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    After watching this, you will know how much I struggle with technology. This course has taught me a lot…and also taught me I’m not all that great with computers.

    Have a great winter break everyone!


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    Weekly Summary – the end is near!


    As you all know, today is not Friday…oh well!

    THE END IS NEAR! Only 2 weeks left until the semester is over!

    For the final project, I’m working alone and am taking a more “practical” approach. I will be using Windows Movie Creator to create my story. It allows me …

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    Weekly Summary – Week 10


    6 more week to go!!!

    I got a new job this week (today actually…yay me!), making my work week a full 40 hours on top of being a full time student. It’s taking a toll on me, but I plan on getting back to completing 100% of my assignments each …

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    MY skill


    I was a gymnast for 17 years…so I can do some pretty cool tricks…but this one is probably one of my favorites


    The pass is a round off back handspring double full. One flip, 2 twists.


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    Weekly Summary – Week 9


    I know I did not complete all tasks this week and I have my reasons for that, but I know my grade will reflect what wasn’t completed. This has been one of the busiest weeks for me with school and work and I couldn’t keep up with everything.

    I listened …

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    Radio Review


    Great job everyone on their radio shows!! I was impressed on how well they were all put together. My favorite of the two that I was not a part of was “The Legends”. I like how everyone was intertwined with each other and the whole therapy session theme was awesome! …

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    google draw…LOL!


    This was a really fun assignment! A bit hard to draw with a computer mouse, but still fun! That first one is absolutely awful…clearly I am not an artist. But, lets see if you can guess my drawings! The google guy guessed 5/6!

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    room goals!


    I’m a HUGE wannabe decorator. Of course, my college-student budget only allows for so much, which is why this was a fun assignment for me. Pinterest makes me want to have my own house so I can decorate every single inch of it. My room is a place I like …

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    Nora’s FUTURE resume


    Nora has big plans after college…PT SCHOOL!!! Nora took a glimpse into her future to find out what would be happening and found this resume…

    Created using Word and made completely by creativity.

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    Weekly Summary – Week 8


    Half way through the semester! Woo hoo!!!! But the my group’s radio show is FINALLY done! I’m so excited for you all to hear it! Big tanks to Madeline Morris for putting all the pieces together!

    Here’s the radio show!

    Also is a hyperlink to my twitter tweets and replies …

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    Radio Show progress Part 2!


    It’s almost time for you all to hear our show!! Everyone has gotten their bumpers, commercials, and stories together (sorry mine was the last to come in team, it’s been a rough week). Everyone uploaded their pieces to Soundcloud so Maddie could put it all together (thanks Maddie!!!). It will …

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    Weekly Summary – Week 7


    The start of radio shows begins! Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but I am really not a fan of Audio Assignments. They are just not my forte. But, what must be done will be done, so I did it. I definitely did more than 10 stars worth of Audio …

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    Hey y’all!! Be sure to tune into DS106Radio after next week to hear our show, Myths, Legends, & Character Conversations. We’ll be telling each of our character’s stories and how they came to be who they are. You won’t want to miss it! If that isn’t enough…check out this really …

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    Radio Show Progress


    When looking for a group, I really didn’t care who I was with, as long as they were hard working and got their stuff in on time. I am in an all girls group and we named our show “Myths, Legends, and Character Conversations”. It definitely fits the theme of …

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    Radio show bumper!


    So this assignment (Which I believe we have had to do before, but wasn’t 100% sure) asked for us to create a bumper for DS106 radio, BUT I changed it up a little and made a bumper for my group’s radio show, Myths, Legends, and Character Conversations. It’s going to …

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    Tounge Twisters!


    Tounge twisters can be so hard! I think there are certain ones that are definitely easier, but if you try to do all of them as fast as possible, you will get tripped up for sure. I wanted to make sure I did a few because they are all relatively …

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    We will, we will….ROCK YOU!


    This is one of my favorite classics, so it was really cool to be able to recrate the beat in our own way. I used Audacity to record myself recreating the beat. I used my keys, a bottle of lotion, and a cup all banged against a table to recreate …

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    Sounds of…my home?!


    This assignment said to record sounds around your city, job, etc,. but I thought my house worked pretty well. It’s NEVER quiet. EVER. This is about 11 seconds of what its like just sitting at my kitchen table at home. TV on pretty loud, dog barking outside, sister talking to …

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    favorite movie EVER!!!


    Any one who knows me, knows I eat, sleep, and breathe gymnastics. So, naturally, Stick It is my all-time FAVORITE movie. I can recite every single line.

    I found the image online and used Snapchat to insert the quote over the picture.

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    Name design


    So instead of doing this online and about my name, I did it by hand and used Nora’s name. I edited the photo using my computer, but I think it’s pretty cool.

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    My best friend, Jordan Steadman, lost her father, Scott, over two years ago to Lou Gehrig’s Disease (aka – ALS). To show her support, two friends and I have created a team in memory of her father and are participating in the Walk to Fight ALS in Richmond at the …

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    Nora’s outfit


    So I changed up the assignment a little bit and wanted to show everyone what Nora wears on a daily basis. You guys know she’s a cheerleader, so this is usually what you can catch her in 24/7. She even has the matching sweats!

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    Design: a mental thing


    After reading about Chip Kidd, I’ve learned that design is a very mental thing, and I can completely understand why. His comparisons using a speed bump really got me to understand where he was coming from. If the road was flat and all there was was a sign to the …

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    weekly summary – week 5


    I actually got a lot done in a short amount of time this week…GO ME! I learned this week that I REALLY dislike hearing or listening to my voice. I don’t know why, but I just don’t like it. I’ll add the link to my SoundCloud channel so you all …

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