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    How Does This Song Make You Feel?


    For this assignment, “choose a song that elects a cetrain feeling within you”. I decided to chose the song by Toby Keith, “You’re Going to Miss This”.

    The lyrics:

    She was staring out the window of that SUV
    Complaining, saying “I can’t wait to turn eighteen”
    She said “I’ll …

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    Alphabet Story


    This writing assignment challenges:

    “Create a story that uses words that begin with the letters of the alphabet consecutively. For example, A big cat dug eight… But you have to go all the way to the letter Z. Try to make as much sense as possible. Or if you really can’t, …

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    My favorite holiday that I celebrate is the Fourth of July. I like this holiday because for one day out of year, Americans are proud to be Americans. Every other day, Americans complain about what this country does not have to offer them, and why it sucks to live in …

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    Week 3 Summary


    Every week feels crazier than the last. This week was filled with computer programs, a lot of mathematical proofs, and a lot of blogging.

    To start, I read an article and watched two videos about digital storytelling and storytelling in general. To read my thoughts about my reading, videos and …

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    Week 3 Daily Creates


    The first daily create I participated in was to make word art. For this I used https://wordart.com/, to create my piece. My thought process was to create a graduation cap with words that described qualities a person has to be successful in college and to reach graduation. These words …

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    Thought’s on the Theme pt. 2


    After taking a look at some of my classmates responses to the theme, I have more of an understanding on the theme. I think originally I was so focused on how reading blogs might be boring, but reading other peoples post and looking at their blogs has been so interesting. …

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    Week 2 Summary


    This week was a never ending assignments that felt like they were never going to be done and ready to turn in on time. This class in particular had a lot of moving parts with all the different assignments that required a lot of planning.

    To tackle this week I …

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    Week 2 Daily Creates


    One of our assignments this week was to participate at least four times in the daily creates posted by ds106 Daily Creates Twitter.


    For my first participation, I responded to the prompt of creating an invitation card or poster to The Daily Create party. The submission …

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    Bucket List


    For my second Assignment Bank assignment, I decided to do “Bucket List” created by Amanda Peregory in the Visual Assignments category. She challenged us to create at least a four picture collage of four different bucket list items. This relates to the theme of the class, “What is (y)our story?” …

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    Make a Simple Program


    This week we were challenged to do three assignments from the Assignment Bank. Two of the post are to relate to the theme, “What’s (y)our story?”. For my first assignment, I decided to do an assignment under the “Code Assignments”. This relates to the theme because I am minoring in …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week was challenging. Recently, I decided to completely get rid of my social media to reduce my time I spent aimlessly scrolling and improve my mental health. Setting up all these social media accounts was not hard, but I have had a hard time not going back to aimlessly …

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    What’s (y)our story?


    I think the theme for ds106 is relevant to college students. In this time, I feel like we are all trying to figure out who we are as individuals and our place in society. I think this theme opens a way for us to explore what is important to us …

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    Multimodal Introductions


    This is my introduction for my DS106 class that I take at the University of Mary Washington. This assignment has challenged me to introduce myself using multiple social media platforms.

    To start my introduction, I introduced myself on Twitter. One of my favorite activities is to watch American Football.

    Let's …

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