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  1. stefaniesophie

    Realness is just as Well

    As it is writing a comic needs a lot of time. That is the reason why I am starting to post a comic panel by panel from now. I hope I can make it daily, but who knows what live demands. Sometimes it might take a bit longer. Enjoy (:
  2. stefaniesophie

    What fate?

    The post tells you about John and Sarah Connor and the Terminator himself of Terminator 2 and how they relate to the theme of the movie "No fate but what we make for ourselves.". Sarah Connor knows about the future and that her son John will be a ...
  3. stefaniesophie

    Private Eye Nomi

    (PART 1)

    Call me Nomi, good?! I got a strange ring about half a year ago, you know? It was about my friend’s paintings. Call her my friend! We met at school in the evening for many years, but never get to know that well. She did not like my sniper hobby, I guess, but than that ring


    As I said the ring was about some paintings. (I even did not know my friend has painted.) However, the caller asserts to be my friend. She told me she has been abducted by guy named Che. He wants to have some paintings destroyed

    Movie Portraits
    If this might not happen soon he will kill my friend or rather might assure she will never leave the prison she now is captivated it.

    Why? No idea, it was! How? Easy I thought. Just taking them out from the storage, cut them out of the frames, chop the frames, dump them at the recycling yard. I will have expenses, yes, but …      Did I tell you one of my other hobbies is being a private eye? Not very successful, yet, but I think helping my friend might accelerate the success.

    However! So much went wrong! (I will tell you later if you like?) I haven’t destroyed thepaintings by now. 
    but I have found out about Che. Che is in love with my friend. She went overseas once to visit him and he fell in love, but my friend left him because she had to organize an exhibition of her paintings. You might think this can’t be a problem! You can meet again! In fact, my friend did not want leaving her paintings behind and Che did not want having the paintings around. That was it. He thinks himself being helpful now. I should mention my friend did not tell the truth when she told me Che has abducted her. I wasn’t able to find out who did, she won’t tell me more, I am sure, why ever, but she seems to live in akind of nightmare, unless the paintings are destroyed. See you for the time being.

  4. stefaniesophie

    The Observer

    It isn’t a lie what I am telling you now. Believe it or not I do not tell the untruth. It was about winter 2006 when I got unemployed. I knew I just must do something to get out of my mind that I am one of THEM. It was also about the time the government decided to ament the payout date of unemployment assistance from end of the month to the beginning of the month. Have it that meant double payment for one month. I thought I am going crazy when I took a catalogue for painting materials and ordered 12 big canvases, some huge bottles of different oils and thinner, the biggest bags of pigment I could find, although the lady on the phone recommended smaller bags. I was so excited when the materials were delivered soon. I loved the Harry Potter movies at that time and I was determined to make 12 paintings about them. One of them was a portrait painting from Snape. You know, the strange, bat like professor of potions and dark magic. When I started painting the portrait all seemed to be fine, except that I found it extremely sexy to watch this withdrawn looking guy. I enjoyed observing him, while he resembled a person banned by looking at something … someone? Watch yourself !


    Is the ‘someome’ me? I immediately rejected this freaky … scary? Idea. IF I HAD NOT! Still full of life I went ahead painting, sometimes dropping away while sitting on my chair overserving my progression, until a day… it was a weird feeling, because I looked at the chair I have just fallen asleep on, me gone, but only a painting of an eye … my eye, I understand.

      I am still watching you ;)

     I have never left the place I now have to live in, which I am certain is Snape’s eye.

      The Eye
  5. stefaniesophie

    Skull Vision

    The second week of western106 (I know I am late!) one assignment was recommended to start your Gif career, which is Say it like Peanut Butter. I am constantly thinking about what on earth that means, however, I I have chosen to create the essential con...
  6. stefaniesophie

    West is US

    As I mentioned in an earlier post as a younger child I adored the Karl May Books about Winnetou and Old Shatterhand. Or rather I liked all around the books, movies, plays near to the place I lived, toys made according to these characters. I did not rea...
  7. stefaniesophie

    My Name is Hunter

    Yesterday I found time to create inspired by one of the awesome ds106 dailycreates. Time and energy is tight at the moment in my live, but I realized I totally want to create even more western themed stuff. I will give it a try and here is my first pos...
  8. stefaniesophie

    Rolling Emoji

    A Gif made for the dailycreate tdc1022 Emoji come to live!I shot five pictures of a tennis ball and created with these a Gif in Photoshop. I copied an emoji tennis ball from an internet page and replaced the ball from one of the photos with it.I like t...
  9. stefaniesophie

    Entirely Joined Meaning

    I was always confused by all the definitions of remix and mashup, but now I dare to publish a remix (mashup?) from a song and recorded speech (both by me) that is my very personal way to explain remix.How I did this. Look here for a tutorial on it!And ...
  10. stefaniesophie

    A Remix Remix

    I am sure you have already listen to a remix where you can hear a song interrupted by someone saying something. This is exactly what the tutorial is about.I will create this kind of remix and by that telling you about the foundations of Audacity which ...
  11. stefaniesophie

    One, Two, Wow!

    As an example of an assignment idea I have posted at the ds106 assignment bank, I have produced a piece of music, where you can hear a voice saying something over a beat.I used Soundation to create a beat and exportet this as a .wav to m...
  12. stefaniesophie

    Music Production and Sharing

    A series of tutorials about how to produce pieces of music and how to share them on Soundcloud and Tumblr.

    The first video shows you how to find the download page from a great free sound editing software called Audacity.

    The next video shows you how to produce a beat with the free online software Soundation. When have created the beat it is opened in Audacity where a voice track is recorded. (You could record in Soundation, but not in the free version.)

    The third video is about sharing a Soudcloud track onTumblr blog.

  13. stefaniesophie

    Hanna from Ghana

    I once read a novel by a white reporter who is living in South Africa. It was about a fair haired little girl who was adopted by white South Africans who admired the Nazi regime. Some day they had to face that the little girl is Jewish, which caused th...
  14. stefaniesophie

    Steps for making an Artful Video


    Get an idea and start planning!

    First for any artwork production is the idea. You might already have one. If not you might know about various brain storming techniques. However, even then you need a start.

    This can be a question, for example:

    I want to show my artist friends something really awesome. What would impress them?

    Often we got ideas from assignments a school provides.

    You may follow the idea I provide here, which is to juxtapose the visual (photograph) to the audible (narration) in a video and to share this in the Internet.

    Please note, this is not just about creating a video. You need this steps for any kind of artwork, although the term pre-production is normally used for the video production process.

    When you got your idea, write it down. One sentence may be enough.

    I want to make a photograph of white hands on a dark background and add the narration “I am Hanna from Ghana”.

    Say something about the meaning you want to convey.

    I want people wondering about the juxtaposition of the visual and the audible to make them think about their ideas from skin color and origin of a person.

    (you may choose any other picture like the mouth of a bearded man sounding like a child and saying: I am Hans from a Grimm fairy tale. Or you show the back of a woman's head with braided hair saying in a man's voice “I am Jimmy from Pimp Town.” - Sorry for this, but art sometimes must be provocative to make people think.)

    After this for visual ideas you should do any kind of sketch. For a video you might create a story board. For our purpose you can use any form you like. Look at my one frame story board.


    You can do something similar for music and sound, like a time line or musical notation.

    Now you have to explore what you need for your production. Compare it to what you have. Write it down. If you do not have what you need write down an alternative.

    I need

    I have
    time, about 2 hours
    I actually have two hours of time this Saturday.

    I will take my own hands.

    a dark background
    I have a cardboard box I will use.

    camera to shoot the picture or the hands
    I ow one myself and will use it.
    (You may lend devices.)

    a microphone to make the narration
    I do not have any microphone.
    I have my zoom recording device and will use it for a microphone.
    (You may have a microphone, which I recommend for a better quality, or you use your build in microphone.)

    a software where I can make the narration with
    I know I can add a narration to a video in the Movie Maker. I will use this option for my production which anyway results in a video.
    (You may have to download it:
    Click to get the Movie Maker
    Or use any other software you know.)

    a software where I can produce my video with, which is combining visual and audible and export this as a video

    I will use the Windows Movie Maker.
    a platform where I can share my video
    I have heard tumblr is a good place to share. I will get an account there and share my video via this account.

    Now go on and produce!

    This will be the production part of your work. For the idea we are following here it will be just taking the picture you need. You can also see the narration as part of the production.

    The following picture shows how you can shoot for example and eye of yourself. I have to mention that I can take single pictures with my video camera. You may have any other device and an appropriate tripod construction.

    I also show you a picture that displays how I have set up my microphone which I have connected with an USB plug. You may have a microphone that uses a jack plug, which also can be connected to your computer.

    Next I will show you how to load the picture to the Movie Maker, how to make the narration and how to export your work as a video you can share, which can be called the post-production.


    Share your artwork!

    The next video shows how to share your artwork on a tumblr blog. (Naturally you can use any other blogging page.


  15. stefaniesophie

    @GIFaChrome or @mbransons and his Beastie Boys

    My contribution to @GIFaChrome may be remembering what earlier participants of ds106 have done to prepare the ground for the headless course.

    I've chosen a GIF which frame reminds me of the headless13 glitch Gifs.
    The GIF has been created by Michael Branson Smith.
    Michael also provided this frame for one of his numerous assignment ideas.

    I just had to add some glitches.

     For this I used Photoshop filters and changed  the duration of some frames.
  16. stefaniesophie

    All my clothes are green ….

    I really may try the headless final. Who else? Please join!

    My character is going to be ..., no my characters are colors and I will arrange about 4 to 5 images, Videos and audio pieces around a German children's song.
    This song is still vivid in my memories from kindergarten, where we've sung it, and where I imagined my husband will have the profession and I will have the beautiful dresses.

    How deeply must the little girl have been impressed by the idea to identify so strongly with a husband's profession and life, and this did some work on me. I did as I sung for a long time. Sometimes I think I'm  still doing.

    My husband the hunter.

    Grün sind alle meine Kleider
    All My Clothes Are Green

    This is a traditional children's song from Pomerania (Pommern). There are many different versions.
    Melodie: Traditional
    Text: Traditional

    Grün, grün, grün sind alle
       meine Kleider,
    Grün, grün, grün ist alles, was ich hab.
    Darum lieb ich alles was so grün ist,
    Weil mein Schatz ein Jäger, Jäger ist.

    Blau, blau, blau sind alle
       meine Kleider,
    Blau, blau, blau ist alles, was ich hab.
    Darum lieb ich alles, was so blau ist,
    Weil mein Schatz ein Seemann/ Färber,
       Seemann ist.

    Weiß, weiß, weiß sind alle
       meine Kleider,
    Weiß, weiß, weiß ist alles was ich hab.
    Darum lieb ich alles, was so weiß ist,
    Weil mein Schatz ein Bäcker/ Müller,
       Bäcker ist.

    Schwarz, schwarz, schwarz sind alle
       meine Kleider,
    Schwarz, schwarz, schwarz ist alles,
       was ich hab.
    Darum lieb ich alles, was so
       schwarz ist,
    Weil mein Schatz ein
       Schornsteinfeger ist.

    Bunt, bunt, bunt sind alle
       meine Kleider,
    Bunt, bunt, bunt ist alles, was ich hab.
    Darum lieb ich alles, was so bunt ist,
    Weil mein Schatz ein Maler, Maler ist.

    Green, green, green are all
       my clothes
    Green, green, green is all that I have
    So I love anything that's green
    because my love is a hunter, a hunter.

    Blue, blue, blue are all
       my clothes
    Blue, blue, blue is all that I have
    So I love anything that's blue
    because my love is a sailor/ dyer,
       a sailor.

    White, white, white are all
       my clothes
    White, white, white is all that I have
    So I love anything that's white
    because my love is a baker/ miller,
       a baker.

    Black, black, black are all
       my clothes
    Black, black, black is all
       that I have
    So I love anything
       that's black
    because my love is a
       chimney sweep.

    Colorful... are all
       my clothes
    Colorful is all that I have
    So I love anything that's colorful
    because my love is a painter, a painter.

    Where I use professions different from the copy, I've added them, like miller instead of baker.

    Link to where I|ve found this score.
  17. stefaniesophie


    I loved the title Song Visualization for one of the ds106 video assignments, which simply is making a music video. Still, music video is more associated with Rock, Pop and other music associated with watching cool and crazy peo...
  18. stefaniesophie

    Lulu the green crane finally flys

    A stop motion animation.This is something many people already have done in one or another way, animating an origami crane. Then again this exactly may be the reason I also wanted to do it.I once wrote a story about a woman who meets a Japanese man and ...
  19. stefaniesophie

    German Ideal World Round

    Have you ever sung a canon with yourself? This is possible with a record of you singing the canon once. Afterwards you have to listen to yourself and to start the next recording when the next voice comes in. It is possible to cheat by re...

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