1. Katie Douthitt

    Tutorial on Milestone Memories


    Tutorial on Milestone Memories


    Step 1

    Decide what your milestones have been throughout your life. Then find pictures that represent these milestones.


    Step 2

    Open Power Point and place each image on a slide in chronological order.


    Step 3

    Go to Insert at the tool bar then …

  2. Katie Douthitt

    Final Reflection/Letter Home/Advice?



    This is my final reflection of Camp Magic Macguffin.

    Below is advice that I give to future DS106 students. It’s all about time management seriously in my opinion that is what gets assignments done efficiently. Also look for tutorials and previous examples for other DS106 students. Manage your time …

  3. Katie Douthitt

    The Final Story


    This final assignment was difficult to say the least. I didn’t even know where to begin. I decided to have a narrative based on two people. One was telling the story of Camp Macguffin while the other person was asking questions about the camp. The girl (who was me) asking …

  4. Katie Douthitt

    Tutorial “What Color is Your World?”



    What Color is your world?


    Step 1

    On a normal day, make sure to have a camera of a phone with decent photo quality with you. Pick a color to photograph throughout the day, found on different objects like a car, traffic signs, breakfast, anything at all.


  5. Katie Douthitt

    Weekly Letter Home 9



    I edited everything together into iMovie for this weekly letter home. I decided to again use the different filters that Photo Booth offers because it is fun. I then uploaded images into segments of the film that correlated with whatever I was talking about. For example while I was …

  6. Katie Douthitt

    A ringtone in another language


    The goal of this mashup remix assignment is to create a ringtone for a phone in another language. I used Garage Band for the editing process.

    First, I went on to www.freesound.org and found the sounds of a phone ringing. Second I looked up on google translate how to say …

  7. Katie Douthitt

    Remix, Mashups, Creativity


    Anyone has potential to be creative and express themselves through different mediums. It can vary between taking pictures, making music, editing, painting, singing, dancing, and the list just goes on and on.

    According to Austin Kleon who wrote “Steal like an Artist” creativity can be for anyone as long as …

  8. Katie Douthitt

    Mmm Smoothies


    The goal of the “Consumer Mashup” was to take a store that you shop at often and incorporate the good you usually buy with the logo of that store. I am feign for smoothies and always go to Tropical Smoothie or Robecks. Lately however I have been choosing Tropical Smoothie. …

  9. Katie Douthitt

    Twilight the Trailer Montage


    First off I would like to state, yes I am one of those people that actually enjoy watching the Twilight Saga… judge all you want.

    For those of you who aren’t informed about the wonders of the Twilight Saga, there are four books. The last book (like Harry Potter) is …

  10. Katie Douthitt

    Music Mash Up


    Dj’s tend to remix different songs to make a fun and entertaining soundtrack to listen to. It may seem easy to merge together multiple songs, but after working on this assignment, I found it very challenging.

    The goal was to take clips from different songs and merge them together to …

  11. Katie Douthitt

    Everything is a Remix


    There is always that moment when you hear a new song, watch a new show, or see a new movie and go “wait, I swear I have seen/heard this before.” That’s probably because you have seen/heard something very similar. After watching “Everything is a Remix”, Kirby Ferguson makes valid points …

  12. Katie Douthitt

    Weekly Letter home 8 Video Week!


    I used Photo Booth to do all of the filters on my weekly letter home. Then I uploaded each segment to iMovie. I introduced two of my daily creates and added some music (Black Horse & Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall) into the letter home.

    I loved Video Week especially …

  13. Katie Douthitt

    Tutorial For My Mother


    Some people are tech savvy and some aren’t. My mother is always curious about how technology works and is constantly being updated on a daily basis. Recently through DS106 we learned how to download YouTube videos straight into the computer. This is something that will really come in handy for …

  14. Katie Douthitt

    Capturing iPhoto


    I love editing images, through different sources of photo editing programs. The most simple one, in my opinion, is iPhoto. I usually edit pictures for my own personal use and play around with colors to see the different results.

    I’m familiar with iPhoto.  Using it for this Screen Capturing assignment …

  15. Katie Douthitt

    My Story, Bike Ride From Hell


    We had the option to talk about a story that was sad, happy, or something that could happen on a daily basis. I chose the story of my bike accident. It is the only time in my life I have been to hospital for myself. I was still young and …

  16. Katie Douthitt

    Explore Lake Tahoe


    “Calling all Explorers”

    This past week, I spent time in Lake Tahoe (The California Side) with my boyfriend and his family. Lake Tahoe has endless trails and outdoor activities. One of the video assignments was to explore outside in any way. I went on a 9 mile hike, 9,000 feet …

  17. Katie Douthitt

    Pre Production of Movie Week!


    This Is My Story Tutorial 2 stars

    Find a story worth talking about, my bike accident when I was little. Sentence or two per index card Find music for this particular story- iTunes-typed in instrumentals-sometimes it works to go blindly into something because the outcome can be fantastic. I will…
  18. Katie Douthitt

    Reading Toy Story


    The goal was to pick a movie, preferably a classic. Toy Story, in my opinion, is one of the most creative films made so far. I chose two segments from this film that Roger Ebert’s discusses in his journal about “How to Read a Movie”.

    Toy Story falls under the …

  19. Katie Douthitt

    Weekly Letter Home 6


    Parents and Dogs,

    We are in Radio week, it’s a follow up of Audio week.

    First we had to accomplish two daily creates. The first daily create I worked on was to record an “ambient” noise in the location I was sitting in. I was, at the time, in my …

  20. Katie Douthitt

    DS106 Radio Bumper


    The Radio Bumper was one of the challenging assignments we had to due for Audio week (in my opinion) I was first going to incorporate music but then thought “Hey, this is a radio station that already plays music, lets do something different.” I started it off with a deep …

  21. Katie Douthitt

    Telling a joke in another language


    Telling a joke in general is difficult enough… but in another language thats the challenge. I decided to do Spanish because I’m terrible at the language and thought it would be fun. I found my joke on www.spanishpronto.com

    The translation of “Hay Tres clases de personas”- There are three kinds …

  22. Katie Douthitt

    A walk through the Jungle- Sound Effect Story


    The Sound Effect Story was a lot of fun and great way for fellow bloggers of Camp Magic MacGruffin to show of their creative side. I did the sounds of a thunderstorm in a tropical jungle. I adore the outdoors and always prefer to be outside rather then in. With …

  23. Katie Douthitt

    Who I am in two minutes… ready go!


    This is the first blog post I have done for Audio week, let me just say this was a challenge in itself. Thats what school is all about though! Trial and Error.

    The goal is to describe your life in two minutes or any kind of stubborn, obstacles, challenges you …

  24. Katie Douthitt

    4 Weekly Letter home week of Design


    Dear Mom and Dad and dogs of course,


    We are coming to the end of Week 4. This has by far been my favorite week, like our counselors warned us everyone usually loves Design Week and I can see why. We have been able to use creative outlets to …

  25. Katie Douthitt

    Design Review… and the Winner is?


    I would like to start off and say all of them were absolutely AWESOME. The one that stuck out to me the most though was “Palentinesday” http://inspire.ds106.us/palentinesday/

    The Artists: Annie Belle Trsulow and Rachel McQuirk

    There image found below on FLICKR:


    Being a female and have had many “single …

  26. Katie Douthitt

    Finding Elements of Designs (Bare with me)



    All colors effect people differently. It can cause different moods whether it be cheerful, sad, warm, cold, lonely and so on. Most everyone has a favorite color(S) that they prefer in their lives compared to other colors. In Design it is important to use specific colors in order to …

  27. Katie Douthitt

    Wait, is that Lindsey Lohan?


    “Wait, Where’d that guy come from?” I thought would be fun to do and apparently so did a lot of other people! I decided to clash Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with the infamous Lindsey Lohan doing one of her sexy poses. Try and find her!

    HarryPotterandLL? © …

  28. Katie Douthitt

    Cartoon me! (comparisons involved)


    cartoon me © by katherinekd101

    cartoon comparison © by katherinekd101

    I edited this photo through Photoshop by playing with a filter called “Cutout” under Artistic filters. I then adjusted the Brightness and Contrast of the image so it still had texture and that “comic book cartoonish” feeling.


    I chose …

  29. Katie Douthitt

    Karma, Choose a word


    Karma, is the one word I always have lived by and plan to live by for the rest of my life. (So deep I know) I truly believe in its meaning, what goes around comes around, if you treat someone in a certain expect the something in a similar way …

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