1. @jpegman24

    Digital Storytelling; Final Project


    For my final project I continued the text message story I submitted in week 12.

    Frank Garcon is tasked with rescuing a priceless Miles Davis vinyl. There is a deal going down and after years, Frank’s team has finally located the artwork.

    While trying to recover the vinyl, Frank gets …

  2. @jpegman24

    Digital Storytelling; Week 13; Weekly Summary


    This week, I worked on planning out my final project. For the project, I’m going to continue a story I started last week on the Text Message Story conversation. My secret agent is tasked with interrupting a illegal vinyl transaction. The Vinyl contains a key to a very important location …

  3. @jpegman24

    Digital Storytelling; Week 9; Weekly Assignment


    For this week’s assignment, I chose the “Privacy on the Web”

    I counted the number of open sourced programs on my laptop. I have 5 total. These include OpenEmu, flux, Textmate, Discord, and Audacity.

    I could probably replace a lot of my commercial software with freeware but commercial software is …

  4. @jpegman24

    Digital Storytelling; Week 9; Weekly Assignment


    For this week’s assignment, I chose the “What They Might Have Done In Social Media” assignment.

    What They Might Have Done in Social Media


    Michael Jordan famously went on a rant telling parents not to expect him to parent and teach their children. People shorten the rant to those …

  5. @jpegman24

    Digital Storytelling; Week 8; Radio Show Week 2


    This week my group and I drafted a script for the show. We planned out 3 separate discussions along with the bumpers and commercials needed.

    We found a day that worked together w everyone’s schedules and recorded the entire show in one sitting. The whole process was a lot smoother …

  6. @jpegman24

    Digital Storytelling; Week 6; Design Thoughts


    One thing that stuck out to me the most from this article was the excerpt on colors. Popova describes how mixing colors can evoke certain moods in a viewer. I’ve been programming for a very long time and my favorite part is designing websites. It’s very rewarding for a design …

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