1. Martha

    Re-Living a Memory


    _cpzh4: Reenact a family member’s, friend’s, or stranger’s memory.

    This could be a continuation of the”Recording a Memory” assignment (https://ds106.us/2011/08/21/recording-a-memory/), _cre1l: Video, _d5fpr: leelzebub, _clrrx: 163, _cyevm: , _cztg3: , _d180g: 820…

  2. Martha

    Recording a Memory


    _cpzh4: Capture on video a friend, family member, or stranger recounting a favorite (or least favorite) memory.

    Be creative.

    Then, check out the “Re-Living a Memory” assignment., _cre1l: Video, _d5fpr: leelzebub, _clrrx: 162, _cyevm: , _cztg3: , _d180g: 815…

  3. Martha

    Machinima-style Minecraft Tour


    _cpzh4: Similar to Joe Proffit’s assignment, but try to emulate the specific tour/documentary style that the Machinima channel uses on YouTube. Use CamStudio or FRAPS to capture some Minecraft gameplay!, _cre1l: Video, _d415a: http://www.matthewpresser.com/blog/?p=129, _d5fpr: Matthew Presser, _clrrx: 160, _cyevm: , _cztg3: , _d180g: 805…

  4. Martha

    Video Essay


    _cpzh4: For some reason, I can’t find this assignment under Video, so I’m reposting it.

    Take a few clips from one or more movies and add audio commentary about the scene. Share your thoughts and feelings on the moment, how the music makes you feel/ties into the scene, the actions …

  5. Martha

    Screen Capture


    _cpzh4: Use CamStudio, Fraps, or another screen capturing software to get footage of something you do on your computer. A few minutes of gameplay is a good example., _cre1l: Video, _d415a: www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTRb0_Z-Ooo, _d5fpr: Joe Proffitt, _clrrx: 158, _cyevm: , _cztg3: , _d180g: 795…

  6. Martha

    Plinkett Review


    _cpzh4: Review a bad movie, using footage from it and other films. Tear it apart. Show us everything that’s wrong with it., _cre1l: Video, _d415a: http://redlettermedia.com/plinkett/star-wars/star-wars-episode-1-the-phantom-menace/, _d5fpr: Alan Liddell, _clrrx: 156, _cyevm: , _cztg3: , _d180g: 785…

  7. Martha

    Speed Up Your Work Day


    _cpzh4: Take video of yourself doing what you typically do on an average work day, and then speed it up! Start with at least 30 minutes of footage at a minimum, so as to get a good amount of video to share. Challenge yourself to complete the assignment in one …

  8. Martha

    Product Review


    _cpzh4: This one is simple. Just find something around the house that you enjoy using, find helpful on a day-to-day basis, or even something that you own but don’t find worth the money you payed for it. Once you have your item, record yourself giving a product review. Be thorough, …

  9. Martha

    Make Your Own Ringtone(s)


    _cpzh4: Using Audacity, trim, join end-to-end (cut/paste), and/or play side-by-side audio files in order to create your very own ringtone. Ringtones should be a maximum or 40 seconds to conserve phone memory (besides, most cell phones don’t ring longer than 30 seconds or so…the extra 10 seconds is just in …

  10. Martha

    Blogger Fanfic


    _cpzh4: Write fanfic about your favourite blogger(s). Maybe someone in or around ds106, maybe somebody elsewhere you read regularly. What do they get up to? What are their secret thoughts and dreams? How do they get on with other bloggers?

    Obviously these stories are likely to be pretty ridiculous, but …

  11. Martha

    WIRED Feature – What’s Inside You?


    _cpzh4: Based on the regular Wired magazine feature “What’s Inside” found in the paper version of the periodical. (http://www.wired.com/science/discoveries/magazine/15-07/st_redbull)

    Create a what’s inside poster all about you. Make it humorous, make it serious, extra points if you can turn it into a formidable replacement for your CV!

    , _cre1l: Design, …

  12. Martha

    Exquisite Corpse


    _cpzh4: This description of the exquisite corpse parlor game is taken from Chapter 9 of the open source textbook “Digital Foundations: Intro to Media Design with adobe Creative Suite” – link: http://is.gd/0KDvsj

    “Exquisite corpseā€ is a parlor game that the Surrealists developed in 1925. In this game, each player submits …

  13. Martha

    Local Commercial Mashup


    _cpzh4: Find a local place/business that you love!

    Create a commercial for it using video you’ve captured and mash it up with audio that provides a discordant experience. For example, mashing up video footage of a children’s carousel with heavy metal music., _cre1l: Mashup, _d415a: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDW3KP5KrOg, _d5fpr: Ben Rimes, _clrrx: …

  14. Martha

    Triple Troll Attack, GO!


    _cpzh4: The assignment is to take a photo, a quote from a different character than the one in the picture, and a name from a third character different from the other two, place the quote in the picture, and “sign” it with the third person’s name. The three characters are …

  15. Martha

    stop frame photography


    _cpzh4: Take several pictures of one object movie. When the pictures are place together is will show the movement of the object., _cre1l: Visual, _d415a: http://makelovereal.net/wp-content/photos/dog-lovers-journal/images/dog_lovers_journal_09.jpg, _d5fpr: Elizabeth Castillo, _clrrx: 107, _cyevm: , _cztg3: , _d180g: 540…

  16. Martha

    Trip Playlist


    _cpzh4: Create a cohesive theme-based song playlist that could be used as the perfect background music for your trip of choice (On a cruise, On a safari, On an international trip, sharkhunting, scubadiving, roadtripping….)

    If you want to get really fancy, use background sounds associated with the type of trip …

  17. Martha



    _cpzh4: using photoshop or a similar program you letters to spell your name in a unique fashion, _cre1l: Design, _d415a: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_WcJGEzxr26w/TF0hhWUJr7I/AAAAAAAAAEA/fgoO9DJRTVw/s1600/Growth+and+development+of+Typography.jpg, _d5fpr: Elizabeth Castillo, _clrrx: 108, _cyevm: , _cztg3: , _d180g: 545…

  18. Martha

    Taking down Google


    _cpzh4: We all know that Google is taking over the world. This corporation is probably–scratch that– DEFINITELY evil and needs to be stopped. Write a story about power hungry Google and/or other companies they own. Don’t forget to include lots of pictures!, _cre1l: Writing, _d415a: http://imlikesoblonde.com/2011/04/06/ds106-really-is-for-life/, _d5fpr: Cali4beach, _clrrx: 113, …

  19. Martha

    Way Back Time Machine


    _cpzh4: Using the Way Back Time Machine website on Internet Archive, take screen shots of a favorite website overtime. Then, look at how the website has changed for better and worse. Blog about what makes a website effective and how that changes., _cre1l: On/In the Web, _d415a: http://blog.jessicamas.info/2011/04/way-back-machine-assignment/, _d5fpr: Jessica …

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