1. karenatsharon

    Being Open and the Open Web


    Well, currently I am enrolled in Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence (Coursera) and Teachtheweb through Mozilla, plus being a member of several communities so I am feeling a little s t r e t c h e d. Both physically and mentally, so the power outage last night that shut …

  2. karenatsharon

    Teach the web, Postetmooc and other activities


    So I am about to embark on another mooc type endeavour, with Mozilla’s Teach the Web. I’ll see how it turns out. I am already feeling a little anxious because of course I’ve forgotten how to connect my blog to an aggregator (and the assumption that it is easy is …

  3. karenatsharon

    Post ETMOOC -April


    So I promised a more analytical response of why etmooc was so valuable as a learning process and here it is. What is interesting is that even though I am no longer in the weekly/biweekly task mode for etmooc, as a post etmooc blog group member our group has maintained …

  4. karenatsharon

    A Wonder for My Mental Beach-ETMOOC


    As Christina Hendricks first said “This is my love letter to ETMOOC”

    It is hard to believe that three months have gone by and that ETMOOC has passed so quickly. If you had said to me on New Year’s Eve that, “2013 would be the year you fully reconnect with …

  5. karenatsharon

    How I am learning to use Mozilla: By taking a sMOOC


    So the past two weeks we’ve been concentrating on digital literacy and what it means in all its various personae. ETMOOC had proposed the following questions to answer:
    What does it mean to be digitally literate? 
    What is the difference between being digital literate and web literate?
    How does …

  6. karenatsharon

    You say “condition”, I say “continuum.”


    So #etmchat today was interesting. I am still having problems getting past literacy being a “condition” rather than a “continuum” and it really boils down to semantics, which means…..we’re both right? You see, getting down to it linguistically condition has multiple meanings. Doug Belshaw likes #2 on the list of …

  7. karenatsharon

    Who is Digital Literacy for?


    So I am stuck in last week’s storytelling mode because I am still working with Popcorn Maker. While you can turn the sound off on the video you’ve downloaded, you can’t seem to be able to replace the sound track with another track ( I was thinking of replacing the …

  8. karenatsharon

    Twitter vs. Zombies 2.0 using Popcorn #2


    So I thought I would talk about Popcorn Maker as educational software today rather than just sharing what I made with Popcorn. I am in the process of creating a new movie with Popcorn to experiment with the program so more, so as I warned before, there will be another …

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