1. gpotter

    #ds106radio update


    Photo via @noiseprofessor

    For the first time since 2011 #ds106radio went down hard – for 48 hours.   I won’t go into the details of what the ice weasels reported when they entered the station, but they felt it best to reno the studios and broadcast tower by eating most of …

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    The Moth


    Storytelling rests on ‘ands’.  It’s a series of connectives and all of the contentious parts kinda have to exist as subtext – you’re simply narrating something.  The audience is enlisted in the narration and the disagreements exist at a deeper level.

    There is a kind of intimacy, an old fashioned …

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    Walking Distance to the Jukebox


    “And also like all men perhaps there’ll be an occasion, maybe a summer night sometime, when he’ll look up from what he’s doing and listen to the distant music of a calliope, and hear the voices and the laughter of the people and the places of his past. And perhaps …

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    Android to #ds106radio


    Have an Android powered phone?  Been looking for a way to broadcast live audio to #ds106radio?

    Pocket Transmitter allows you broadcast to #ds106radio in same manner as things are done with Papaya Broadcaster.

    There is one small snag … this application requires users to connect to IceCast using Shoutcast-compatibility mode.  …

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    The Langley Schools Music Project


    “I knew virtually nothing about conventional music education, and didn’t know how to teach singing. Above all, I knew nothing of what children’s music was supposed to be. But the kids had a grasp of what they liked: emotion, drama, and making music as a group. Whether the results were …

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    Sex and Broadcasting


    “I’m not dead.” I’M NOT DEAD. “It’s just a rumor, spread by my enemies,” he says. IT’S JUST A RUMOR. SPREAD BY MY ENEMIES. SO THEY CAN TAKE THE RADIO STATION AWAY FROM ME.

    excerpt from Sex and Broadcasting

    Lorenzo Milam’s Sex and Broadcasting (PDF) was an early 60′s manifesto …

  7. gpotter

    #ds106radio Going Back to New York City



    One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.

    ~ Thomas Wolfe

    .I put together a few New York themed songs, shouted out my radio show theme and time on Twitter, and opened the #ds106 PBX.  The result was …

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    Contact is a working festival of innovation where the net’s leading minds and entrepreneurs can connect with the people who are building the social technologies of tomorrow. The net of the future will not be fueled by ads, but by people solving real problems through distributed, peer-to-peer solutions.

    More festival …

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