pictures of things or scenarios demonstrating the basic principles (color, typography, metaphors/symbols, form/function/message, minimalism & use of space, balance, rhythm, proportion, dominance, unity). Instead of taking new photos, I went back ...
  7. estotz


    This assignment called for me to design a minimalist poster of a movie. I was watching Avengers at the time (well, had it playing in the background) and thought it would be perfect for a poster. I took the “A” symbol that you see at the end of the movie on Stark towers, which they had on ...
  8. estotz

    Courage the Buttery Dog

    So, this didn’t turn out as funny or as good as I hoped it would, because I wasn’t really sure how to edit out, my dog, Butters’ face. So, it doesn’t look as good as it could. Anyways, as said, this is my dog Butters–his real name is Tucker, but I call him Butters because ...
  9. estotz

    The Motherland

    Despite my being German, I have never been to Germany–there is hope of this changing soon,though, if my parents move to Germany this year. (WOO!) In honor of never having been to the Motherland, and of potentially going, I did my “Place I’ve Never Been” Assignment on Germany. This particular picture is of Dom, a ...
  10. estotz

    Danbob Chalpants

    This is my friend, in his naked and chubby prime, Dan. (Some call him the Stay-Puft Marshmallow, or the Michelin Man, or a plethora of other things). I decided to use this picture for this assignment because I am sitting right next to him, and he inspired me. To achieve this look, I uploaded a picture ...
  11. estotz

    The Truth About Bridesmaids

    Alright, so maybe you won’t shit your pants, but you might pee a little–I did. (Plus, the poop reference is just too relevant to pass up.) The first time I saw Bridesmaids, I didn’t know what was happening to me. Seriously. I lost it. One of the funniest movies I have seen in a hot ...
  12. estotz

    Call Me Maybe

    This was the bad guy calling card (2 star) assignment, and frankly, bad guys have been a fascination of mine as of recent. (So, duh.) This calling card is obvious given the recent relevancy of Batman. This is a business card for one of my favorite super villains–Poison Ivy–who uses her love potions and deadly kiss ...
  13. estotz

    Feelings & Liberation

    I don’t know if I did this assignment the correct way, but I think this turned out pretty cool looking. Typography is a branch of design that I haven’t really explored before until this week. It is pretty interesting, and there is actually a whole science behind what fonts, styles, etc. marketers use in advertising. ...
  14. estotz

    N Dzign

    The Principles of Design (DesignBlitz) 1. The Color of a Bar I turned 21 this summer, so naturally, I went out to the bars. This place was particularly cool–downtown Richmond, if you wanted to know. There were not a lot of people in it (weird) because check out the color. SO BLUE. I felt like ...
  15. estotz

    iPhonography, Week Five

    Photoblitz Review This week, we got down and dirty with some visual assignments, beginning with the photoblitz. This assignment was hard for me to get very much done in, because I am kind of a perfectionist when it comes to taking pictures. In the twenty minute time frame I really only got five pictures taken, ...
  16. estotz

    House of Kabob

    I picked this visual assignment randomly (by pressing the random button obviously). And luckily, it was two stars–the perfect amount of stars to reach my goal of ten. It also worked out that my friend Enisa was over at my house working on her own digital storytelling shiz, so she helped me out. Yes, the ...
  17. estotz

    Ritzin’ & Blitzin’

    Because I am such a perfectionist about the pictures I take, I really actually only got five pictures taken during the twenty allotted minutes. BUT, it worked out because I really like the way all of them turned out (even the time marker ones). I chose to do this assignment in my bedroom/bathroom (all one area) ...
  18. estotz

    Oh So Edgy

    I thought for sure for this assignment I was going to have to crop together a bunch of random letters to create my name, but I forget sometimes how popular my name has become over recent years (especially with movie stars like Emma Stone, and Emma Watson having the same first name as me). So, randomly ...
  19. estotz

    Mayani Bird Sanctuary

    First of all, I really enjoyed doing this assignment. I liked the randomness of it, and I liked the room for creativity that it allowed me. So, how did I result in this vundabar album cover? Let me tell you. After extracting the random picture/album title/band name that I was going to be using, which ...
  20. estotz

    A Blue Hue

    Note: Must have an iPhone to complete this tutorial. And have good hand eye coordination. This is a photo of me from this summer. The company that I was interning for had a company picnic, and had several little competitions. One of these competitions was a hula hoop contest. I won–my hips finally paid off for ...
  21. estotz

    Close the Door

    Listening to the Rad Rad Raaaadio Currently listening to the ds106radio, contemplating LYFE, munching on some pretzels, and snuggling with a kitten. First of all, the radio is supah cool. Not for the music though. I like the story aspect of it–the idea of painting a picture in someone’s mind. My own personal experience with ...
  22. estotz

    Flexin’ My Butt

    Here it is, my radio bumper. That was way easier to do than I thought. Audacity works wonders. Also, I love me some MJ. So should you. He is a genius. That’s why I picked this song. Kind of a spur of the moment thing. This might be a bit long for a bumper, but ...
  23. estotz

    Selective Hearing

    This is a sound effect story, created by yours truly. These are the various sounds I hear throughout my house because our house is old, and the walls are paper thin. Good thing I’m a heavy sleeper. I used sound effects from freesound, and audacity to layer them all together. It was a fairly simple ...
  24. estotz

    What is Words?

    As an “aspiring linguist”, I was immediately drawn to Radio Lab’s Words.   This is a story about a woman, who, in waking up one morning, discovered that she had no chatter in her brain; no thoughts; no language ; no memories; just pure, 100% unadulterated sensory intake. She was experiencing the world entirely in the ...
  25. estotz

    Anecdotes & Catharsis

    I am learning how to tell a good story. I didn’t think this was something that I was ever really going to learn how to do. I didn’t know it was an art form that could be learned. You always hear about how art isn’t something that can be learned; you’re an artist or you’re not. ...
  26. estotz

    The World Lives for the Weekend

    Generalities Man, I am feeling feisty today. That is your warning that what you are about to read is thickly laid with sarcasm, and cursing. Anyways, week three is coming to an end already. These days are flying by. It’s nice how quickly I have become comfortable with all of these online gadgets now. Blogging ...
  27. estotz

    Play it Backwards

    Inspiration Station I have been browsing through a bunch of the art submitted by previous DS106 students on the in[SPIRE] site, waiting, searching for that feeling of inspiration, ingenuity, when I stumbled upon this gem: The text that plays during the movie is enchanting and I don’t entirely understand it, but I don’t want to either–it ...
  28. estotz

    A Little Yin & Yang

    1. See 2. Hear 3. Touch 4. Smell 5. Taste   This is my “Tell a Story in Five Photos.” It is my morning ritual, and also my daily dose of balance. I have also related each photo a sense that I experience strongest when I am making my breakfast.
  29. estotz

    Plotless = Shapeless

    J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, introduced to me by my dad, is one of my favorite books of all time. When we apply Kurt Vonnegut’s theory of the Shape of Stories, this book has a particularly peculiar shape. I don’t know how many people have read Catcher, but if you have, you probably know that ...

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