1. Reverend

    Some Initial Mastodon Instance Tweaking


    Now that I have a few instances of Mastodon running in Reclaim Cloud, I figured it was time to start optimizing them for resource usage, storage, and security. This post is an attempt to capture what I’ve done thus far—which is not much—in order to keep track of changes …

  2. Reverend

    A MBS Recommendation


    Last week I had the privilege of writing a recommendation for Michael Branson Smith to gain admission to the masters program in Interactive Data Visualization at the CUNY Graduate Center. And while I’m confident he will get into the program with or without my recommendation, I used the occasion to …

  3. Reverend

    Linda McKenna is ds106 #4life


    Yesterday I had the opportunity to realize a long-time dream of reflecting on ds106 with one of the many awesome internauts that traveled where no student had gone before. Linda McKenna was just the internaut I was looking for, and as luck would have it she still hosts websites on …

  4. Reverend

    Happy Valentine’s Day #ds106


    I found myself thinking a bit about ds106 this weekend after Paul Bond asked me to look into a specific issue with a student’s site not syndicating. I got it working by deleting and re-adding the tag, but still not sure why or how that fixed it, but it prompted …

  5. @Untertacker

    Sake Song


    Today is Kagama day
    Sing with us, sake, sake
    Drink with us sake
    On this Kagama Biraki day.

    It is always Kagama day
    Sing with us, ole ole
    Drink with us sake
    On this Kagama Biraki day.…

  6. @https://twitter.com/MCorbettWilson



    In the spring of 2021 I participated in “Elder Circles: Fierce Words of the Third Age”, StoryCenter’s (storycenter.org) first workshop for those over 60. I joined founder and Executive Director Joe Lambert and Linda Parris-Bailey, playwright and Founder of ParrisBaileyArts.com, who also served as the Executive/Artistic Director of the Carpetbag …

  7. @https://twitter.com/MCorbettWilson

    An economy of care


    When I went to sleep last night I meant to write about ethics this morning. I woke up early and turned on the Canadian Broadcasting Company’s “All in a Weekend” on CBC Radio with Sonali Karnick to hear her interviewing Judy Rebick about how women economists in Canada and around …

  8. @https://twitter.com/MCorbettWilson

    Saudade in Santa Fe


    It’s been 20 years since the last time I was in Santa Fe. My mom was from New Mexico and we used to spend one month each summer visiting her parents in Silver City in the southwest corner of New Mexico. We traveled around visiting our many relatives and exploring …

  9. Reverend

    Blog Islands in the Stream


    I’m not gonna lie, I have been spending the greater part of the last few days honing my karaoke game. Turns out I can spend endless hours on the web broadcasting to a radio/tv empire with no listeners or viewers and feel pretty damn good about myself all the while. …

  10. Reverend

    Archiving ds106 docs


    Part of moving ds106 to a new server is making sure you don’t leave a trail of dead links in your wake. With great classes come great responsibility I think I have the caching issues and some of the kinks worked out after the move, but one think I did …

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Western 106

An open ds106 experience built around a genre of Westerns. Get yer blog and ride with us! Not a course, it's... something else.

For a structured approach, follow the UMW Spring 2016 course taught by Paul Bond or the always available Open DS106

Western106 is still a happening thing! We got High Noon Radio Show going. And whatever else y'all invent.

Assignments from UMW DS106

  1. Week 14: Happy Trails

    by John Starr, from Rangers Comics #54 http://digitalcomicmuseum.com/index.php?dlid=418

    So here we are in the last weeks of the semester, about to ride off in the sunset of Western106. It’s been a great ride, and everyone should be proud of all the work they’ve done. I really appreciate the consistent creative …

  2. Week 13: The Wild Wild Web

    4/8/16 – 4/15/16

    For this week’s adventure, we’re going to play with web storytelling. This should be fun. I am going to quote extensively from the Open ds106 Course:

    In this unit we move to a different kind of storytelling, one that uses the space of existing web sites …

Blog Riders

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