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  1. jamesb

    Appreciating Past DS106 Stories

    I chose the story “A Television Life”, I couldn’t find the authors name just “admin”. The story was funny because he wrote it based on a television’s point of view. He gave the TV its own personally and character which made it cool and different from others. There really wasn’t much else to it though, […]
  2. jamesb

    Much Deserved

    My story in 5 frames, I don’t want to explain it because I would like for the photos to speak for themselves! 1.           2.               3.             4.  5.         
  3. jamesb

    The Shape of Stories

    When Vonnegut was explaining the most popular story of having highs and lows. I immediately thought of A LOT of movies that I had seen with the same exact plot. The movie I chose is one of my favorites, “Coach Carter”. It’s about a group of high school kids that live in the projects, they don;t […]
  4. jamesb

    My Peak Utopia

    My peak utopia was SIMPLE! All I need is a basketball court and a nice day. Been playing since I could walk and when I am playing it just erases all problems from my head! #DailyCreate @ds106dc #tdc1343 . My utopia/happy place is a nice day and a basketball court. All I need #FirstLove […]
  5. jamesb

    Storytelling to ME

    When I hear the word “Storytelling”, the first thing to come to my mind is probably different than others. Storytelling to me isn’t my mother or father telling me story while tucking me into bed when I was a kid. My idea of storytelling is when me and my longtime friends are all together and […]
  6. jamesb

    Dolphin Meets Crab

    Dolphin – "My nose is itching but I can't reach".. Crab- "Don't worry I got you!" @ds106dc #tdc1338 — James Baylor (@JamesBaylorUMW) September 8, 2015    
  7. jamesb

    Exciting place to be!

    I most definitely wish that I could be laid back here right now! Best feeling on earth:) An exciting place to be is Miami Beach! There's nothing like sitting back and relaxing on the Water😎@ds106dc #tdc1335 — James Baylor (@JamesBaylorUMW) September 5, 2015  
  8. jamesb

    Toast for 3!!!

    <a data-flickr-embed=”true” href=”” title=”DailyCreate toast”><img src=”” width=”500″ height=”333″ alt=”DailyCreate toast”></a><script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>   I never thought that one day I would be editing toast… Anyways here’s my DailyCreate!
  9. jamesb

    Weekly Summary #1

    I joined the DS106 class a few days later because I figured, I did not want to learn about western civilization just yet. I wanted to stick to what I knew which was computers. I was very excited and thought what could this class teach me that I already didn’t? An then… I met WordPress! …
  10. jamesb

    My Twitter!

    Check Out My Newly Made Twitter For #DS106! #DS106 I'm ready to get started!!! 👌🏼 — James Baylor (@JamesBaylorUMW) August 26, 2015 I Hope To Interact With You All Semester!
  11. jamesb

    Hello DS106!

    Hello Everyone! My name is James Baylor and this is my first ever blog! I hope to get familiar with it soon. I’m very excited to get started with Ds106! Enjoy My Blog!!!

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