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  1. estotz

    An Ancient Tradition

    Storytelling goes way back to the times when there was no way of recording histories in writing, before there was an alphabet, or a set of rules that prescribed what a proper grammar is. This was a time when storytelling was an oral activity. It may have led to stories being a bit fantastical, but it also ...
  2. estotz

    Bootcamp Comes to a Close

    As our Digital Storytelling Bootcamp draws to a close, I am saddened, except not really, because now the real fun is going to begin. We all now possess the tools that our professors think are necessary to maintain our very own blog. WOO. GIF-Mania This week, we went through the obstacle course that was making ...
  3. estotz

    Idea Thievery

    The Creative Commons Movement The internet is a fascinating place, and everywhere you look you see people sharing their ideas. It allows said person to be an artist of some shape and form by providing a space for them to spread their ideas and in turn inspire those around them. However, the power to inspire has ...
  4. estotz

    Where is my Mind?

    The Creative Process: YAY, I finally created my first gif. Initially, the task was daunting, but the blog about how to create a gif helped me immensely–I don’t think I could’ve done it so easily without it. (I tried, but it was one of those things where there was just SO many kinds of software ...
  5. estotz

    An Interesting First Week


    An Interesting First Week

    A Reflection on Ideas, and Art: My older brother, who is seven years senior to me, told me when I was about 8 years old to always maintain my childish innocence as it is the innocence of a child that lends itself to the creativity and ingeniousness that is lacking in the common adult. I ...
  6. estotz

    The Big Picture

    Aspiring linguist, amateur corn-holer, and lover of all things nature. Just trying not to take life too seriously. And yes, I do indeed flex my butt to the beat of the music.

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