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    As part of the weekly assignment I got to use this cool webpage called photoblitz where it gives you a list of things to take pictures of. My list was filled with some pretty cool things that I could take. The cool thing is that I was home this weekend …

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    Your Love for Your Pet


    This was a great assignment because I got to focus on one of my favorite things- my yellow lab named Thor. I may be a little biased but I think he is one of the cutest things on this earth. He such a sweet and goofy pup which makes him …

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    Game of Thrones Sigil


    I am a huge GOT fan, so this was a great assignment to do. This is my finished sigil:

    I used my last name as the house name because I think it is a pretty strong name. The icon is some sort of bird that I thought was really cool …

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    Shadow of a Doubt


    Shadows are fun things to use when taking photographs. I found this amazing picture online at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPQge4ib4WI.

    I think this is an amazing picture because shadows can be used to show what the time of day is but these shadows show years in the past. These shadows show what these …

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    Who Said What


    This was an amazing assignment to do. I took three of my favorite spy movies and created something that I think is really special. First I took a still from the movie Get Smart that has to be my favorite scene in the entire movie. At the beginning of the …

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    Love at First Shot


    Hugh and Martha have been by each others side for as long as they can remember. They met one day at a coffee shop when someone mistakenly took her drink and he offered to buy her a new cup. They sat in that shop for hours talking and laughing the …

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    Reflection of past photography


    When I was younger I was never one for photography, but in recent years I have come to really love it. It is my favorite form of art. I do take a lot of pictures, nothing special just with my iPhone, of my dog, landscapes, family pictures, etc. I don’t …

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    Week three summary


    This was a very exciting week in the ds106 community. I got to watch some very great stories that take different shapes according to Kurt Vonnegut. I watched Get Smart, because I am a fan of the movie so I thought it would be neat to watch the television show …

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    The majestic eagle who is watching all us secret agents is telling us to get back in bed if you can’t get the bad guy the first time

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    A day in the life of 007


    I just finished beating the crap out of that guy at the casino and got back with MI-6. M thinks I go a little rogue sometimes but I’m just trying to get the job done. She should try it some time it’s not as easy as it seems. I get …

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    Character dossier


    Benjamin Aggos is one of the two partners at the law firm Aggos, Gardner. He and his partner Eleanor Gardner work in London at their firm. Ben somehow always seems to have an edge on new clients to prosecute before they become public knowledge which Eleanor finds odd, but doesn’t …

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    The shape of stories


    The AV Club article gives a straight to the point review of a lot of well-known secret agent television shows. It compares three different types of sub-genres in the secret agent genre: patriates, pragmatists, and the rogues. The patriate style of secret agent works to defeat the bad guy who …

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    Week Two Weekly Summary


    This week was a good week in the world of ds106. I learned that the students this semester are going to be able to help plot where the semester goes. I was put into the writing group with a few other students and when we collaborate we will be able …

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    First week’s Weekly Summary


    In my humble opinion I think that my first week of ds106 has been a success. I have never done anything remotely near to using all of these different websites, so it is interesting to see how they work and what you can do with them to express who you …

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    Thoughts on Mission 106


    I think that mission 106 is one of the coolest themes this class could take on. I am very excited to see where the class takes this theme and how we get to use it throughout the semester. My personal favorite secret agent is of course James Bond. My favorite …

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    Multimodal introduction


    This is my first time using the websites flickr and soundcloud and I am very excited to see how they work!

    My first tweet expresses the excitement I have right now:

    Excited to see how many forms of social media and sharing websites can come together to express what is …

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