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    DS106 showcase


    Some of the best assignments that ds106 students have done have gone unnoticed because of the abundance of posts that go into the class feed. I went back through some of the different posts and found three that I really enjoyed and would consider the best. To me the best …

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    Week Eight Summary


    This week my group worked on and created a radio show centered around a Miami Spy Convention we created. We did interviews with many different spies like Agent 99 and Maxwell Smart from Get Smart. It was so much fun to do and I had a great group to do …

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    Radio show week two


    This week my group got our radio show done. It turned out to be a really fun project to do and I had a great time doing it. My group decided to make a spy convention that included interviews of famous secret agents like Austin Powers and Maxwell Smart. Coming …

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    Week seven summary


    This week we started to work on our small group radio show. I got into a group with Kevin, Hannah, and Krystal. We all had busy schedules so we decided to make a google doc and send some emails throwing around ideas. One of the ideas that was thrown around …

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    Radio show promo


    One of the ideas that my group was throwing around for our radio show was to talk about who is our favorite secret agent and why. I really liked this idea so I thought that I would make a poster for it. The poster has some of the actors that …

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    Radio show progress


    I started off the week with getting into a group for the radio show assignment. I got into a group with Kevin, Hannah, and Krystal. We all were pretty busy this week, so we decided to set up a google doc so that we can throw around ideas and get …

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    This last assignment worth 3 stars which brought me over the 10 star cap and was called make your own ringtone.


    For this assignment you had to create a ringtone that could be used. I found a cool guitar solo and a drum beat on one of the free …

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    800 percent slower


    This assignment was called make it 800% slower and was worth 3.5 stars.


    For this assignment you put a song in audacity and slowed it down by 800%. This was a really interesting assignment because you got to hear the song at regular speed and then way slower. I …

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    Can’t get it our of my head


    The next assignment of audio assignments I did was worth 2 stars and is called can’t get it out of my head.


    For this assignment you had to whistle a song that was stuck in your head. Below is my poor attempt to whistle it:

    The song I had …

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    Reverse audio


    The first assignment from the assignment bank this week that I did was called reverse audio quiz and is worth 3.5 stars:


    For this assignment you have to take a song and reverse it through Audacity. This was pretty easy, but finding a song was really hard. I looked …

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    Week six summary


    This week was focused on the format of design and I really enjoyed it. To start the week off I chose to read the article The Vignelli Canon by Massimo Vignelli. I thought that this really gave a great view into the many different aspects of design. There were many …

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    Week six daily creates


    The first daily create I did this week was Monday, February 20 and was called what can you do with a time cycle? I added a picture of a the time cycle and said I would solve all of the riddles about time:

    @ds106dc #tdc1870 I would use the TimeCycle …

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    Most wanted outlaw


    This assignment was worth 3.5 stars and rounded out my total to 10 stars. It is called most wanted outlaw and in it you create a wanted poster for one of the top ten wanted outlaws of the Wild West. I chose Jesse James as my outlaw to use because …

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    One story, four icons


    I did the one story, four icons assignment worth 3.5 stars. I really liked this assignment because it made me think outside the movie and break down a movie I love into four themes or focuses. I took four things that were central to the story of this movie and …

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    Minimalist tv poster


    This assignment is worth 3 stars and is called minimalist tv/movie poster and in it you have to create a new minimalist poster for a tv show or movie. I chose to make one for the tv show How I Met Your Mother. I love this show so I thought …

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    Destination post card


    For this assignment I had to make a post card for a destination. I chose to use a picture of one of my favorite places, Bethesda Fountain in Manhattan. This is my favorite place to go to in Central Park to people watch because it gets a lot of foot …

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    Design blitz


    Throughout the weekend I had been taking pictures of things for the design blitz assignment and I really enjoyed it. I think it really helped me to analyze the different aspects of design and take pictures of thing that I saw that embodied them. The first aspect for the design …

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    Design thoughts


    To start of the week I read The Vignelli Canon  by Massimo Vignelli. I thought that it was a very interesting booklet to read and take in. The upside was there were many pictures to look at, so I was never bored. I took down some notes while I was …

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    Week five summary


    This week was focused on the format audio. I was a little nervous going into this week because I had experience in the other formats we have used in the past week, but not in this. It turned out that I had a lot of fun doing the assignments and …

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    Make your own ringtone


    This assignment was 3 stars and rounds out my 12 stars worth of assignments. For this assignment you create your own 30 second ringtone. I mashed two different guitar solos to create this. I edited them a little and I think it came together very well:


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    Week five daily creates


    This week had some interesting daily creates. The first one I did was on 2/15 and the prompt was to show a picture that would look cool upside down. I chose to take a picture I had of the baseball field the National’s play on and flip it upside down:…

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    Ds106 radio show


    This week our assignment was to tune in to a radio show done by ds106 and tweet along with our classmates. This was a great experience for me because the tweets gave everyone’s perspective on what was going on. The radio show was called Limetown and while it had quite …

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    Radio show idea


    This week we are focused on audio and were asked to come up with an idea for a radio show because that is part of our work for the semester. I think that in going with the secret agent idea a group who is doing the radio show and takes …

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    Reverse audio


    This audio assignment is called reverse audio and is where you take a song from your iTunes account and reverse it in Audacity. It is worth 3.5 stars and brings me over the 12 star minimum. You then create three hints about the song. The first hint is it is …

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    Real housewives tagline


    This assignment was called real houswives tagline and was worth 3 stars. For this assignment you had to create a tagline for yourselves as if you were on one of the real houswives shows. I love those shows so this was great for me. I decided to make mine: my …

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    Good Morning Message


    This assignment was called good morning message for the village and it was worth 2.5 stars. All you had to do was create a nice message for the villagers to wake up to. I channeled my inner Wisconsinite again and made a little message about black bears being gone from …

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    Sound effects story


    This was my second audio assignment and I enjoyed this so much because there was so much room for creativity. I took it upon myself to tell the story with only sound effects from free sources of a small town Kansas farmer named Ted Hanks who goes about his day …

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    Radio bumper


    I just finished the assignment called create a radio bumper. I had a major struggle with this one but I’m happy with how it turned out. I got some cool downloads from free sound effects sites and used my own voice to create the bumper for a radio station I …

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    Audio reflection


    To start off the week I downloaded Audacity and the other software needed to do audio this week. I messed around with it for a little to get comfortable. In the past I had used it in some of my high school Spanish classes. Then I started listening to the …

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    Week four summary


    This week was great because we got to focus on my favorite form of art: photography. I love being able to capture a moment and keep it. I started the week by writing about my past experiences in photography. I’m the kind of person who takes ten shots of the …

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