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  1. flear

    The Best of the Amateur

    For this week, we had to make an album on Flickr of the works we would consider “the best”. Currently, though, that album is filled with…mostly amateur pictures, which have been edited in Instagram. Still, I believe these photos accurately represent the kind of…basic aesthetic I’m attracted to when taking pictures. I love pictures that […]
  2. flear

    My Buddy Benjamin

    My teddy bear Benjamin (née Sebastian) is over thirty years old. My mom got him when she was younger, and then she handed him down to me when I was born. Happily, I haven’t lost him, and I can’t wait to give him to my future child. But, in the meantime, he’s still mine, and […]
  3. flear

    …Latte Art?

    I’m don’t have the money for a latte (especially not one with fancy art), so I decided to make a latte-inspired mug cake! Unfortunately…I’m a terrible baker. But it looks kinda like a puppy, right?
  4. flear

    Zzz’s All Over Me

    With the cloudy, drizzly weather, staying up late doing homework, and the general “being alive” exhaustion, all I want to do is take a nap! (Icons found at The Noun Project)
  5. flear

    Weekly Summary, Week 4

    Already done with week 4! What is that, a whole month? Time sure does fly on the internet. This week, we got to learn about audio storytelling, a subject that I absolutely love, and can now say I find even more fascinating. We learned the behind-the-scenes stuff from Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad, we learned […]
  6. flear

    Comments Collection, Week 2

    This week, I wasn’t as on top of comments as I should have been, if I’m being perfectly honest. I was so focused on getting my assignments done in a timely manner, I almost completely forgot to check out my peers’ blogs, and so I hustled to read through some last night. But! I still […]
  7. flear

    “I’ll be back in five minutes”

    A child is playing upstairs with their toys, happy and carefree. The babysitter has just stepped out for a moment; “I need to go pickup the pizza. They don’t want to deliver. Just stay in your room and I’ll be back in five minutes.” The child nods and continues giggling and playing. The babysitter leaves, […]
  8. flear

    Music as Mood

    For our Listening to Stories assignment this week, I decided to listen to an episode of This American Life, titled “Getting Away With It”. This episode was all about people who committed some kind of crime, whether minor or major, and got away with it. There were four acts in total, and a prologue to introduce […]
  9. flear

    Learning from the Experts

    Ira Glass: Glass’s series on storytelling not only taught me about the important factors in radio broadcasting, but also showed me how similar things are to regular storytelling. Throughout listening to his videos, I found myself relating his ideas with what radio broadcasting should be, to what I’ve learned about how traditional writing or even art […]
  10. flear

    A Selfie for the Daily Create

    Today’s daily create is to make a photo look old. Like, black-and-white or sepia old. I figured, since I already took a selfie today, I’d just go ahead and make it look like it came from 90s (if the 90s was super old)
  11. flear

    Through the Forest: An Original Poem

    Through the sunbeams in the leaves the sturdy trunks support the sky. Birds chirp quips about you as you walk. Through the forest of yellow fog, a hazy sea with swirls of green, shadows stretching out their arms, reaching out to lead you deeper. I’ve long been in these woods, the heat oppressive, the sense […]
  12. flear

    UnReality: Spooky Dialogue Audio Assignment

    I chose to do the Spooky Dialogue audio assignment in the assignment bank, because I figured it would allow me a chance to really play around with the different things I can do in Audacity, and I’m attracted to spooky and unsettling things. Basically, for this assignment, we have to make and edit a recording […]
  13. flear

    Emophoto: Fear or Anxiety

    I feel the key to certain emotions in pictures is the color scheme. I was unsure of whether to go with a highly contrasted black-and-white, or to leave it as this, so I’m gonna go with my gut.
  14. flear

    Weekly Summary, Week 3

    I thoroughly enjoyed learning about storytelling this week. It was interesting to really think about what storytelling means, as well as how that changes or stays the same when transferred into the digital world. It’s not something that we usually learn about in school, even as an English major. You’re just expected to have this […]
  15. flear

    Summary of Comments

    I’ve never been comfortable writing comments on things, especially when there was a guaranteed chance that someone would see them, but I found this assignment to be a good way to get out of my comfort zone. I loved reading many different blog posts, and seeing what everyone else thought of certain assignments. It allowed […]
  16. flear

    A Little Magick, Reflection

    I really loved the idea of this activity, having to tell a story without words. And, once I had finally figured out what kind of story I wanted to tell, it was a lot of fun trying to arrange everything, get the lighting I wanted, and figure out how I wanted to convey what was […]
  17. flear

    “Broke Sophomore in College” reviewed by Broke Senior

    I was attracted to “Broke Sophomore in College” due to its relatable title, as can be imagined, and it’s very true to said title. The story itself is told in a rather simplistic way, like a cautionary fairytale you’d tell your young children, but it serves its purpose in relating a story about a college […]
  18. flear

    Vonnegut’s Approach to Bronte’s Villette

    Firstly, a warning: there will be some major spoilers. Charlotte Bronte’s Villette is an amazing novel, and I fully recommend reading it, especially if you’re a fan of Jane Eyre. There will be spoilers for the novel in the explanation of this graph, though, so just be prepared. This is a graph for Charlotte Bronte’s […]
  19. flear

    The Ocean in My Backyard

    From the sandy shores of the children’s playground, you could look out at the blue water that gently rolled back and forth, smoothing pebbles within its foamy fingers. I visited the ocean every day, sitting with my pink polished toes on the edge of the water’s reach, giggling when the chill sent shivers up my […]
  20. flear

    Storytelling and the Future

    Storytelling in my mind is kind of a strange combination of literature and communication. As opposed to books and literature, “storytelling”, probably because it has the word “telling” in it, usually involves stories read aloud to someone else. Like a parent telling their child a bedtime story, or reading to them from a book of […]
  21. flear

    Weekly Summary, Week 2

    The second week is over and it was certainly more stressful than I thought it would be. Of course, that could be because I kept putting off the daily creates, and had almost completely forgotten about the reflections until this weekend. Always keep an agenda/list/schedule of the things you need to do. Do not be […]
  22. flear

    Becoming Knowledge-able

    The title of Michael Wesch’s presentation, “Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able”, was intriguing. I could vaguely guess what it meant: to go form knowing things, to being able to learn things. A typical tale of unlearning the rote memorization we are taught throughout our school life and…well, learning how to learn. This is a problem that I […]
  23. flear

    Acceptance discloses the Timeless

    I find it necessary to discuss this particular daily create, as, when I initially read the prompt, I thought it was so vague and confusing. “Resistance throws you into time. Acceptance discloses the timeless.” I thought about it all day. How would you illustrate something like that? What exactly does it mean to me? Eventually […]
  24. flear

    Thinking about Thinking the Unthinkable

    For Gardner Campbell’s article and presentation on the “Personal Cyberinfrastructure”, I started reading it expecting to be confused, seeing as I had no idea what a “cyberinfrastructure” could be. I believe I thought it would be a discussion on some science about how computers and the internet works as far as blogging is concerned. And […]

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