1. Megan McMillan

    Splash of Color


    So I saw the Visual Assignment 340 and I’ve always wondered how pics like that were done and figured now was the time to find out. It’s quite simple, I don’t know why it took me so long to do. Here’s my final product.

    It’s a picture I took, either …

  2. Megan McMillan

    Nerd Valentines… the Sequel


    Valentines day is upon us again and I decided to create nerd valentines for the second year in a row. What’s more is I’m posting this BEFORE Valentines day, instead of a day late like last year. This year’s crop includes more Star Trek, some Community and one from …

  3. Megan McMillan

    Help Us Obi-Wan JimGroom.


    My dear friend Sarah K was one of the people whose blog was hacked. She was deeply upset with this and was talking with our friend Elena about it. She and Elena came up with a brilliant idea of making a gif from Star Wars: A New Hope where Leia …

  4. Megan McMillan

    Animated Movie Poster Attempt 1


    Here’s my first attempt at an animated movie poster, as well as my first real post for DS106 pt 2! It doesn’t really look like the other animated posters but this was my take on them. It’s basically the “frame” of the real movie poster. I removed most of the …

  5. Megan McMillan



    In my last post I mentioned I moved my site so I figure all my google analytics stats go out the window for that. However, I love the stats it created and despite the fact I didn’t do much if anything on my blog since the end of the class …

  6. Megan McMillan



    Finally moved my DS106 blog from a wordpress blog hosted on a godaddy site to here. Sorry if any links take you to no where.…

  7. Megan McMillan

    Ned Mashup


    I’m not in DS106 (or even at school anymore) but I wanted to share this here. I made a mash-up of Ned Stark and Ned’s Declassified High School Survival Guide ( a show on Nickelodeon about how to survive high school… I had a lot of free days this summer, …

  8. Megan McMillan

    More Harry Potter! :D


    I realized halfway through making this that my last post dealt with Harry Potter but at that point I didn’t really care about that because Harry Potter is awesome. Did you know the trailer for the last installment came out yesterday? Yeah, I watched that while procrastinating. Later in the …

  9. Megan McMillan

    On This Day Assignment


    When my roommate Steph came up with the “On This Day Assignment” I knew exactly what I wanted to do for it. And finally, 2 months later I quit procrastinating and did this.



    I did a simple version, just took a screenshot of a Harry Potter movie duel …

  10. Megan McMillan

    Mashup 1776/Franklin


    As I have mentioned before I am a history major and I love broadway and musicals. One musical that combines this is 1776 which is about the Continental Congress leading up to the writing and signing of the Declaration of Independence. Sounds super exciting to non-history loving people I am …

  11. Megan McMillan

    I Find Your Lack of States’ Rights Disturbing


    Quite awhile ago Karen, (Yessss this Karen, who loves her Zac Efron btw ->), posted on my facebook wall that she and her family were talking about the Civil War and how they wanted to see Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis in an epic lightsaber battle and challenged me to …

  12. Megan McMillan

    Mashup Articles


    As usual with these articles they went over my head. Lately however whenever I think of mashups I think of the overuse of mashups on Glee. I like how in the Dr. Mashup article it talks about the terminology and how remix and mashup are different things. Remixes are things …

  13. Megan McMillan

    I’ll Just Put this Here


    This is super dooper late. I talked with Jim Groom but I don’t think I expected it to be this late. Two jobs + Classes + Full Weekend of Rugby is not conducive to getting a lot of stuff done. I know I said I was going to do Edward …

  14. Megan McMillan

    Failing at iMovie/Macs


    So Macs hate me and I hate macs. And yet somehow I still want one. Maybe I won’t hate them as much when I am able to mess around with them more. Anyways I did the Lion King. I know someone else did it in the class but I hadn’t …

  15. Megan McMillan

    Crafty! :D


    Hopefully I remember to put this in drafts until Friday afternoon-ish because I would hate for this to leak out. If I do forget and post it before Friday afternoon right before rugby, and you know Karen, don’t tell her. (That means you Scooby, Charlotte, Ivania, CMohr, Molly, Steph, Sarah, …

  16. Megan McMillan

    Webstory Idea


    I had a couple ideas for the webstory project but  Ithink I’ve settled on making Edward Scissorhand’s email inbox. I’ll use my gmail inbox as the base for the project and then edit the e-mail titles and senders to make seem like it was his inbox. I got the idea …

  17. Megan McMillan

    Finally my Final Project Blog Post


    This is incredibly late and I apologize but here is my final project blog post.  When I went to Jim Groom’s office I was not really sure what exactly I wanted to do for my final project. I had a couple ideas but I didn’t feel like they were good …

  18. Megan McMillan

    Decade Divas Radio Show


    Here is the audio for our (Steph Lefferts’, Jess Masulli’s, and my) Decades Radio show. We spent quite awhile working on it. We tried to get it done  by Thursday night but we ran into many a-problem when  we tried to combine our show on Jess’s computer (a mac). Jess …

  19. Megan McMillan

    Star Wars Warning Labels


    I saw this assignment pop up the other day and thought it looked fun but had no idea what to do. Then, on what turned out to be an almost 6hr trip from Fredericksburg to Philly, I thought of something. I remembered reading a list of ridiculous warning labels like …

  20. Megan McMillan

    Boredom of Spring Break


    Hope everyone’s break is going fine. I’m back at Mary Washington for the day before heading to Philadelphia. My roomie has been here all break because of student teaching, but, because of that she goes to bed early and thus I decided to make these gifs (also because I haven’t …

  21. Megan McMillan

    Our Weekend Bar Fight


    This is the sound project that Steph, Jess and I worked on in class on Thursday. It took forever for me to get this up because of business sorry. But I am getting this up before the deadline. We tweaked it a bit because it was deemed to calm/quiet …

  22. Megan McMillan

    A day late… but Nerd Valentines


    This is a day late but I wanted to make these, and I had no time before this.

    The first one is from Firefly where shiny means “good, great, neat, cool etc.”

    Second one is Star Trek. Sure Vulcans don’t show emotion buuuut I don’t care. I wanted to make …

  23. Megan McMillan

    Elf Gif


    I made another Gif! Yaaaay. I think these are kind of addicting. I had planned to do another 4 icon movie post and/or a minimalist movi poster buuut I ran out of time before rugby working on this and I am going to go take a nap before I work …

  24. Megan McMillan



    This is my silly attempt at a Gif. I made it from the intro to Season 4 of Psych which is an amazing and hilarious show. This character is Shawn Spencer and he’s convinced the Santa Barbara Police Department he is a psychic and he makes these weird hand motions …

  25. Megan McMillan

    Movies on Facebook: Star Wars


    I actually started this before class this evening so the Star Wars overload in class did not (entirely) influence this. Just motivated me to finish sooner. Good thing I don’t have class tomorrow.

    Tell me have you ever googled “How to type out Chewbacca noises?” I have. It’s not very …

  26. Megan McMillan

    Four Icon Challenge


    Behold my art. Try not to laugh, hopefully you can figure out what the icons are supposed to be. Also, I hope you can guess the movie.

    Can you guess it? Can you can you can you? The fire is a little lame… but fire is hard to draw.

    The …

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