1. Kinzie Brooks

    Final Thoughts :(


    I don’t know about the rest of you, but the last 5 weeks of my life have flown by. Seriously. How did it end so quickly.  This video is my final reflection on DS106. I am so sad for this class to be over. What am I going to do …

  2. Kinzie Brooks

    Video Assignment #2 Speed Up Your Workday


    For my second video assignment I chose to do “Speed Up Your Workday”. I figured it would be easier on me if I could work on this “during” work. And it was!! I recorded myself using my webcam. I then uploaded it to Windows Movie Maker and added the effect …

  3. Kinzie Brooks

    Video Assignment #1 Digital Story Compilation


    For my first video assignment I chose to do the Digital Story Compilation. I figured it would be an easy one to get started with since I’ve never made any videos before. I used Windows Movie Maker. It was pretty easy to use. The only thing I didn’t like about …

  4. Kinzie Brooks

    Web Story


    Well, this assignment, I thought would be very simple for me. Beings I’m a computer science major and all. However, I found it to be quite trying. Not difficult, but trying. I began with the idea to do a news story about the Oblivion disappearance. So I went searching for …

  5. Kinzie Brooks

    The Obliviatiors Radio Bumper


    So I did the minute long bumper for my group THE OBLIVIATIORS!!! This is a preview of our radio show A MUST LISTEN! So tune in on Tuesday!

    I did this in Audacity. I used some videos from youtube: I Know What You Did Last Summer Theme, ds106tv 6-27-11 part …

  6. Kinzie Brooks

    ds106 Radio Bumper Audio 3


    Well for my last assignment, I took the advice of Jim Groom and did a bumper for ds106 radio. I used songs from youtube: Bad Romance, Remind Me, Canucks vs. Bruins, the Replacements Hey Good Lookin’, and Jim Groom. I also used sound effects from freesound.org: slurping_swallowing_and_ahh.wav by mwhitcomb83, oh_yeah.wav …

  7. Kinzie Brooks

    Interview/MusicMashup Audio 2


    I loved this assignment!!! I got all the songs from youtube. The clips are: Sandlot (Forever), Hot Hot Hot, Ice Ice Baby, What a Wonderful World, She Drives Me Crazy, You Talk Too Much, When It’s Over, You Think You Know Me, Shock the Monkey, Mr. Big Stuff, Money, I …

  8. Kinzie Brooks

    Sound Effects Story Audio 1


    So I have never ever done anything like this before. I had no idea where to start. So first I read through the Digital Audio blog, downloaded Audacity, and signed up for SoundCloud. Then I read many many blogs about Audacity because I had no clue where to begin. So …

  9. Kinzie Brooks

    Bumper Sticker


    Well for my last Design Assignment I chose to do the Bumper Sticker. When I’m driving, I see a lot of parents with these types of stickers on their cars. So I decided to create one for ds106. I created this using phoenix in aviary. It was pretty simple to …

  10. Kinzie Brooks

    The Big Hip Hop


    For my third Design Assignment I chose to do The Big Hip Hop. So I followed the directions from the Description and went to http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/. And found this picture. I then went to the top 100 songs website, http://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-100#/charts/hot-100, and found Blake Shelton’s song “Honey Bee” Hopefully this won’t upset …

  11. Kinzie Brooks

    Golf Anyone?


    So for my second design assignment, I decided to do the Minimalist TV/Movie Poster. You can see which one movie I chose below. When I decided to do this assignment, I really had a hard time figuring out which movie/tv show to choose from. Some of my top choices were: …

  12. Kinzie Brooks

    New Iconic Me


    After taking into account the comments people have shared with me about my first iconic me assignment, I decided to add to it. My first icon was of plain black, white, and gray keys from a piano. While I do feel like the black and white version represents me (the …

  13. Kinzie Brooks

    Iconic Me


    So I decided to choose this assignment “Iconic You” as my first assignment because I thought it would be help me learn how to design. It gives me practice for upcoming assignments. I really didn’t know how to start this out or what program to use. Tips would be nice. …

  14. Kinzie Brooks



    I thoroughly enjoyed “Everything Is A Remix: Part 3″ By Kirby Ferguson. Sometimes I feel pretty stupid when I have no idea how to do something. I learn much easier and faster if I can see how it is done first. This video really opened my eyes to the fact …

  15. Kinzie Brooks



    Seriously, I’ve never thought that I am an artist. I’ve considered myself a musical person but never artistic. So when Jim Groom sent me the introduction emails I was scared out of my mind! Well guess what, I’m still scared! After listening to “We Are All Artists” by Tim Owens, …

  16. Kinzie Brooks

    Virus! :o


    Hey fellow ds106ers. Felt like I should share this with everyone. This past Friday, I was on my husband’s computer looking at Visual Assignments to do. I was on the ds106 site under sumbit an assignment and was looking through the various assignments. Well I clicked one, unfortunately I can’t …

  17. Kinzie Brooks

    Assignment 4 Album Cover


    For my last assignment I chose to do the Album Cover. One reason is because there was an awesome tutorial from timmmmyboy’s blog http://www.timmmmyboy.com/2011/06/tutorial-creating-an-album-cover/ –thanks so much!! I tend to learn better when someone can show me. Although I do sometimes like to figure things out myself. It makes …

  18. Kinzie Brooks

    Assignment 3 Common Everyday Object


    So honestly I chose this one because I am so swamped with things to do. And this assignment looked pretty easy. I think that this actually turned out pretty awesome. Thanks to alan liddle for the hint about GIMP. I seriously didn’t know where to start. For this assignment I …

  19. Kinzie Brooks

    Four Icons Assignment


    For my second visual assignment I chose to do the Four Icon Challenge. It said to choose a movie, story, or event. Well I believe this is a story and event. If any of you have seen this show, you will hopefully understand the icons I have chosen.

    I really …

  20. Kinzie Brooks

    Am I Knowledge – Able?


    Michael Wesch presented at UMW. Where was I during this?!?! One of the most profound things that he said during his presentation was..

    “Identity is what is reflected back to you.”

    Honestly, I had never thought about it this way before. My whole life I believed my identity was who …

  21. Kinzie Brooks

    blogexperiment… Oh the Insanity


    Right now…my mind feels like the lightbulb (and not the lighting up part). I’ve been working on adding plugins to my blog. I actually really like the fact that I can create how I want my space to look. I feel “powerful”. HOWEVER… I am having a very difficult run …

  22. Kinzie Brooks

    Google Analyticator HELP!!!


    Well so far all the plugins seem to be working. But now I have a problem. I got this code from Google Analytics to paste somewhere but I don’t know where to paste it.

    I pasted it under my google analytics settings and now code shows up on my blog. …

  23. Kinzie Brooks

    Expressive Capability (Assignment 1)


    As I watch the videos Dr. O assigned, I am amazed at how much I do not know. I seriously sat there at some points and thought to myself..”what is he talking about?”

    In his essay, Campbell said the following, “Only a few faculty had the curiosity or stamina to …

  24. Kinzie Brooks

    How I See Myself


    I wanted to explain my avatar to you all. Dr. Oblivion told us to choose an avatar that would be my digital identity. Jim Groom then commented on a blog that many people change their avatars according to how they are identified at that point in their life. Well at …

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