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    The Journey Has Just Begun…


        Samena Patel was born in New Delhi, India on June 14, 1990. When she was only two years old, her family decided to move to New York City and start a new life. She had a great childhood, filled with love and adventure. Since she was raised Hindi, her parents …

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    Week 4 Summary


    In week 4 of DS106, I learned a lot about reading,analyzing and working with videos. I really enjoyed the interaction with the class this week as well. I felt like I got to converse with more people than ever before and put more time into looking into all of the …

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    Look. Listen. Analyze!


    The scene I chose is from Scent of a Woman, with Al Pacino. The first part I will analyze is, 

    Analyzing the camera work: 

    For this part, the volume is on mute and I looked specifically at the camera angles and views that they used in filming this movie…

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    Weekly Summary 3


    Weekly Summary

    To start off, I want to address what I have learned this week of ds106. I was really interested in learning about the audio component of storytelling and what goes into making a truly captivating, interesting audio story. Ira Glass really gave me a lot of knowledge about …

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    Lessons Learned


    What does a song mean to you? Check out this assignment! Hopefully my assignment will inspire you to do the same!

    Going through life, we all experience hard times and tough experiences.

    Sometimes life gets difficult and we have to learn to work through these times. Whether it be …

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    Scary Storytime


    The RadioLab episode I chose to listen to was “Ghost Stories” S.10 Ep.9.

    The episode created a haunting, creepy atmosphere for me as I listened. I felt absorbed into the stories being told and eager to find out more.

    I believe the audio was effective for many reasons.This RadioLab episode …

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    Weekly Summary 2



    The second week of Digital Storytelling was fun but challenging for me. I really found all of the topics extremely helpful and rich in credible information. The requirements this week did not stress me out as bad because I gradually got over the initial shock and learned more about …

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    How Do Lions Pass the Time?


    By lion around!


    The design assignment for this post is Are We There Yet?. This was definitely my most challenging assignment and the most time-consuming.

    I am going to apologize now for my not-so-good attempt at photoshopping but it was my first time! In all honesty I spent …

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