1. jamesb

    Radio Group SO FAR!


    Our team has come together to form the name “The Digital StoryFellers” seeing as that is our name we are going to be having more of a story based radio show. We are going to work together on bringing cool short stories for all of you to enjoy. All of …

  2. jamesb



    I was assigned to create a “DesignBlitz”. I had to take 4 categories out of 10 and get pictures to represent all of them. At first, I had no idea how to incorporate the categories into photos, but in the end I think! HOPEFULLY

    COLOR: I took a picture of …

  3. jamesb

    Create A T-Shirt


    Created a shirt of my favorite saying “Basketball is Life”. Just because it is a huge part in my life, I wouldn’t be in College right now if it wasn’t for basketball. It is how i got through school all of these years, helped me meet all of my friend, …

  4. jamesb

    This Assignment is Suspect


    WHO STOLE MY APPLE PIE?!?!?! I have narrowed down my investigation to 5 different suspects. Suspect #1 Little Jayce, he is only a year old but don’t get it twisted he is a wild and sneaky one! He is the leading suspect because I believe he has the evidence all …

  5. jamesb

    Love At First Shot


    LJ and Alexis were strangers all through high school. Never a “hello”, wave or anything. They had a couple classes together yet still no communication between them. The reason for this was LJ was very shy. He thought that Alexis was the most beautiful girl in school, but he never …

  6. jamesb

    The Ultimate Merger


    Nike x YouTube Collaboration, I present “Just YouTube It”. I chose these two because they both play a huge part in my life. I’m on YouTube everyday and I can’t seem to get enough of Nike’s shoes! Enjoy

  7. jamesb

    DS106 Wallpaper


    DS106 Wallpaper with a galaxy theme because anything is possible in this class. Your work can go as far as your imagination goes.

  8. jamesb

    My Shoe Design


    This by far had to be the best assignment so far, because shoes are like my passion. I been collecting them for the last 3-4 years and I just can’t get enough of them. Buying and selling is a great hobby to have if you know what your doing you …

  9. jamesb

    Weekly Summary #5


    This week is DS106 I actually learned something new about myself that I never would have thought. I really like photography. I never actually paid attention to it until it was assigned to me. I love how pictures are taken, the different ways they can be shot, all of the …

  10. jamesb

    Flickr Set


    These are just a select few of my favorite pictures so far for this semester. I expect for it to expand more and more over time. I chose these ones simply because they describe my life the best out of all of the others. …

  11. jamesb



    I chose to use a Potato as my random object sitting around my house. I changed it into… I bet you can already guess by looking at my page. Yep a basketball! Haha. I also made it into a little Goku Character off of Dragon Ball Z.. Well I tried. …

  12. jamesb

    Photo Blitz


    I chose to do my photo blitz in my mothers basement while I was home visiting. I chose to do it because their is so many random things going on throughout the house because of the grand kids and all of the family that comes in and out. It was …

  13. jamesb

    How To Be A Better Photographer









    In this photo that I took, I used many of the key points mentioned. It is a simple picture but also has a lot in it, you can look far out into the distance or just look down at the beach, or just …

  14. jamesb

    Bucket List



    First on my Bucket list is to marry my high school sweetheart of 4 years. A very big step in life, but I couldn’t see making it with anyone else.

    2. My number two is to take a vacation to Atlantis in the Bahamas. This place is CRAZY! It …

  15. jamesb

    Weekly Summary #4


    This week in DS106 wasn’t too bad, the weeks just seem to be flying by faster and faster as time goes on. The daily creates for this week were cool, I would say that the only difficult thing we had to do was the reflections. Just because of the fact …

  16. jamesb

    Listening to Stories


    The podcasts begin with Ira Glass talking to different students of Columbia University and seeing how they got accepted to the school. Some of the students said that it was because of what their application was based on or a sport they played (gymnastics). Other students said it was because …

  17. jamesb

    Sound Effect Story


    I chose to do my sound effect story of my morning routine after I wake up! It was pretty funny while making this, sense I couldn’t do any vocal sounds.


  18. jamesb

    Video Reflections


    Ira Glass talks about two main points in Part 1 of the podcast which where he talks about “the anecdote” and then there is the second main point which is “moment of reflection”. Podcast usually have one or the other, rarely will anyone have both. He talks about how broadcasting …

  19. jamesb

    Weekly Summary #3


    This week in DS106 flew by rather fast! I think it is cool how it doesn’t even feel like it’s a class, more like a big community that learns more and more about each other every day. I would say that it is going pretty well so far but definitely …

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