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    At Home, or Deeper


    For the Daily Create today, we have to talk a bit about the negative sides of our “happy place”. Arguably, I’d say my happy place is home. I’m a hermit; 90% of the time, I’m in my apartment. It’s comfy and quiet and I know where everything is. No one …

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    File #643-B1, Mysterious Objects


    Enter the world of Dr. Franklin Stenton, scientist and observer of the mysterious and unknown. He is well-known in in late 18th century New York as being a creator of…unusual, but fascinating inventions. But today, Dr. Stenton has received a package that he did not order, with a variety of …

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    Weekly Summary, Weeks 7 and 8


    Has it really only been two weeks? It feels like it’s been so long. Maybe that’s just the stress speaking.

    These last two weeks, we had to create our radio show! This was…probably the most strenuous group project I’ve ever been a part of. Let’s answer some questions.

    How did …

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    Ring, Ring, Wrong Number


    For this assignment (4.5 stars), we had to have a phone conversation with ourself! Probably more awkward than getting a wrong number, is getting a wrong number that won’t end. But maybe that person on the other end was trying to tell you something secretly? Ah, who cares. What a …

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    A Wacky History Bumper


    A possible radio bumper for my group’s radio show, Wacky History!

    I wanted to have old timey music and to keep it relatively simple, because that’s just…how I like things to be. To show how simple it is, my editing looked like this:

    The top track is the music (…

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    Weekly Summary, Week 6


    Another week, another lesson, this time in Design. It was a pretty interesting week, since I’ve never thought about design before now. I learned a lot, I think, although in the end I’d have to say that design? Not really my thing. But it’s always fun to try new things, …

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    Lets DesignBlitz!


    So, for this designblitz, I decided to stick to the variety of stuff I have around my apartment, because it is gross outside, and I have a lot of stuff in my apartment. It wasn’t too difficult to find designs that captivated some of these concepts. Let’s begin with:


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    A Reflection Vignelli’s Canon


    This little booklet explains the what design is and how to work with design in order to create something amazing and timeless. That’s one of the first points I noticed that really stood out: a rant on how design is made to withstand time and despises obsolescence. I found this …

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    Love at Sunset


    “I can’t believe you would say such a cheesy line,” she said, folding her arms across her chest and turning away. The boy’s mouth hung open, and he grasped at her hand.

    “I thought you would like something like this,” he said.

    “I do,” she replied, turning back to him …

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    Mis-timed Zelda Valentine


    It’s Halloween, yes, but that means Valentine’s Day is just around a couple of corners. I was actually thinking today about the Valentine Cards I create for my friends every year, wondering if I should do Halloween cards in a similar style. It could work, right?

    Anyway, while looking through …

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    Daily Creates for Week 6


    4 more daily creates for week 6, finished today, hot off the presses.

    For tdc1359, mixing up some logos

    For tdc1361, an upside-down photo

    For tdc1362, a photo of the coming time change

    And, for tdc1363, an image of what is through my window

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    Over the Garden Wall to Me


    Ah, October! The month of Halloween, and the season for spooks and nostalgia. And what better way to celebrate this month of skeletons and ghosts than by watching Over the Garden Wall every day until November?

    Over the Garden Wall is a 10-part miniseries that aired on Cartoon Network in …

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    Where is Babby?


    The name is Melanie, and I’ve been doing work around this house for years now. 5 years to be exact. I’ve been solving crimes since the day I was born.

    I’ve solved a lot of them in my life. The case of the missing pacifier (it rolled under the coffee …

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    Weekly Summary, Week 5


    The subject of this week was visual storytelling, with photography and pictures. And the most important thing I learned this week: I still have a lot to learn about photography. Before, I was happy with a lot of the pictures I took, thinking they were decent, if not fairly well-composed. …

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    Attempted Tips


    For this week, we had to look through some tips on creating better photography, and then try to apply them to the photos we took this week! It turns out, this was a lot harder than I imagined it would be. It was interesting though, and it got me to …

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    Comment Collection, Week 5


    This week was a week for lots of comments. 2 for each member of our radio show group, so that we could get to know their content better, and 3 comments for other blogs.

    It was also a week where there weren’t really reflections, and a lot of creative things. …

  17. flear

    Thirty-five Cents, and Some Imagination


    For the mandatory visual assignment this week, Apophenia, we had to look transform a picture of a regular object into what we could imagine it being. This was hard for me, because, despite having an over-active imagination when it comes to seeing every shadow as a possible intruder, I …

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    A Splash of Magic


    My bookshelf for this semester is just filled with so many books, some aren’t even pictured here! But there’s one book that’s just for me. Something that’s just for fun, that I know I can relax and enjoy and not have to worry about analyzing and papers. Just a little …

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    Round Up those Daily Creates!


    Another week of daily creates! And ah, what a good bunch there were this time. This week I found myself drawn to the photography-related daily creates for…obvious reasons, maybe, but I feel they gave me more practice for learning different photography techniques.

    Anyway, he’s the collection of them, along with …

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    Do the Photoblitz!


    An assignment I thought would be the most fun, but actually turned out to be the most challenging, was the Photoblitz!

    I chose to do it in my apartment, because as I was looking around, I could imagine all the different prompts I could do with all the various stuff …

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