1. @jacobhilker1

    Final Weekly Summary


    My final project is here and the tutorials are here. I feel like I learned a lot in class, mostly breaking down different forms of media into respective elements and then analyzing those elements and why they help add to the story. For an example, see my analysis of …

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    Thoughts on Audio Storytelling


    I would agree that when Ira Glass says that writing isn’t like what you’ve been taught in highschool. Even if I had never taken a broadcasting or writing class in high school, I still understand that a paper or story isn’t going to necessarily start with any one particular topic …

  3. @jacobhilker1

    Thoughts On Canon


    I feel like the Vignelli Canon was poorly organized, from a reader’s standpoint. As someone interested in design and who has dabbled in design, I didn’t exactly agree with all of what he said, especially when he wrote, “Design without discipline is anarchy” and “Without discipline, design is automatically horrible.” …

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    Fallen Heavens


    The Battle of Luna had just begun, and the mercenaries and elite troops of the DLA had started their assault on the Mare Smythii, Interceptors and LRAVs leading the Kidal pilots above while heavy artillery pounded from the lunar vehicles. The War had just begun. Even the North Koreans had …

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    Design Blitz


    For this assignment, we had to take several photos that we felt represented four of the concepts of design that were discussed on the sight, and in order, I decided to use my photos to discuss minimalism and typography, contrast, color, and finally dominance, with the moon-like planet and the …

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    My Thoughts on a Photo Safari


    I feel like the assignment was fun, but I also feel like fifteen minutes is by far not enough time to get all the photos I needed – when already I want my photos to turn out well, and then to get that many photos for such a large list …

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    Thoughts on Visual Storytelling

    An example of an image with a different angle than straight on or above.

    How do I feel about visual storytelling versus other types of storytelling? I feel like for me at least, trying to tell a story with just pictures versus audio or written descriptions is much harder – …

  8. @jacobhilker1

    A Photo Safari


    For this assignment, we had a fifteen-minute window to take as many photos as possible which we thought would apply to a list of certain topics or ideas. Some of the topics seemed vague to me, which didn’t exactly help since those topics could be interpreted differently by different people. …

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    For this 2 star assignment, we had to create a Spubble, which is one photo but with a caption or thought bubble that represents something completely different from what the image suggests. I decided to have a serious face on for when I am focusing on something, yet my …

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    Space Wizard Halo


    For my third assignment, which was worth 2 stars, we had to take a game cover and then change the text to represent what the game was actually like. Of course, being the fan of Destiny that I am, I decided to make a redone cover of the original Destiny …

  11. @jacobhilker1

    Midweek 1 Summary


    Setting up the social media was very easy, though I am not very active on Twitter, so learning that will be somewhat difficult (especially considering a tweet can’t be edited.) Setting up the domain very easy, though I am still learning WordPress so using the blog was more difficult. My …

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    An Introduction


    Hello there. I’m Jacob.

    The Court of Oryx, on the Dreadnaught, Oryx’s battleship and throne world. From Destiny: The Taken King.

    I am a big fan of games like the Elder Scrolls, Dark Souls, and the Destiny and Halo franchises which are known for their stories. I am also a …

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