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    The one thing I can say to incoming students of this class is DO NOT drop it because it looks like too much work. DS106 is a great class, but it does come with a hefty work load. Each week takes on a different form of media to tell a …

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    Weekly summary/reflection


    Final project

    This week I worked my butt off on the final project. I had a blast doing it, even though it was hard work. I focused mainly on the areas of audio, video, writing, design, and pictures. The prompt I chose to use was to investigate if Canada and …

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    Final project


    I have noticed some weird happenings between Russia and Canada. Usually larger countries just make fun of Russia behind its back and move on, but Canada has been different. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Vladimir Putin have been buddy buddy lately from what I have seen. I, Benjamin Agos, …

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    Final mission progress report


    This week we were assigned to make a plan for our final mission of the semester. I looked through the files we were given and thought that they were all great but there was one that I really liked the most. To quote the excerpt from the final mission page: …

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    Twitter poll


    At the start of this week I was assigned to create a twitter poll about one of the class’ agents. I chose to ask a question about Agent Zero. I decided to ask what was Agent Zero doing when he left his house yesterday? The answer choices were Prague, McDonalds, …

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    Week twelve summary


    This week was so much fun for me. We focused on a completely new format that I really enjoyed- mashups. This was very interesting because I really haven’t seen much like it unless I go on twitter or tumblr and someone has made something of their own. I really got …

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    Favorite teams machup



    The last mashup assignment I did is called your favorite team mashup and is worth 4 stars which brings me over the 12 star minimum. For this I had to make a collage of the logos for my favorite sports teams. It was hard to pick which ones made …

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    Movie poster mashup



    This assignment is called movie mashup and is worth 4.5 stars. For it I had to take a poster from a movie I like and mash it up with a movie it is often compared to. One of my favorite movies is Love Actually so I decided to go …

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    Closeup mashup



    The first assignment I did for the mashup category was called I’m ready for My Closeup and is worth four stars. For this assignment I had to layer two images over each other and one had to be a closeup of someone and the other had to be a …

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    Remixing movie poster



    For this assignment I chose to use one that I had already done as requested and remix it. I chose to do the silly movie poster that I had done where I had Jason Bourne and Kim Kardashians with the title He’s Just Not That Into You.

    Then I …

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    Game of Thrones remix



    For this assignment I chose to do the remix button for it. I had to make a Game of Thrones house siglia and with my remix had to “stache it” which I took to meaning add a mustache to the house siglia. I used the website http://www.jointherealm.com/ which is …

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    800% slower tutorial



    This is a very fun assignment to do in which you will need access to Audacity. First you will need to find a song that you would like to slow down. I like to look through free sound websites like http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/2. If you feel risky you can find downloads …

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    Week eleven summary


    This week was sort of a continuation of last week with video being out main way of doing assignments. We got some insight on what we should be including in our videos and a tip to just focus more on the story telling which I really liked. I think because …

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    This week we have been tasked with coming up with a mission for the class. There were not very many specifics to go off, so I am going to just go with what came into my mind. I think that it would be cool if we came up with a …

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    This assignment is called signing words and is worth 4.5 stars to bring me over the 12 star minimum and it is going toward the theme of the class so it also brings me over the 6 stars for that.


    In this video I am signing a common phrase …

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    How to video


    This assignment is called how to video and is worth 4.5 stars.


    I decided to use this as one of the assignments that counted toward the class theme. I decided to do a tutorial video on how to turn an umbrella into a secret weapon. I am still having …

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    Where I want to visit


    This assignment is worth 4 stars and is called where do you want to go.


    For this assignment I had to make a video with pictures of a place I would like to visit. For it I chose Paris, France. I got an audio recording of their national anthem, …

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    Week ten summary


    This was a very interesting week because we got a new format to use for storytelling- video. I really enjoyed using it throughout the week. I started it by reading the How to Read a Movie article and looking at the different parts of Every Frame a Painting and the …

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    Meryl Streep highlight reel


    The last assignment I did was called favorite actor highlight reel and is worth 4.5 stars to bring me over the 10 star minimum.


    For this assignment I used different videos of Meryl Streep who is one of my favorites. I wish I could have used more but I …

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    One second video


    For the options we had this week I chose to do the ten stars worth of video assignments. The first one I did was called one second video and is worth two stars.


    For it you had to make a video that told a story in one second. I …

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    Character interview


    I really enjoyed this assignment because I got to be a sleuth to mask the fact I have strep throat. I emailed Professor Bond about this and he suggested I use a voice generator so I wouldn’t have to actually speak because my throat is really killing me. It was …

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    Video essay


    This was a very interesting assignment to do. I started by reading the how to read a movie post and thought it was very interesting. I liked how they evaluated Casablanca which is a classic. I liked how they took all of the various design parts and put it into …

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    Week nine summary


    This week was a bit relaxing after the stress of our radio show week. I had a fun time doing these really fun assignments. The first thing I did this week was participate in the radio listen of one of the radio shows from last week. I listened to Agents …

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    Create a dream vacation


    This assignment was called create a dream vacation on pinterest and is worth 3.5 stars.


    I really enjoyed this assignment because I regularly use pinterest so it was fun to do. My dream vacation has always been to spend and extended vacation in London. I created a board to …

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    Google draw


    The first web based assignment I did this week was called Google Draw Something and is worth 2 stars.


    For this assignment you have to go to the google draw something site and follow the prompts it gives you to draw six things with twenty seconds to draw each …

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    Radio listen


    Tuesday night I tuned int agents on air on the DS106 radio. The agents talked about the different things they are up to. It was such a creative show and I really enjoyed listening to it. They were very interesting cases to listen to and hear what each agent was …

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    Web storytelling


    This week we did something completely new where we took an existing website and changed it up a little. I thought this was something really cool and interesting to do. At first I looked and was confused but as I looked more into what the assignment was I knew we …

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