1. tanyalau

    #oneword 2017


    Since seeing the #oneword hastag in my twitter feed on new years day, I’ve been subconsciously wondering what mine might be for 2017. A lot of others I saw resonated in some way with me: #present; #resilient; #balance, #discipline, #focus…these are all directly relevant to me as things I aspire …

  2. tanyalau

    New writing adventure: #digiwrimo


    Yes, I’ve written Nothing for a Long Time. Indeed, I haven’t really been online all that much. It’s easy to get out of the habit of engaging and being online – especially when embroiled with other (real life) distractions. But, what better way to get re-motivated to write than with …

  3. tanyalau

    Conversation spaces for deep learning


    Preface: this is a post I wrote back in March-April 2015 but hadn’t published as I’d wanted to create a more readable version of the diagram (yes. It took THAT long. Mainly because, as is often the case with draft / unpublished posts, I forgot about it then lost the …

  4. tanyalau

    Reflections on wolweek


    Well…#wolweek (“working out loud” week) didn’t quite turn out as I’d anticipated, when I optimistically wrote a post last week about intending to participate.

    Day 1-2 I was mostly offline, madly finishing a work piece to support a huge organisation-wide ERP project. Not quite sure what happened the rest …

  5. tanyalau

    Benefits of sharing research-in-progress


    I hesitated at first to share my research proposal.  I wondered about the possibility of introducing potential participant bias by making the research methodology transparent. But due to the nature of the research (exploratory, descriptive) I decided this risk was minimal. (It might have been a different matter if …

  6. tanyalau

    Blog Secret Santa…unwrapped


    This year, I participated in Blog Secret Santa: “Just like regular Secret Santa, but for blogs”. If you’re unfamiliar with the ‘secret santa’ concept, it’s a group activity which involves anonymously giving a gift and receiving one back. And so it was with Blog Secret Santa: after registering and choosing …

  7. tanyalau

    Writing-meeting up-collaborating


    I’m conscious that I haven’t published on this blog for a while – and that’s partly because I have been writing elsewhere. I’ve also been to some new meetups and collaborating (co-writing, reviewing, commenting, conversing) in various communities and associated offshoots I’m involved with.

    I have some half finished (or …

  8. tanyalau

    Emergent collaboration in the rhizome


    Can’t believe it’s been almost 3 months since I last wrote a post – lots going on, driving me to distraction and writing neglect…more posts to follow on these distractions. Before that though, I really wanted to finish a post which seems to have been permanently & erratically ‘in progress’ …

  9. tanyalau

    Agree//disagree: a poem and its inspirations.

    ..or hidden musings on conversation, community & making stuff up.

    On Saturday morning, I was sitting with my 3 year old at a cafe having breakfast, and a few moments of silence passed between us.  As my mind wandered vaguely to some of the things I’d read the previous night, …

  10. tanyalau

    Reflections on digital landfills and echoing content


    I comment a fair bit on other people’s blogs, discussion forums etc. Somehow I find it much easier to comment on someone else’s blog  – I think it’s about being part of a conversation, the focus on joint contribution, rather than solely just my words. I’ve never particularly enjoyed being …

  11. tanyalau

    rhizo14: stole that poem


    Something that caught my eye last week as I was dipping in and out of rhizo14 was Kevin Hodgson’s (@dogtrax) slam-style poem challenging people to “steal this poem” – to take the words he’d written and recorded, and remix them. This was a riff on the theme of plagiarism, ownership/copyright …

  12. tanyalau

    xplrpln: final artifact


    The PLN ‘pitch’ to a CEO. Originally posted on Google docs/drive here with some commentary. Although the zoom function on Google seems a bit difficult, so decided to post here as well. There are meant to be some links out to other content within this infographic artifact (which was why …

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