1. @mezzmello

    Final Project

    I created a map for my final project. It showcases eight places where my character stayed throughout his life along with one connecting line. Each stop and the connecting line has a haiku associated with it. These haikus elaborate a little more about actions my character took at that point. At least four stop possess […]
  2. @mezzmello

    Thoughts for a Future ds106er

    What a busy semester it’s been. In between regular classes I’ve been working on ds106. And I learned quite a lot. One thing I learned is: don’t underestimate all level one hundred classes. Most level one hundred classes I’ve taken have been screw around classes, meaning I didn’t try and got an A. I found […]
  3. @jsteele_ds106

    Our Last Rodeo

    For the final project I decided to collaborate with Carlee and we planned a road trip cross country for after graduation! The four types of assignments that we used were design, audio, video and web. I really enjoyed doing this as my last assignment and had so much fun creating all these assignments to go along … Continue reading Our Last Rodeo
  4. @stherria1

    The Final Heist – Part 2: The Fair – Audio Assignment

    This is supposed to mimic the Fair that Rose is using as cover for her big heist. This sound clip was created using three sound files found on freesound.org. 1) A Carousel, 2) Horses Trotting, and 3) Children laughing and screaming. The carousel had to be toned down because it over powered the other sounds, … Continue reading "The Final Heist – Part 2: The Fair – Audio Assignment"
  5. @tifamonster

    Dear Future #ds106 Students…

    You have enrolled in possibly one of the best courses available at UMW! Congratulations! You’re probably wondering what the heck is #ds106? If you were like me, you might of just enrolled in the class because it fit a general education requirement and it’s online, which is a plus because sleep over class… just kidding! But let […]
  6. @tifamonster

    Progress Report #2

    Last week I introduced my idea for the final project and laid out what I wanted to do. This week I have gone further into depth by creating my project. I stated I wanted to use visual, writing, web, and video to go about creating it. This week I am going to tell you what I plan […]
  7. @julianna_proc

    The End is Near

    The end of the semester is near and end is near in my final DS106 project which encompasses a major disaster in the western world. I hope you all enjoy my project! It was a great semester! One Sunday, April 25th the morning was like any other. The sky was beautiful and it was warm. […]
  8. @julianna_proc

    Final Project Progress: Week 2

    Progress has been made and no tears shed… yet. Before talking about my progress and how it is going, if you want to hear about what I plan on doing more in detail you can visit here. What I have done as of now is type up the complete story line of the disaster. I left […]
  9. @julianna_proc

    Take My Advice

    This week being our final week we had to do two big things; our final project and then write a blog post of advice for future students taking DS106. Below if some advice I want to give future students: Before going into this course you should know it is extremely time consuming. Be ready to […]
  10. @skyhiser

    The Deal: Final Project Progress

    So, the underlying plan for my final project, the basis for the story, is the inklewriter choose your own adventure type story.  This week, I began to compose the story, but found that keeping all the threads and possible outcomes in my head, and even deciding them one at a time in order to write […]

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