1. stefaniesophie

    Realness is just as Well

    As it is writing a comic needs a lot of time. That is the reason why I am starting to post a comic panel by panel from now. I hope I can make it daily, but who knows what live demands. Sometimes it might take a bit longer.  Enjoy (:…
  2. stefaniesophie

    What fate?

    The post tells you about John and Sarah Connor and the Terminator himself of Terminator 2 and how they relate to the theme of the movie “No fate but what we make for ourselves.”.  Sarah Connor knows about the future and that her son John will be a leading resistance…
  3. stefaniesophie

    Private Eye Nomi

    (PART 1)

    Call me Nomi, good?! I got a strange ring about half a year ago, you know? It was about my friend’s paintings. Call her my friend! We met at school in the evening for many years, but never get to know that well. She did not like my …

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