1. jeaton

    A Little More About Jota

    One thing for sure, Jota has a dream. He has a desire of owning his own multi-million dollar estate with a supermodel wife, driving a red Ferrari 458 around town. Born and raised in one of the party capitals of America, Miami Fl, Jota knows how to boogie like no…
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    Comment HERE!


    Hey all!

    Inside Talking will be on DS106 Radio this coming Monday at 9:00PM! Knock out one of your comments by promising you will tune in for our show and I promise you you wont be disappointed one bit when you do!

    Hope to see you all on Twitter Monday …

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    Creating Daily Creates, Daily Week 8


    For this week I had to do 3 separate daily creates. @JimGroom said we could argue our daily creates if we ended up spending a lot of time on them… This week was not relatively time consuming so I wont try and debate my argument for all 10 stars for …

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    Noir D&D Reflection


    Tuning in to #ds106radio tonight

    — Jack Eaton (@JackFEaton) March 11, 2015

    I over the past two weeks of school, not counting Spring Break, everyone in the class had to create a radio show of some sort dealing with the Noir Genre in some way. Well this week is the …

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    WEEK S•E•V•E•N


    This weekly summary is not just a normal weekly summary, its also the debut of That Group’s Radio Show: Inside Talking Which is just over 36 minutes

    We are super excited to share this with everyone as we are more than pleased with how it came out in the end. …

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    For my last daily create of the week, I had to take a photo of a unique #Heelconcept by elevating your foot on an everyday object as a heel.

    I thought this turned out kinda ironic… foot inside a shoebox hah. I don’t think I have to explain the process …

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    I’m Feeling Blue and Orange


    For this Daily create, I had to make (or modify) an image to make it suitable for an action film poster using primarily teal blue and orange hues.

    This was photo was take nearly 4 years ago and it is absolutely ridiculous. I used photoshop and started with a blue …

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    What is Joy?


    For today’s Daily Create, I have to post a video to YouTube showing 5 things that brings joy to my life.

    1. My Dog, Bert. He is an 8 year old chihuahua and he is incredible. Not yappy and is totally chill. Also, he is quite the ladies man.…

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    Promoting Inside Talking / DS106 Radio


    Our group is producing a radio show called Inside Talking and obviously this particular episode will relate to the noir genre (obviously)

    I have already created a blog post that examined the techniques used to create this radio bumper along with the thought process I had. That post can be …

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    Progress is a Good Thing


    Im in group: That Group

    That Group consists of Landon Epperly, Shannon Grubbs, Brian Coulet, Christine loehr, Lexy Maratellos, and myself.

    We created a group google doc. and we laid out all the requirements that needed to be met. Once the fundamentals on the document was complete, we started a …

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    Find Me in My Castle


    Audio Assignment – Dramatic Reading Remix

    For this audio assignment, I had to (dramatically) read the lyrics of one song and then add the music of another completely random song to create an abstract musical remix. The following content is explicit due to strong language.

    I immediately knew what song …

  12. jeaton

    Mmmm Queso…


    Audio Assignment – Cheesy Radio Ad For Your School

    If you had one guess what I had to create for this audio assignment, I bet you’ll guess right.

    To create this cheesy radio ad I opened up ole’ faithful, Audacity. I began by gathering some thoughts on what I wanted …

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    Do Not Comment


    This post is strictly to keep track of my comments to make sure I meet the weekly minimum. In other words… this post will be boring to read ha

    1. http://bchristiansen.com/blog/assignments/music-mashup/#comment-161

    2. http://edithandart.com/assignments/audio/leave-it-to-who/#comment-36

    3. http://mayds106.com/daily-creates/daily-create-coffee-stained-drawings/#comment-58

    4. http://sgrubbs2.com/assignments/the-spooky-hotel/#comment-192

    5. http://sgrubbs2.com/assignments/kendrick-lamar-mash-up/#comment-193

    6. http://columnhugger.com/assignments/sounds-of-my-day/#comment-163





    I will edit this every …

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    Jota is


    Audio Assignment – Emotions Through Sound

    I had to try to convey a certain emotion, such as fear, stress, sadness, etc. by combing sound effects. I chose stress(FREE)! I had to use 4 sound clips and combine them to make a sound story of emotion. I went to Freesound.org and …

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    Designing my weekly post


    Its that time of the week again folks. The time when I gather up all of the work I have done over the week and put it in one neat, organized blog post. This week covered design which is a concept that is unique to everyone. Everyone has opinions on …

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    The Story of a Dude


    I watched the Coen Brother’s The Big Lebowski (1998) and I thought it was a great movie! I decided to treat myself lol by paying the $2.99 and rent the movie from Amazon and I’m happy I did. This is considered a film noir and according to Encyclopædia Britannica, …

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    D e s i g n


    I was instructed to Carry my camera (my iPhone) with me this week and take photos of objects, ads, signs, etc. that illustrate at least four of the ten concepts listed below with one photo for a different concept.

    color typography metaphors/symbols minimalism & use of space form/function/message balance rhythm…
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    So… My impression of the Copyright law, fair use doctrine, and the Creative Commons movement? I need to give you my opinion on them without just summarizing the three and comparing and contrasting. I think the copy right law needs to have a more defined definition and less case by …

  19. jeaton

    Jota as a Cartoon?


    I had to remake myself into a cartoon character for this design assignment.

    I took a selfie and opened up a drawing app on my iPad, proceeding to upload the photo I had just taken. With my fingers, I drew over my face with appropriate shades and colors. I used …

  20. jeaton

    I command You to be Motivated!


    For this design assignment, I had to create a motivational poster. These posters are very common online and in office rooms above desks. Its just a picture  inside a black frame with a bold word or statement, followed by a sentence to motivate you relating to that bold word …

  21. jeaton

    Jim is Practically Famous


    … I don’t tell my wife.”

    ^^^Totally just kidding Jim. But seriously, the day has finally come… Where a professor uses his powers for evil and makes their students create magnificent pieces of art reflecting the professor.

    For the design assignment, Professor Groom Poster, we’re making basically “a Jim

  22. jeaton

    Read This With Your Eyes


    One Story, Four Icons

    For this design assignment, we had to tell a story using only four icons.

    Can you guess what it is? I will post a link to what the story is in my next weekly summary blog post.

    This assignment was recommended as it is a favorite …

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    Weekly Summary Numero Tres for El Jota


    Another week in the record books and Thejota.com is continuing to grow. This week focused on the audio aspect of storytelling and noir which is now well known to be a crucial aspect of any storytelling piece. As always, I have been blogging my assignments and just like last week, …

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    Audio Reflection


    This reflection blog post is about the use of audio in storytelling, the way audio is used in film/video, and the use of audio in noir. The gift of hearing is something that many take for granted as many around us have impaired hearing or are deaf. Audio is related …

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    My Self Reflection


    For my last audio assignment of week 4 I only needed .5 stars. While looking in the assignment bank, I came across the Audio Self-Reflection assignment. This was an easy and quick assignment. All you had to do was answer the following questions in a 3-5 minute audio clip:


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