1. confusedeasily

    Daily Creations!! Story


    This week I had to make a story out of my daily creates and it was really difficult for me to come up with a story because I had to piece together my creations into a story. But I know what story I am going to do, are you ready?…

  2. confusedeasily

    Radio Show Review


    My radio show that was made with Micaela and myself was okay the sound quality could have been better it was a little static driven but that’s my computers fault not mine I don’t have a microphone. But I can accept fault. The volume is a little messed up when …

  3. confusedeasily

    Serial Dater


    I have to review the show called Serial Dater, in the beginning of this segment when everyone was saying there names it wasn’t all perfect some were loud and others were quiet.It’s not that big of a deal but it continues through when “Taylor Swift” talks it is a …

  4. confusedeasily

    2 Weeks Into 1 Post Crazy Talk


    Audio is something that is close to my heart especially through music. I love listening to things and understand exactly what the artist was talking about. In these past weeks we were doing a lot of different audio challenges that were new to my but I really wanted to try …

  5. confusedeasily

    Do you want a time ray?!


    Commercials, commercials, commercials who ever likes commercials? I DOO duhh they are so cool. People make 30-45 seconds to persuade someone to buy a product I think it is genius cause it actually works. So when I got the chance to make a commercial I took that opportunity to make …

  6. confusedeasily

    Bump bump bumpers


    I did not know how to think about my bumper so I just went with my gut feeling. First  thing was first I had to think about what I was going to say. I honestly had no idea so I just thought back what I heard on other radio stations …

  7. confusedeasily

    Music Tag


    I found the assignment called Music Tag worth 3 stars. This should honestly be called  the Jazmin Assignment because I do this on a regular basis when I sing songs. I would be singing a song and then not know the rest of the song so I go and sing …

  8. confusedeasily

    The beginnings to our radio show!!


    Our radio show we are going to do as our theme, it would be Time Travel. And for the format it would be the Radio Drama. We thought that a “sitcom” would be the funniest and most entertaining. We were going to do a couple that wants to travel and …

  9. confusedeasily

    The 6th week has came to an end.


    The week is finally over and I am so happy I could jump up and down, as a matter of fact that is what I am doing right now! This week I think I learned a lot about design. In fact I applied some of my techniques  to my daily …

  10. confusedeasily

    I was born where now??







    I was born in Germany Landstuhl if you could not see. This was the first time I used GIMP to make  a GIF and it was fairly easy. I got the background from Google and also the Ambulance which was also a German ambulance truck. …

  11. confusedeasily



    When I say this assignment I was thinking that it would be really hard and I saw some examples and they were all interesting but I think that everything is better when it is simpler. It was very easy I did it in Microsoft word using the word art. There …

  12. confusedeasily

    I am everywhere!!


    I normally do not like taking pictures of my self. But i loved this picture so I did it anyways. I first used the original the in another one I used the newspaper filter form GIMP because I like how it splits the sharp colors on my face making me …

  13. confusedeasily

    Design Safari


    Balance is something that comes in two forms like symmetrical and asymmetrical. I went with this notion I think that I wanted a picture that is really symmetrical but when I thought about it I did not want a too symmetrical. Therefore I chose a picture that had a lot …

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