1. stefaniesophie

    Berlin Tea Story


    Tea is essential for my daily routine. I presume if I had not any tea during the day, I would sleep all day. I do not know, but I rather mind exploring this assumption.

    In the ds106 audio assignment Familiar Sounds we are asked to record some sounds that are familiar …

  2. stefaniesophie

    To Save Us


    DS106, The Movie.

    Compare to the original movie poster.

    This week is about design, and often about font, but when I chose the poster of the 9 movie to make a poster for a ds106 movie I was left to editing possibilities without using any font.

    I copied the original …

  3. stefaniesophie



    Since I’ve joined ds106 I was fascinated from the skull symbol, which is often used within ds106. This made me thought, for it is not necessarily a nice metaphor. Finally I knew what my link was here: Creativity!

    According to my understanding of the skull metaphor I created a stamp. …

  4. stefaniesophie

    Hawk View


    Once I had a magnificent eyesight and I often think about this.

    It was so funny when I went to the eye specialist because my eyesight was less good than it used to be. The doctor sent me away, because my eye sight was still good enough for him and …

  5. stefaniesophie

    Getting In Touch.


    Gif Fight means a page where you can find every two weeks an inspiration for an animated gif. The “fight” may mean that it is a challenge to compare yourself to other participants’ creations. Still, the challenge which was designed for the headless ds106 course of 2013 makes it difficult to …

  6. stefaniesophie

    600 Skull Chain


    <Celebrate the 600th Daily Create! Express 600 in a drawing without using numbers. (dailycreate tdc600)>

    When I had the idea of drawing 600 circles I thought this might be tedious. I rather decided to use my blender 3D and tell it to just arrange beads along a curve.…
  7. stefaniesophie

    Initial Headless Yield


    There once was a tiny enchanting world, but then a sorcerer came and put it into a tin. Why? Actually he was badly in love with the beauty of its inhabitants and landscape and gripped by jealousy while imagining any other sorcerer could look at it. Later, unfortunately, he forgot his …

  8. stefaniesophie

    The dancing sisters and their dog.


    You think I am just a stuffed animal. I AM NOT!!!

    OK, when I was found by my friend Hanna I actually hung around on a stand for stuffed animals, by mistake, naturally, but this didn’t mean anything and Hanna knew this.

    I was called Herr Hund and became part of the sister’s …

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