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  1. @rayers2umw

    DS106 showcase

    Some of the best assignments that ds106 students have done have gone unnoticed because of the abundance of posts that go into the class feed. I went back through some of the different posts and found three that I really enjoyed and would consider the best. To me the best means a lot of thought and …

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  2. @rayers2umw


    This last assignment worth 3 stars which brought me over the 10 star cap and was called make your own ringtone. For this assignment you had to create a ringtone that could be used. I found a cool guitar solo and a drum beat on one of the free sound effects sights. I added them …

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  3. @rayers2umw

    800 percent slower

    This assignment was called make it 800% slower and was worth 3.5 stars. For this assignment you put a song in audacity and slowed it down by 800%. This was a really interesting assignment because you got to hear the song at regular speed and then way slower. I really liked how this one …

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  4. @rayers2umw

    Reverse audio

    The first assignment from the assignment bank this week that I did was called reverse audio quiz and is worth 3.5 stars: For this assignment you have to take a song and reverse it through Audacity. This was pretty easy, but finding a song was really hard. I looked through a royalty free website …

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  5. @rayers2umw

    Design blitz

    Throughout the weekend I had been taking pictures of things for the design blitz assignment and I really enjoyed it. I think it really helped me to analyze the different aspects of design and take pictures of thing that I saw that embodied them. The first aspect for the design blitz was typography. On Friday …

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  6. @rayers2umw

    Make your own ringtone

    This assignment was 3 stars and rounds out my 12 stars worth of assignments. For this assignment you create your own 30 second ringtone. I mashed two different guitar solos to create this. I edited them a little and I think it came together very well: ...
  7. @rayers2umw

    Reverse audio

    This audio assignment is called reverse audio and is where you take a song from your iTunes account and reverse it in Audacity. It is worth 3.5 stars and brings me over the 12 star minimum. You then create three hints about the song. The first hint is it is from a musical about a …

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  8. @rayers2umw

    Good Morning Message

    This assignment was called good morning message for the village and it was worth 2.5 stars. All you had to do was create a nice message for the villagers to wake up to. I channeled my inner Wisconsinite again and made a little message about black bears...
  9. @rayers2umw

    Radio bumper

    I just finished the assignment called create a radio bumper. I had a major struggle with this one but I’m happy with how it turned out. I got some cool downloads from free sound effects sites and used my own voice to create the bumper for a radio station I made up called station W-KAY. …

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