1. @julianna_proc

    I am not an inventor


    For today’s daily create we had to create and invention for Wile E. Coyote. I thought why not do an exploding birthday cake seeing as it is my sister’s birthday tomorrow (I had cake on the mind). Wile E. Coyote can act like he is giving someone a nice …

  2. @julianna_proc

    Ten Weeks Down!


    This week we did an abrupt switch from audio to video. There are a lot of thing in common though with audio and video which made the week easier. I started off the week by first doing daily creates. I did the daily create on 1/22 where you had to …

  3. @julianna_proc

    My First Attempt with iMovie…


    My last big assignment of the week was to do a video essay. As you can tell- I was really putting this off. I consider myself… well not very tech savvy and I knew creating this video essay would be challenging. I decided to go with the movie No Room …

  4. @julianna_proc

    Coloring Book


    For my last dailycreate of the week we had to make some form of bike art. I really had no idea what to do for this. The first thing that came to mind was little kid coloring books. So I googled “bike coloring page,” saved the image I liked and …

  5. @julianna_proc

    Backwards Cat


    For my last video assignment of the week I completed Play it Backward, Jack. It is worth 3 stars to finish me out at 10 1/2 stars this week. This assignment tells you to take a normal activity, but play the video backwards. For this I decided to use …

  6. @julianna_proc

    Saddle up!


    This week we had to do 10 stars of video assignments with at least 4 being of our character. This assignment called what do you do? instructs you to make a video clip (no longer than 8 seconds) of a specific thing you do on a daily basis. It is …

  7. @julianna_proc

    I feel like a little kid again


    For today’s daily create we had to use an online version of etch-a-sketch called itch-a-sketch and create DS106 in it. This took me like 4 times to even become legible. I thought I was a lot better at using this thing, but I guess not anymore. I think it turned …

  8. @julianna_proc

    End of Week Nine


    I cannot believe we are about to start week 10… this semester is flying by so fast. This week was based around a lot of reflection. Last week was our radio show week so this week was backing off just a little bit in the intensity of work.

    For starters, …

  9. @julianna_proc

    What is a social life?


    For my last daily create of the week we had to make a tombstone for the legendary cemetery in Tombstone, Arizona. What I did was googled a picture of a “blank tombstone” then uploaded it to paint to add the text. The first thing that came to life is RIP …

  10. @julianna_proc

    I am not a cowgirl


    Tonight I tuned in to listen to not only my radio show WWW News, but also to the show You Might be a Cowboy if… First off, I now know I am not a cowboy/girl and second this group did a great job!

    Their radio show started off great with …

  11. @julianna_proc

    Dream Vacation


    For my last assignment bank post of the week, worth 3 1/2 stars, I selected to do welcome to paradise. This assignment instructs you to write simply about your dream location. I will be talking about my character, Bob’s, dream vacation with his friend, Gus Lee, who is …

  12. @julianna_proc

    How I Wish…


    Continuing along with my assignment bank posts for this week, I selected to do I’m a real boy which is worth 3 stars, bring my total to 6 1/2 stars this week out of 10 thus far. This assignment instructs you to write about your life if you could be …

  13. @julianna_proc

    The Past


    This week we have to do 10 stars worth of assignments not only dealing with our character, but another person’s character as well. I have to say, if I had known we were going to be using our characters so heavily this semester, I would have spent a couple days …

  14. @julianna_proc

    Hidden Faces


    For today’s daily create we had to look around, find a hidden face and take a picture of it. For this, I simply just walked around my house and tried to look at objects differently. My fridge stood out to me. It looks like it has two eyes, a nose, …

  15. @julianna_proc

    Make More Daily Creates


    Today’s daily create instructed you to make a campaign sign telling viewers to make more daily creates. I have no idea why, but the first thing that came to mind is the Chick-fil-a slogan “eat more chicken.” So what I did was upload this slogan pic into paint, strikes out …

  16. @julianna_proc

    Week 8 is done!


    Week 8 for me was a challenging week. I had to catch back up after being out of the country for 9 days studying abroad and I also had pretty bad food poisoning. This week we had to do two daily creates. I selected to do the daily create where …

  17. @julianna_proc

    Radio Show Progress Week 2


    Tomorrow is the day that our radio show is due…. This project was difficult to do see as it is an online class and you are not meeting with your group, but I think we are going to make it work. This week we first started off by making a …

  18. @julianna_proc

    We’re not in Kansas anymore


    For today’s dailycreate we had to write up a short tweet story about a picture of a cowboy standing in snow. It is difficult to write a story on twitter with limited characters. When looking at the picture I was thinking “hmm maybe his horse took a wrong turn” and …

  19. @julianna_proc

    Summary for Week Seven


    This week was the start of our DS106 radio! It was stressful at first to get into groups for the radio show, but I love my group. Everyone is working really hard which makes me happy and I think we have some great ideas for our upcoming radio show. You …

  20. @julianna_proc

    Rancher Theme Song


    For my last assignment bank post of the week I did a 4 1/2 star assignment. This brought me to 11 stars total for the week with 8 of those stars dedicated to my character. For this assignment called your theme song we had to create our theme song, but …

  21. @julianna_proc

    Radio Show Progress


    I am in a radio show group with Sara, Liam and Kristopher. The name of our group is World Wide Western News! We are doing a radio show that is a news segment. So far we have started a google doc to discuss our ideas on our show. We decided …

  22. @julianna_proc

    Radio Show Promo Poster


    This week we had to design a poster/logo for our radio show. My group is doing a western news channel where we are going to cover breaking news in the old west! The name of our news channel is World Wide Western News. I found a pic on google of …

  23. @julianna_proc

    Soundtransit Trip


    For today’s daily create we had to go on this website called Soundtransit and create our own soundtransit trip. This consisted of selecting cities and layovers. I selected to go from Washington D.C to San Salvador with 2 layover that consisted of New York and Berlin. This was easy to …

  24. @julianna_proc



    For today’s daily create we had to take a selfie at 1:06. I did this by first setting an alarm on my phone for 1:05PM so that I didn’t miss 1:06PM. Then I took a selfie with my iPhone next to my microwave with the time. Super easy. You only …

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