1. tmobaird

    Party Beads Painting (Daily Create)


    So our daily create for today (9/28) was to create a thread painting, essentially a painting of a picture using thread or yarn. I did not have any thread, but I still wanted to complete this assignment. So I used party/Mardi Gras beads instead. For this I essentially aligned one …

  2. tmobaird

    Noise Pollution! (Daily Create)


    Today’s daily create (9/27) was to put down what you’re doing and record the noises outside. I decided to do this at my house, out on my deck. I chose to do it at night because there tends to be less noise, and it would really allow me to capture …

  3. tmobaird

    Lets Go Photoblitzin


    This is my post dedicated to our photoblitz challenge. Essentially, the challenge is twenty minutes long and the goal is to take as many photos as you can that satisfy the 12 different descriptions.

    Make an ordinary object look more interesting, almost supernatural. Take a photo that makes use of…
  4. tmobaird

    Y U NO DRAW STEPHEN? (Daily Create)


    Our daily create for today (9/26) was to draw your professor. More specifically it was to draw Jim Groom. Since I do not really know what Jim Groom looks like, I decided to draw another professor of mine, Stephen Davies, a professor in the Computer Science Department at Mary Washington. …

  5. tmobaird

    2 Pencils, 3 Hit Movies (Apophenia)


    Our assignment, Apophenia, was to take a picture of something in your house, and make augmented pictures of it. This was a very VERY difficult task. It had to take me at least an hour to think of something to use as my base picture. Eventually I decided on …

  6. tmobaird

    Sheep Crossing (Daily Create)


    Today’s daily create (9/23) is Make an Un-cropped road sign and here’s my photo:

     Essentially I took the sheep crossing sign, and incorporated that into a “Counting Sheep” idea. To create this image, I used Google Draw. I then simply copied the images from Google, resized, then placed them in …

  7. tmobaird

    Week 4 in a Nutshell


    Alright so this is my week 4 summary. This week was a very audio based week, so it was not my favorite week, but the assignments were definitely pretty fun. I’ll admit, I did slack off a little bit this week. Not to make excuses, but I was swamped this …

  8. tmobaird

    Listening to DS106 Radio


    This week, we were assigned to listen to ds106 radio and describe our experience. This week I listened to ds106 radio, which you can find here, for about two hours. To be honest, they played very good music. The first day that I listened it tended to be classic …

  9. tmobaird

    FastMo and Burpees for Bobby (Daily Create)


    So I posted a video for the daily create yesterday, but completely blanked on posting it, so this post is dedicated to today’s daily create and yesterdays.

    For yesterday’s daily create (9/20) we had to take a video and fast forward it 10x. To accomplish this, I took a video …

  10. tmobaird

    Reverse Song Quiz


    Alright so my task was to reverse a song, and create a quiz to try and have people guess it. I edited this song using Audacity, take a listen to the song below and I hope you enjoy the quiz.

    Hint 1: This song is by a group who’s name …

  11. tmobaird

    Sound Effect Scary Story


    So, the first audio assignment I decided to do is the sound effect story. Essentially the task is to tell a story using all sound effects, and I chose to do a scary story. To accomplish this I used Audacity to edit and arrange the audio clips that I had. …

  12. tmobaird

    We Sleep (Daily Create)


    Our daily create for today (9/19) was to post a picture of what you do/did with your pet. For this daily create, I chose this picture of my dog Lobo:

    Because when we get bored, we sleep.…

  13. tmobaird

    Inception meets Insidious, in the real world


    Our assignment was to choose a set of audio stories, listen and reflect on how the storytellers present the story. Since it’s mid September and getting close to October and Halloween, I figured I’d choose Ghost Stories presented by Jab Abumrad and Radiolab. I listened to about fifteen minutes of …

  14. tmobaird

    What is Audio Storytelling?


    Audio storytelling, is simply storytelling, but over channels with no complementary visual. There are examples of audio storytelling everywhere, on the radio, in music, podcasts, and many others. Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad are both radio personalities that believe audio storytelling and radio are two intertwined and irreplaceable things in …

  15. tmobaird

    Week 3 ? (Weekly Summary)


    So week 3’s finally coming to an end? Not saying that it was a long week for this class, but mainly just a busy week in general. This week I learned a wide array of new things, and even more about exactly what storytelling really means.

    As far as my …

  16. tmobaird

    Week 3 Daily Creates


    So this week I did some pretty interesting daily creates. I think to display all of my daily creates, I’ll rank them based upon my least favorite to my favorite. So here we go.

    4. Post an Image of one of your favorite math equations (tdc977)

    This one was my …

  17. tmobaird

    Zombies are Everywhere (Daily Create)


    Oh boy, was this a rough daily create or what? First off, I am in no way, shape, or form a writer. I can dabble in writing essays, but poems are not my forte, that’s for sure. Honestly the hardest part about this daily create was the fact that each …

  18. tmobaird

    Self Help Tip of the Day (Daily Create)


    Alright guys so here’s my daily create for the day, tdc979.I recorded my tip through Soundcloud and it was pretty easy to publish it from there. Also, I know that it repeats me saying “at the same time” in this clip, I’m not entirely sure why Soundcloud did this, …

  19. tmobaird

    Pixar Montage (Daily Create)


    For today’s daily create (9/12/14) I created a montage of some of my favorite scenes from Disney Pixar movies. Some of the movies included in the video are Toy Story, Finding Nemo, A Bug’s Life, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Monsters Inc., and Up. I really liked this task because I love …

  20. tmobaird

    What is Storytelling?


    When I hear the word storytelling, the first thing that comes to mind is a group of children sitting by a camp fire, and one of their parents telling them a scary story. That is honestly, for the most part, what I visualize when I hear the word storytelling.

    I …

  21. tmobaird

    The Best of DS106


    The first story I looked at was Ipad in the fridge. Honestly, this post made me laugh. Not only do I know the person who posted it, Kevin Shavalay, but the idea is pretty comical yet provocative. His idea of using the picture of an ipad in a fridge to …

  22. tmobaird

    How much ice cream do you want?


    So our task for today’s daily create was to post an image of one of our favorite math equations. Now simply, I could’ve posted a picture of a plain V = 1/3 ? r2h, but I figured I’d post a picture to help people calculate the amount of ice cream …

  23. tmobaird

    Dangggg, week 2’s over already?


    This week in ds106 we started to open things up a little bit and start experimenting with some media tools along with more in depth WordPress plugins.

    The easiest part for me this week was installing the WordPress plugins. The videos were pretty easy to follow, even though it appeared …

  24. tmobaird

    The Culture of the Web


    This is my personal reflection of the presentation Knowledgable and Knowledge-able: New Learning Environments for New Media Environment given by Michael Wesch at the University of Mary Washington in 2011. I thought the presentation was very powerful, the videos that Wesch displayed were not only given over a broad range …

  25. tmobaird

    Liberating Students


    I have recently read the article titled A Personal Cyberinfrastructure by Gardner Campbell, along with watching the video of his lecture from OpenEd 2009. The least I can say is that I am immensely impressed with the things that he has presented. I can definitely say that his ideals are …

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