1. anniemelzer

    Blurring Lines


    I wanted to respond to the article about Carly McKinney posting half nude pictures on Twitter.  It is clearly completely inappropriate to post pictures like that when you are a teacher.  Obviously Carla knows this and wanted to exercise her freedom of speech rights.  I can see why parents and …

  2. kirklunsford

    Who Are Some Key Members of Unity Community?

    The Structure of Unity Community

    Unity community is an expansive affinity space for members interested in all things Unity. There are approximately 32 threads ranging in topics from “Getting Started” to “Commercial: Job Offering.” The affinity space is so large, I have only focused on a few topics like “Game …

  3. ekeating

    Greek Mythology Par II- Favorite People

    This week we read the story of Perseus and Medusa.  While it seemed a little gory for some of the girls, the boys all loved it!  I asked the students to write about their favorite person so far and as you can see, Perseus is the favorite!
    My favorite person…
  4. anniemelzer

    How do you build a tribe?


    I work at Employee Services for the University of Colorado. I see and speak to many diverse individuals on a daily basis.  I came up with creating a Networked Learning Space (NLS) that caters to new employees in higher education.  There is always room for improvement in regards to updating …

  5. ekeating

    Introducing Greek Mythology!

    As we near the end of another school year, I decided I wanted to branch out from our current curriculum.  I remember learning about Greek Mythology when I was in 5th grade and how I loved every second of it.  I figured if I love something this much, maybe my…
  6. ekeating

    Compare and Contrast Part III

    Chimpanzees and Gorillas                 Do you know a difference between a Chimpanzee and Gorilla? First, Chimpanzees and Gorillas both don’t have hair on their faces.  Second, Chimpanzees have brown fur, but Gorillas have black fur. Third, Chimpanzees have flexible arms, but Gorillas arms are longer than their legs. Have you…
  7. ekeating

    Compare and Contrast Part II

    Basking Shark and Great White Shark You will learn about what Basking shark and great white shark looks like. First, basking shark has no teeth but great white shark have sharp teeth. Next, basking shark and great white shark are both 14 feet big. Then, basking shark swallows his food…
  8. ekeating

    Compare and Contrast


    The last few weeks, the students have been researching two animals and writing compare and contrast essays about those animals.  We’ve also been discussing blogging and how when we blog, the whole world can see our work, not just their teacher and parents.  We’ve discussed how motivating it can be …

  9. anniemelzer

    Coloring For All Ages


    For my second “hot topic” post, I found an article about something that recently happened at work.  Because of all the stress and craziness at my place of work, they decided to hand out coloring books and colored pencils to all the workers.  Most people I work with shrugged it …

  10. anniemelzer

    Spreading Your Message


    The first of two hot topics I am posting this week can be found on my Twitter post below. https://twitter.com/Annie_Melzer/status/707576660673978369 The topic is about social and environmental action becoming popular with young people. The article was posted on UK Independent news.  I read this news blog everyday and never even …

  11. rmsalas72

    Canvas LMS KB: Sharing Google Docs

    Click on the image to open a new browse window.

    Open the page where you want to add your document.

    Select your desired sharing option (Recommended: Anyone with the link can view)

    Click Get shareable link

    Copy the link

    Click Done

    Higthlingt the desired word to add the linkClick the …

  12. ekeating

    Projects of Room 17


    It’s been way too long since my last blog post, which can only mean one thing…we’ve been busy! The past few weeks the students in my ALD class (academic language development) have been working on research projects.  They first picked their groups, then which topic they wanted to research based …

  13. anniemelzer

    Social Media – Usage and Thoughts


    I have reviewed several social media websites and provided my collective experiences about them below. LinkedIn is a website I have always thought about using. I am not a very social media driven individual and the thought of putting down my entire job history for the world to see is …

  14. anniemelzer

    Connecting with Connectivism


    Technology is rewiring our brains in many different ways. Technology makes us adapt in a quick way.  We are forced to make decisions or problem solve to get a desired result.  Regardless if we fail OR achieve what we wanted, we learned something.  The most recent example I can think …

  15. kirklunsford

    Teachers Need To Level Up Too


    When considering a digital game based learning curriculum, there are potentially many barriers. Curriculum requirements, game content, accessibility, and community support to name a few. But what about the teachers themselves? What kinds of teachers are using games in their classroom? Could the teachers be a barrier to the digital …

  16. whcalhoun

    Why CARP?


    Here at the ILT program at UC Denver there is an emphasis on effective design. There is a set of basic design principles taught in each class, summed up with the acronym CARP. It stands for Contrast, Alignment, Repetition, and Proximity. Go ahead and Google it – there are a …

  17. nubowski

    Everyday Carry #MTV16 Edition


    Anytime that I go to a tech conference, I have the essentials that I carry with me. Because I have the privilege to attend the Google Innovator Academy that I am heading to on Wednesday, my normal everyday carry items will be a little different—a little more techy and . …

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