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  1. @rayers2umw


    As part of the weekly assignment I got to use this cool webpage called photoblitz where it gives you a list of things to take pictures of. My list was filled with some pretty cool things that I could take. The cool thing is that I was home this weekend and the list gave me …

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  2. @rayers2umw

    Shadow of a Doubt

    Shadows are fun things to use when taking photographs. I found this amazing picture online at I think this is an amazing picture because shadows can be used to show what the time of day is but these shadows show years in the past. These shadows show what these two people were in their past. …

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  3. @rayers2umw

    Who Said What

    This was an amazing assignment to do. I took three of my favorite spy movies and created something that I think is really special. First I took a still from the movie Get Smart that has to be my favorite scene in the entire movie. At the beginning of the movie it shows us that Max …

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