1. @kevinjfrance

    Being a DJ For a Day


    I used a drum machine called Hydrogen to make this beat. I actually made it when we first started doing audio assignments, and I really liked making this.

    It’s a pretty fast BPM song so it’d be hard to actually make a song to it, but I really like the …

  2. @kevinjfrance

    Radio Show Progress #1


    So we figured out our group and are beginning the process of creating our show! We have a few ideas floating around, but don’t have a solid theme yet. Of course the spy theme will be effervescent in our show, as always, but the structure and topics are up in …

  3. @kevinjfrance

    Simplistic Logo


    Here’s kind of a low-res logo that I whipped up really quick on logoorbit.com. I would much rather make my own in the future, but was strapped for time this week.

    I would definitely change the company name color and positioning, and I would probably stack the two words rather …

  4. @kevinjfrance

    Minimalist Movie Poster


    This was a pretty simple assignment, but definitely liked making it. I need to work more with GIMP and other image manipulation and editing software for the future…

    This is one of if not my favorite movies of all time!

  5. @kevinjfrance



    I came up with my own cipher! Kind of looks weird, right? Can you determine how I decided to use this as my cipher?


  6. @kevinjfrance

    Custom Shoes


    The white is the before picture and the black with color is the after! I love Air Prestos and I think this is a pretty sweet colorway, but not with a sweet price. I used NikeID to create these colorways.…

  7. @kevinjfrance

    Blitz the Design!


    This is the result of my first “design blitz,” and it was challenging coming up with impromptu photos that incorporated noticeable and applicable design elements.

    This first one is a whiteboard in our apartment and noticeably uses typography to display major or important parts of the board, such as bold …

  8. @kevinjfrance

    Abstract Design


    Abstract turned out to be a seriously cool show. I usually don’t watch many things that take a long time, I have trouble focusing on movies and such, but this completely grabbed my attention. Abstraction is always a really tough but interesting topic to talk about. I think this is …

  9. @kevinjfrance

    Sleuth Summary 5


    This was a fun week! I’ve never gotten the chance to mess with audio much, and I enjoyed it a lot. Working with audacity was really neat and I learned a lot of the basics really quickly. The tutorial on the audio resources page helped me a lot and was …

  10. @kevinjfrance

    Sleuthy Radio Bumper


    This is a short little radio bumper for radio ds106. I decided to make a little play on words and call it Radio 779, which is SPY in numbers on a key pad. I liked this little assignment and got to play with some of the effects that changed my …

  11. @kevinjfrance

    Radio Show Thoughts


    Radio shows are something very new to me. I don’t typically listen to much radio or podcasts, I watch a lot of videos and listen to music. I think that an interesting concept would be to orally describe video-games, or even make a new genre of games that are more …

  12. @kevinjfrance

    Mixtape Master


    This is a mixtape that I decided to throw together for a bus trip I had recently. It’s just a simple, fun classic rock playlist with some varied sounds and artists. A lot of these songs are what I grew up listening to on CD or on the Sirius Radio …

  13. @kevinjfrance

    Jennifer, so nice to meet you!


    I thought this was a really funny assignment to do and I didn’t take it very seriously. I would definitely love to meet Jennifer Anniston though, as well as many other actors. I think actors could be some of the coolest people because they all have to have great personalities, …

  14. @kevinjfrance

    What Metallica Means to Me


    This is a little recording about my feelings towards Metallica’s song, Master of Puppets. It’s a pretty well-known song, and just something that’s fun to play loud honestly. It makes my adrenaline start pumping and it generally makes me think of doing something active at a fast pace. I typically …

  15. @kevinjfrance

    A Day at the Stadium


    This is a little story that I put together with baseball related sound effects. I really loved this assignment and gave me some really good practice at layering sounds and manipulating tracks in Audacity. It actually gave me a lot of confidence for what I will be able to do …

  16. @kevinjfrance

    Sleuthy Radio Show


    Listening to the ds106 radio show, Lime Town, was definitely a new experience for me. I never listen to podcasts or much else on the radio unless it’s music.

    That being said, it was a cool experience. With no expectations, I was pleasantly surprised that I found myself focusing on …

  17. @kevinjfrance

    Phirst Photoblitz


    See if you can guess which of my pictures match with which prompt!


    I really loved this activity! My roommate let me play around with his Nikon DSLR and I got to actually put to use some of my camera knowledge. Setting up some shots, especially the ground level …

  18. @kevinjfrance

    Sleuthy Storytelling


    This week focused all on photography and I really enjoyed it.

    I love photography as a whole and really enjoy editing pictures and manipulating their angles and so many other aspects of photography.

    I don’t take nearly as many photos as I would like, but at the same time, I …

  19. @kevinjfrance

    A Modern Civil War


    I tried to model this picture as close to the assignments description picture as possible, because I found it funny. I actually really like the aesthetic of the picture and the overall editing of the colors. I rarely take pictures of me let alone me being serious, which is actually …

  20. @kevinjfrance

    Seeing Colors


    This was just a simple assignment but I really like how it turned out. Just a simple hue change of a picture I took and it looks really cool from afar and then when you zoom in its really cool to see how the red changes the details.…

  21. @kevinjfrance

    Something About A Shadow


    Something that follows me

    Something that covers the bad behind me, but helps me learn

    Something I try and be the best model for, inner and outer

    Something that reminds me the shape of myself, the shape of my character

    Something that comes out in the days brightest, challenging, exciting …

  22. @kevinjfrance

    Love At First Shot


    These are my two friends; Brick and Yak. This is the story of their story.

    Brick was a cute blonde who frequently saw Yak and gave him shy sideways smiles. Yak was not a cute blonde and never knew what to say to Brick in passing.

    Brick and Yak had …

  23. @kevinjfrance

    Sleuth Summary 3


    Week three: check!

    This week was very writing intensive and creative, which overall, I liked. I felt like there was overall a lot of work though. The movie took a huge chunk of time and because I have already seen many spy movies, I saw no major benefit in terms …

  24. @kevinjfrance

    The Swiss Sleuth’s Dossier


    Burkhalter, Kevin

    Born in the Swiss Alps to mother Caroline Almeida and father Baron Burkhalter.

    Profession is a professor in the College of Science and Technology at Harvard University.

    Hobbies include skiing, playing slow pitch softball, fishing (regular, fly, ice) as well as mountain climbing and free climbing.

    Academic interests …

  25. @kevinjfrance

    Sleuth Assignments: Writing Edition


    This week’s assignments are 8+ stars worth of writing assignments. Here’s what I picked:

    A Letter To You As A Child (2 1/2 stars)- This is a letter to me at 16 years old. Take advantage of high school. Take advantage of having awesome teachers and friends and mentors around …

  26. @kevinjfrance

    Sleuths and Secret Agents, and Similarities, Oh My!


    The spy genre of entertainment has been around for some time now in our Western culture. The interesting thing is, there hasn’t been much variation of the overall theme of these movies and television shows. As of now, there are two main over-arching categories of the industry: witty and comedic …

  27. @kevinjfrance

    Sleuth Summary 2


    Week two!

    This week I was very rushed, but actually really enjoyed my time working on these assignments. My favorite by far was making some pixel art and browsing the internet looking for some inspiration. The visual assignment was called 256 Points and had us make our own 16×16 pixel …

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