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  1. sandramardene

    As rival Directors, George Lucas and Steve Spielberg would take…


    As rival Directors, George Lucas and Steve Spielberg would take out newspaper ads when one the other’s movie surged ahead in popularity (reference).

    Re-edit this image with an appropriate title message to make a poster for a new buddy movie. Because that’s what Hollywood does best, movie sequels.

    I erased image and text from the original using iPhoto for iPad.
    I found cogdog riding the sheep in a random Google search.
    I used the social art app Bazaart to isolate his figure then to move it onto the poster image.
    I used Title FX to add my own text.
    I loaded it into Flickr, tagged it and shared using Twitter, Google +, and Tumblr.
    I need a second cup of coffee!

  2. sandramardene

    Made With Paper Today’s Daily Create assignment is: From…


    Made With Paper

    Today’s Daily Create assignment is: From Memory, Draw The Path Traveled to Your First School July 28, 2014 Go back to your first days of school; draw a map of the epic journey to get there. It was at least ten miles as we lived out of town at the foot of Horse Lake Road. Bus #15 picked us Brown kids up faithfully over 18 years and delivered us to our schools. Thank you, faithful old bus!
  3. sandramardene

    CHARADES GLEN IVY STYLE: Never Throw Tapioca Down a Mine…


    Never Throw Tapioca Down a Mine Shaft

    July 24, 2014
    Today’s Daily Create assignment is:

    Make a picture of a Words Of Wisdom Tile

    In Dutch it is called tegeltjeswijsheid. An aphorism that could be written on a Dutch Delfware Tile.

    Make an artful Words of wisdom tile using text and picture on a piece of square tile.

    Because I generally think aphorisms on just about anything from coffee mugs to tee shirts to bumper stickers are generally kinda dumb, I wasn’t going to make a tile; however, I suddenly remembered the fantastic games of Charades we used to play back in my intentional community days at Glen Ivy.

    These were no holds barred Charades—none of the usual rules applied because we had so many really sharp people that we had to make it as difficult as possible.

    One memorable effort by Mary Ann Kenny resulted in two memorable lines that became repeatable non sequiturs among our gang were, “Let dead dogs sleep” and “Never throw tapioca down a mine shaft.

  4. sandramardene

    Aphrodite Does Arizona

    Today’s Daily Create assignment is:

    I Was Standing on the Corner of Winslow Arizona…

    creative commons licensed ( BY-SA ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

    For the Eagles, the story was meeting a girl in a flat bed Ford- what else might have happened on this corner?

    My take on this challenge:

    When Pursued by the Goddess of Love

    Because we live in a patriarchy, everyone remembers the story of how Apollo chased Daphne even though she had already said, "No!" She called out to Mother Earth for protection. Taking pity on her, the earth goddess swallowed Daphne and replaced her with a laurel tree just as Apollo was about to rape her. It is an insult to all women that Apollo made the laurel tree sacred to himself; he fashioned a laurel wreath from her, which both paradoxically and ironically, became a symbol of victory.
    But Apollo wasn't the only bad apple in the Olympian barrel. Aphrodite was no slouch at the Luv Game herself. She liked to time travel, appropriate the sexy technology of whatever age she'd landed in, then find herself some local yokel to get all hot and bothered.
    So it was that back in what we now call The Day, Aphrodite got her a hankerin' for some cowboy. She zeroed in on a red Ford truck, the forgotten wastelands of Arizona and it was all "Road Trip! Road Trip!" with her.
    He was standin' on the corner in Winslow, Arizona lookin' as winsome as only a cowboy can. She slowed, he got in, all grateful like and willing to sing for his ride. At first, Aphrodite thought he was singing to her as a little romantic foreplay. He was no Orpheus--even Orpheus's severed head, singing as it floated down the river sounded better, but Aphrodite figured that as long as this handsome cowboy had LUV on his mind, she could put up with it.
    She had researched the  era before setting out from her summer home in the clam shell, so by nightfall, she had pulled into an outdoor theatre. Her sources said the locals went there to make love in their roomy chariots, and, indeed, with her Love Goddess super powers, she could see many a van arockin', and she had flat bed Ford fantasies of her own this piece of young and restless cowboy had a feature acting role in. 
    If she could only get him to put that damned guitar down, stop singing, and pay attention to the Great Her, Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, born of Uranus's genitals.  In spite of the fearsome reputation of the Cowboy as a love 'em and leave 'em icon of the Old West, it turns out this Cowboy was more Mad Musician than Get Along Lil Dogie, and the average American woman knows what Almighty Aphrodite did not: you cannot distract a musician with sex, or food, or even a bacchanal happening all around him. He is blind to everything but the so-called char m of his own instrument. It never occurs to him to just, as Aphrodite finally yelled at him, "Shut the front door!"
    She threw the Ford in reverse, backtracked to that fateless corner at Winslow, Arizona, and kicked both musician and guitar out onto the pavement. He just stood there looking bewildered, "But wait! I have one more song to sing! It's all about you and me and your truck!"
    "Zeus spare me," Aphrodite muttered, "Do not sing me one more song!"
    It wasn't pity but profound sexual frustration and a heap of annoyance that drove Aphrodite to turn that tone-deaf cowboy into what he is today--a bronze statue, a blessedly SILENT bronze statue, forever poised on the edge of a song on the corner in Winslow, Arizona.
    You can go there and see for yourself.
  5. sandramardene

    “The Quilt of Belonging” is a song by Cathy Miller, The Singing…


    "The Quilt of Belonging" is a song by Cathy Miller, The Singing Quilter, with photos by Sandy Brown Jensen taken at the Sisters, OR Quilt Show 2014. Learn more about her at

    You may purchase her wonderful CDs at:

    I made this video as an assignment for my “Creative Visual Storytelling” class at the Northwest School of Film.

  6. sandramardene

    Down in the Grass Forest Today’s Daily Create assignment…


    Down in the Grass Forest

    Today’s Daily Create assignment is:

    Draw Nature. Go outside, find a comfortable place to sit, and spend a few moments drawing something green and growing!
    July 17, 2014
    Take a break from all your electronic chatter and enjoy the outdoors. The closer you look, the more you will see!

    I’m down low in the grass looking up at the bamboo and sky. Flitting shapes of dragonflies; otherwise shape, color, light.

  7. sandramardene

    Today’s Daily Create assignment is: “Create a photo that…


    Today’s Daily Create assignment is:

    "Create a photo that represents the idea of immortality, or can you create a photo that shows us your inner landscape?"

    These photographs taken at the Lan Su Chinese Garden last week shows the Chinese got to this question of how to represent both the infinite and the mortal/immortal in art and architecture a very long time ago.

    The formal enclosure of the metal frame is the parameters within which I exist: schedule, language, biology.

    The interior space then opens up and out to the garden of memory, dream, and reflection.

    There is a spring-fed pool at the center so quiet the sun and moon can see themselves.

    Seasons revolve in all their hunger and despair, yet the spring flows from some artesian source.

    Consciousness itself stands like a vase of arranged lilies on that liminal calligrapher’s desktop between worlds, and here, art is made and released like a butterfly through the window opening beneath the brush.

  8. sandramardene

    Sandy Goes to Film School!


    Well, as a classroom, this downtown Portland location couldn’t look plainer, but that’s my teacher in the jeans, Courtney Hermannan award-winning independent documentary filmmaker and film and video educator from Portland, Oregon.

    Her most recent independent films include Crying Earth Rise Up (in-progress), Exotic World and the Burlesque Revival (2012), and Standing Silent Nation (2007).  She is on the faculty of The Art Institute of Portland, the Northwest Film Center and NW Documentary and teaches filmmaking workshops and youth media camps. Looks like I got lucky!

    LIke any anxious student, I arrived an hour early and had to walk around the Salmon St and Park Blocks neighborhood. The NW Film Center is in the same neighborhood as the Portland Art Museum.

    The bar next to Swine is called Swank. I think that about covers the class consciousness split in Portland.

    This is me, so excited to be going to film school that I feel like doing handsprings in the park!

  9. sandramardene

    Today is Cheer Up the Lonely Day – Can you do that in one photo?…


    Today is Cheer Up the Lonely Day – Can you do that in one photo? July 11, 2014

    It’s a real holiday for July 11 because we found it on the internet. Now do it.

    Yesterday, I took Mom to the Lan Su Chinese Gardens in Portland, OR’s Chinatown. The cheerful outfit she was wearing cast a pink glow up into her face, so the whole World of Mom looks bright and cheerful. She also stopped and talked and definitely cheered up about a dozen strangers during our few hours together.

  10. sandramardene

    I asked my DS 106 Summer Camp 2014 students to start doing Daily…


    I asked my DS 106 Summer Camp 2014 students to start doing Daily Creates as they can, and I’ll try to keep up. Today’s Daily Create assignment is: Draw an @amyburvall Style Message (yes, you must use pink) July 13, 2014. An example of her work is at

    I drew mine on an iPad app called Paper 53. Peter and I were out at the Sisters, Oregon Quilt Show yesterday, so that adventure was on my mind this morning—and the secret to doing Daily Creates is not to waffle over subject matter. Grab the first thing that occurs to you and go! Make art, dammit!

  11. sandramardene

    Welcome to my new Tumblr blog!


    Anyone who knows me is probably saying I need a new blog like I need a new blue hat, but I have made my other blogs so very specific that I don’t have a daily ramble about whateverthehell I want like Alan Levine does at

    I am opening this blog while I go through what is turning out to be a somewhat tortuous process of moving my Mind on Fire blog from the Lane Community College server over to my new domain and hosting service, 

    It is also to celebrate beginning DS 106 Summer Camp 2014 at Lane Community College where I am the Camp Counselor. I have given them some homework to do, and I thought I would do it alongside of them.

    FIRST Open a blog, write an introduction, tag it ds106 and aggregate it to the DS106 primary website, where we have our own “room.” That is this post.

    SECOND Do a couple of Daily Creates on the The Daily Create website.


    That is a screen shot of the challenge on July 10, 2014. It says, 

    Modern Vintage

    July 10, 2014
    Take a photo of something modern and make it look like it is from a very old photo. Get creative, don’t just slap it into black and white or through in a cheesy sepia filter. How can you compose the image to make it look older than it is?

    Our Mom is hugging the heart pillow, so this is immediately after her open heart surgery.

    I didn’t exactly use a “cheesy sepia filter,” although I did use a distressing filter—it’s just a matter opinion whether it is “cheesy” or not. I think it’s an amazing look that plunges this family portrait straight back into the Italian Renaissance!

    So this is me getting into the swing of things on a new Tumblr blog. My idea is this will be a more “chatty,” everything that I feel like blogging type blog.

    That’s it for now, but next I want to talk about starting film school!

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