1. stefaniesophie

    Path Differences


    The difference between knowing the pass and walking the pass.
    A weeklycreate about analysing movies.

    It is always so annoying to me to analyse artwork, especially when being given a set of rules. I thought about skipping this, but then my “Facebook Oracle” told me to learn the rules to …

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    Thunder & Hail


    Here I’ve made some weather on my desk. I took a cardboard box and put some toy pieces in it and moved all around. This became a thunder. Then I took some paper clips and dropped them into the cardboard box.

    I guess you don’t believe this thunder sound can …

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    Cultural Tension


    Four years ago I joined facebook. This was an interesting experience for me and I tried to make out what unwritten rules I should consider here. It was a long time until I dared to participate in any conversation. Now I use one of my first tries for an ds106 assignment which …

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    9 out of 21


    A post about my daily creates during 7th week, spring break and 8th week, which are:
    writing about glasses and a mermaid wearing some; videos about garbage, bubbles and an old man; an origami heart and the create letters; all thought out while looking into the sky out of my window:…

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    Radio Experiment


    Come & Listen…

    to what part of my family story during World War II has inspired me to produce a little radio drama.

    My parents, both are born 1937 and this way have been children during the war. They have told me about this unfortunate experience and I decided to use …

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    Radio Earth Poster


    To have some rest and relax during spring break I folded a more extensive origami piece and by doing that had the idea of making this the basis of a poster for my radio earth show.

          For the origami I was guided by Gérard Ty Sovann,…
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    Radio Earth Commercial


    Below you can listen to a piece of audio, which is meant to be a commercial for attracting listeners to tune in to the next Radio Earth show.

    This one was interesting. Especially when I recorded my voice and spoke loud and clearly, but it doesn’t fit together with the noise …

  8. stefaniesophie

    Radio Earth Announcement


    For a part of a imagined radio show I intend to produce a little story. The radio show is to be announced via a radio bumper which you can listen to below:

    I started with recording my voice saying “This is Radio Earth on DS106. Come and listen to stories …

  9. stefaniesophie

    Lisa’s First Spring


    A script for my first radio show.

    DS106 regular students are guided to produce a radio show. I think this is an exciting task for me, too. Today I even had an idea for the show and thought it might be good to write a script which leads me during …

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    Design Design Design


    summary of week 6

    This has been an awesome week for me. Although I am familiar with doing artwork without any consideration, this week I were lucky enough to experience more consideration than usual. Many thanks to Alan Levine‘s post on twitter which included my blog URL. He also includes me in …

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    I’m Like A Superhero


    When I found this ds106 assignment called Animated Comic Book Covers I was at once very interested in the examples you can find there. In advance I  have to admit I am not able to create results like some of the artist there did. One simulated floating water, which I found fascinating. Yet I …

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    I have choseen this for a weeklycreate of week 6’s ds106 schedule which is all about design. The suggestion is to build an image of an impossible animal. A nearer description you can find here.

        Although it is not really noticeable I designed this nearly without any computer by using stickers of animals.…
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    Four Icon Movie


    When I read about the week 6 assignments I thought this is a good opportunity to not just work with the computer but also try to outline on real paper with real tools.
    This way I have made the he assignment One Story / Four Icons an example of sketching.

    So can …

  14. stefaniesophie

    I am Visual now


    Summary of week 5

    This week was fun and I may have done more than students were expected to do, not from the amount of creations but from the amount of time I spend on any.

    This is a good cue to write about 7 Gifs around the Spiderwick movie. …

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    This about my daily creates in week 5 of the ds106 course. I chose to record five sounds from daily activities, to post a photo from a person that is not me and to tear up something and make a phot of this.

    Take a photo of someone other than …

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