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    College is a Rodeo (Trailer)


    Here’s my trailer for my group’s video project titled “College is a Rodeo”. Since we are kind of limited to our place, we’re taking our characters to college. They will be exploring their experiences in this video series, so here the student Danny is introducing himself and showing off what …

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    Here’s the Plan: Video Show


    This week, some of my radio group and I got together and decided to organize a video show! We had a bit of trouble connecting with everyone over the weekend due to people having not-school things to do, so for a minute we thought we wouldn’t be able to make …

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    Memes. Week 10 Daily Creates


    This week I made yet another meme. I have made many memes for this class. I also did an “Itch A Skitch” of a cowboy in a little town. Don’t shake your screen — you might erase it!

    the amount of memes I have made for this class is growing …

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    Turning Tumbleweeds: What Really Happened


    Now that the radio show is broadcast, here’s the script of what really happened! I only wrote the bare minimum of what happened so everyone could put their own perspectives into what their characters interpret to have occurred. So this is the real thing, no twists or interpretations!


    The …

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    Tombstones and Trains: Week 9 Daily Creates


    This week’s daily creates were very visual. I found a face in a plank of wood, made a tombstone for something I wish would go away, and made and captioned a GIF from a famous movie!

    Here's a face. It's a little hard to make out his eyes but you …

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    Catching up with an old friend


    It’s been months since Johnny died. Outside of work, I’ve kept to myself a bit. I admit, it hit me harder than it probably should have. Still, I’m trying to do better. I kept telling everyone that I’m leaving soon, that I won’t be around much longer. But maybe that …

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    Keeping up with the News


    Tonight I listened into “World Wide Western News” and “You Might Be a Cowboy If…”. I’m going to reflect on the first one for this post, but I want to congratulate both groups for making such cool shows!

    “WWW News” had my attention right away when it started, coming in …

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    Calling All DS106 Friends! Collaborative Ideas


    Hey, everyone! I have some assignments queued up for collaborative work between characters, and I decided the best way to find people to work with might just be to post my ideas and see if anyone is interested in one in particular. Or maybe it’ll just be a good way …

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    That’s a Wrap! Week 8


    This week was great. My group for the radio show was awesome, and I can’t wait for everyone to take a look at what we accomplished! The radio show is officially published for your listening pleasure. I want to thank my group for being such a wonderful, productive group and …

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    Tumbling to the Tune: Progress Week 2


    This week my group got a jump start on our work. We had everything from our plot to our segments planned out before break, and today was our deadline for getting our own audio portions sent in to the two who are compiling and editing it all together. It’s in …

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    Piano Lessons


    This radio commercial came out of an assignment that requested the creation of a commercial advertising a product we would like others to know about. In order to work this into my group’s radio show, I made a commercial for my character, Danny Keys, whose only real goods and …

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    Heavy Fog


    This audio narrative was inspired by an assignment that requested that you create a spooky dialogue with distortions and creative moves to make it sound scary.

    As I was editing this together, I didn’t like the audio distortions very much for the story, so I layered together a thick ambiance …

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    Tumbling Along


    This week so far has been full of planning and organizing on the part of my group. We started off by just getting together and trying to work out ideas in a Google Doc, with pages upon pages of ideas and jumbled up thoughts. Once our group was established, we …

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    Name that Tune


    This assignment looked like a fun one to do, despite it only contributing a few stars. The prompt was that we whistle a tune without revealing what the tune is so others can guess! I admit, I’m a sucker for these kinds of prompts. I love referring to things and …

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    Turning Tumbleweeds: Coming Soon


    Here is the promo poster I created for my group’s Western Murder Mystery, “Turning Tumbleweeds”.

    A major part of the work that went into this poster was primarily finding a working title for the show itself. I had colored and edited the images and worked out the wording of everything …

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    Design Blitz


    This week we were asked to do a design blitz based off of the logos or signs around us. While I was thinking about this assignment, I realized that most of the items around us have a design or logo somewhere on them. So, here is a survey of the …

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    An Iconic Movie


    This assignment requires us to take a movie and reduce it to four icons that symbolize the major parts of the story. Here are my four icons, but you’ll need to guess what film it is! If you’re stuck, here are some more clues:

    The movie was released in 1980…

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