1. @hannahbruns7

    Week 1 Summary


    What a great week it has been getting back to school and getting back into the groove of everything! I love all my classes, ESPECIALLY #ds106! I have never really been a tech-y person and haven’t used computers in the way I am using them now for this course. I …

  2. @hannahbruns7

    Mission 106


    I love the secret agent theme! I feel like its exciting and mysterious and a perfect theme for the class. A few secret agent movies I love include Johnny English and Get Smart. Looking at the list of all the secret agents on Wikipedia shows me there are so many …

  3. @hannahbruns7

    My Thoughts on ‘Show your work’


    I really liked this article, I felt that his message was inspiring and it really gets me excited to take this course and show the world who I am through different types of art and blogging! I believe the most significant point he made was #6, teach what you know. …

  4. @hannahbruns7

    My Flickr page


    I’ve just made a Flickr page and I added my first picture. This post is of my pet pig, Poppy, taking a bath. Not your typical cat or dog!

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